undiagnosed "keep suggesting anxiety" resting heart rate has increased HELP!!!

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I was hesitant to throw my business out there; however, I hope that maybe someone with similar issues could point me into the right direction. 

Back in May 2017, I was at Michaels doing some arts and crafts with the family, I had a sharp pain (which I know doesn't indicate heart pain) and begun to feel very dizzy and sick.  I went to an Urgent Care style facility and my BP was 214/105.  They sent me to the Emergency Room, did the D-dimer test, cardiac enzyme test, CBC, Liver, etc.  Everything, including the EKG came back normal.  Well, after that, my BP went back to normal, but a week later I had another spike.  Time went on, and I had numbness and tingling in my left arm and hands.  It worked its way up to my jaw and neck.  I have had a CT scan of my brain, several X-rays of my chest, an MRI of my brain and c-spine, Stress Test, Heart Echo, Stress Echo, Sleep Study, and even a 48 hour holter monitor.  The holter monitor showed only 1 PVC our of 186,000 heart beats.  No PACs.  My heart and the valves work beautifully.  They suggest that I go to a psychiatrist, so I did.  I have gone to two for different opinions.  They said I do not have anxiety.  I don't think I do either, other than from these undiagnosed problems.  I have had chest tightness for a two months now.  Whenever I stand up and start to walk it gets tight on the right side of my sternum, often in between the sternum and my clavical, and occasionally in my throat.  My BP has been anywhere from 105/42 to 160/96 in the past two months.  Yesterday I went to the cardiologist.  My resting HR was 95 (normally it is in the 50s) and my BP was 156/92.  Two hours later at my internist appointment, my BP was 132/85, then right before I left they retook it and it was 110/75.  My heart rate this morning when I checked it after I parked my care was 110 (resting).  It has been between 79 and 110 resting today.  It got up to 136 when I was casually walking, and I am certain that it still is, but I have given up.  Since May, I have had a variety of symptoms and changes.  I have had the tightness in my chest (as described above), and pinching in my scapula, pain in my arms, numbness in my arms, neck, jaw, and face, and even burning in my left calf. 

Yes, its a lot.  These issues have caused anxiety in my opinion, but like I said, bot mental health docs said that I don't have anxiety.  They said I just seem to be very stressed out from the unknown.  Also, I went to an orthopedic surgeon and he said this isn't related to my previous injuries.  I do have a brain injury, should injuries / repairs, degeneration in my lumbar, sacrum damage, meniscus tear (left knee), plantar fasciitis, and other injuries.  He believes they are all unrelated to the unexplained chest tightness, crazy BP, and abnormal heart rate. 

Any thoughts or recommendations?  Just two weeks ago my heart rate was normal in the 50's...Something has changed, and the doctors are only suggesting stress and anxiety.  I call BS on it. 


Best Regards,


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    Hi i have had alot of the same symptoms as you but unlike yourself mine started at beginning of April I had Flu turned straight to pneumonia and pleurisy i was very ill for 3/4 weeks on steroids antibiotics etc off my feet completly i am back on my feet just cant walk far maybe 50 yrd and have to sit have inhaler and rest my back also hurts i am carrying water so have been on water tablets now for 3 months today i had an echo thing all they would say was it was nothing major showing up and wait to see the cardiologist in a weeks time soo im still non the wiser i am realy down at the moment simply because i cant walk much breathless all time. i spent overnigt in hospital 2 weeks ago with chest pains and fatigue all they did was suggest anxiety im not anxious at all only the illness not improving and no answers still. sorry cant help you but your not on your own x
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      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for the response.  Hopefully we find someone who has figured something out.  I remember my internist suggesting Dysautonomia and have been reading some about it this morning.  I am scheduling an appointment with someone who specializes in it to be evaluated.  I sure as heck know that I do not have anxiety, and I never have.   If it is dysautonomia, it would make sense that the heart tests come back normal.  The fluctuation in the BP and HR are common in disautonomia, and they apparently come and go, sometimes weeks at a time.  Some people are unable to work with it; however symptoms can be treated and maintained.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we get some valuable information here.

      Best Regards!

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    Awww bless you i also know i dont suffer from anxiety never have i am just managing to work as i work nights and have good support from colleagues i just sit and relax all night i do the paper work they do physical but i am unable to do overtime which i rely on but hoping to perk up its very difficult to go from walking between 12 and 16 mile in a day to walking 30 to 50 yrds i also have a very funny warm feeling round my neck like a scarf around it and so far no one has any idea what it is or the pulse /throb in my left chest area but hey ho im still alive ha ha hoping we get results soon xx


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      Have you looked into POTS?  To me, it kinda sounds the same.  Maybe another dysautonomia.  


      Deconditioning is a physical change in the way the body functions due to a decrease in activity. Deconditioning can be caused by many different health conditions. One of the most common causes of deconditioning is bed rest, from intentional bed rest after surgery, to unintentional bed rest during an acute viral illness. Due to the debilitating nature of their symptoms, which can make exercise, standing and sometimes even sitting upright difficult, many patients with POTS or other forms of dysautonomia become deconditioned over time. Deconditioning may exacerbate symptoms, so it is important to take steps to prevent deconditioning from occurring, or to reverse it if the patient has already become deconditioned. 

      Physical Trauma, Surgery and Pregnancy 

      While physical traumas, surgeries and pregnancy might not seem to have much in common at first, all three can cause a rapid and significant change in structure and function of the body. The onset of autonomic dysfunction, particularly POTS, has been well documented after car accidents, serious injuries, surgeries and pregnancies. 

       Many POTS patients also experience fatigue, headaches, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, exercise intolerance, nausea, diminished concentration, tremulousness (shaking), syncope (fainting), coldness or pain in the extremities, chest pain and shortness of breath.1,3,4 Patients can develop a reddish purple color in the legs upon standing, believed to be caused by blood pooling or poor circulation. The color change subsides upon returning to a reclined position. 

      Quality-of-Life and Disability 

      Some patients have fairly mild symptoms and can continue with normal work, school, social and recreational activities. For others, symptoms may be so severe that normal life activities, such as bathing, housework, eating, sitting upright, walking or standing can be significantly limited.1,3 Physicians with expertise in treating POTS have compared the functional impairment seen in POTS patients to the impairment seen in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or congestive heart failure.1 Approximately 25% of POTS patients are disabled and unable to work.1 Researchers found that quality-of-life in POTS patients is comparable to patients on dialysis for kidney failure.21, 22 

      Is POTS Caused by Anxiety? 

      While some of the physical symptoms of POTS overlap with the symptoms of anxiety, such as tachycardia and palpitations, POTS is not caused by anxiety. POTS patients are often misdiagnosed as having anxiety or panic disorder, but their symptoms are real and can severely limit a person's ability to function.1,3 Research has shown that POTS patients are similarly or even less likely to suffer from anxiety or panic disorder than the general public.3,5,6,7 Research surveys that evaluate mental health show similar results between POTS patients and national norms.20

      Some cool info.

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    yes i have all those symptoms except one and thats fainting i have fatigue headaches lightheaded,heart palpitations nausea intolerance to exercise,coldness and pain in the extremities,chest pain redness of legs breathless. so what do i need to do if it is this POTS or is it deconditioning x
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      I am looking for a doctor where I am, and there are not many who can screen for POTS.  There is a test called the QSART Sweat test which is supposed to be super accurate.  Not all people with POTS faint from what I have read.  I hope this is our solution to identifying our problems! smile  Hopefully we get more people to provide input.  I am looking into neurologists and cardiologists who may be able to screen for POTS.  
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    Whilst I indeed had Ventricular Tachycardia, somewhat cured with an ablation, I seem to have swapped health but with VT, for a multitude of symptoms but without the VT. Everybody seems to want to blame it on anxiety, I keep saying I only got these symptoms the day I started taking Beta-blockers, and though I have not been on beta blockers since April, I still have the symptoms they gave me.  

    Now the medical profession like to claim such is pure co-incidence, my theory is that beta-blockers have damaged my Autonomic Nervous System.

    Firstly, the whole back of my neck feels permanently numb, as if the blood supply was cut off.

    I have a wheezy cough since the day I took Solotol BB that I have been given an asthma inhaler for, I never had Asthma in my life and I suddenly get it the same day I start taking a Beta Blocker!, I read that part of the ANS system can constrict the air pathways in your lungs.

    The day I first took Bisoprolol Beta Blocker, I described feeling like a drunk Zombie who could no longer feel my lungs working. Its as if I sometimes have to tell my self to breathe, as if it doesn't come automatically anymore. I sometimes feel as if I am suffocating, yet my blood oxygen content is 94%. I measured my blood oxygen content when I slept one night, half the night it was below 85% as if my breathing wasn't working so well automatically.   

    My heart beat is up and down all over the place for no apparent reason. The Cardiologist is performing tests to see why this is. I still get a few PCVs.

    Main thing, I still feel like a drunk zombie with very bad fatigue, all this since I first took beta blockers.

    Any body else took beta blockers before they got these ANS symptoms?

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      That is interesting.  I was placed on propranolol for migraines and was not monitored.  I ended up walking around with a backpack on in 100 degree farenheit weather with a heart rate of 40.  Luckily a medic noticed it, but it weas 2 months after I had started complaining.  I complained within the second or third day of starting; however, I was in the Army and could not stop taking a medication without approval.  I have read studies that beta blockers can cause long-term effects, especially when they are not carefully managed.  After I stopped the beta blocker, I knew something was wrong.  It wasnt until a year later that I started suffering with these symptoms.  


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    Hi.. I am also experiencing this kind of scenarios. Lucky for you, you have had gone many tests. It's been months already that I'm feeling this and just awhile ago my left upper arm was soooooo painful for about 2-3 mins. I've checked my pulse rate and it reached 100bpm. So, went to the Doc. And have my bp checked. 110/60. I've also went to my Cardio last week and under went stress test but the doc. Re assured me that nothings wrong with my heart. I am only 28 and its gives me so much headache because I dont know whats the problem. But my cardio's first assesment was costocronditis and muscle spasms. Yes, I've been through a lot of stress lately so maybe it triggered my body and brain. So if all your tests went back normal maybe it's all in the mind? You don't have to worry. Just divert your attention to something that can make your mind busy. 

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