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hi, new here..im a 30 year old female no underlying health issues (that I know about lol) just thought I would post my story hoping someone can relate to this?! Since the 12th of march I have had a rash on my legs it has slowly spread for the last 6 weeks only went as far as my hips and bum and one patch on arm think it has now stopped spreading. When I first noticed it I went into a few pharmacies the 1st one said looks like it's nothing to worry about and gave me a general cream for skin rashes. I used this and nothing worked. a week later another pharmacist said it was ringworm and gave me some fungal cream. Used this for a while but didnt seem to do anything. I had a video consultation with a doctor but he couldn't really see the rash clearly but also said it doesnt look like anything to worry about and to just give it time.

I spoke to my doctor again a few weeks later and he suggested it could be Pityriasis rosea. I have looked into this online and read some posts on here.. I do have a herald rash below my knee that was why I think they thought it was ringworm. i did also suffer with mild headaches for about 5 days thinking it was sinus related. It's now been 8 weeks and although some of the rashes are fading it's taking so long?! some are still red and the ones that have been here since the beginning have turned a brownish colour is that normal and part of the healing process? My GP are not accepting appointments due to coronavirus just feel so down as I cant get a diagnosis! its sending my anxiety through the roof! please help 😕

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    I have had it twice in my life...I am 42 years old and had it in December this year. First off, the sun is your friend!! It was December in AZ, which isn't too bad, but I would go in my back yard in my undies and sun bath for 20 minutes twice a week. It made a huge difference!! I also used st. ives soothing oatmeal and shea butter lotion and body wash in luke warm water. It probably didnt help that I worked out while having it, but I wouldn't let this stop me. Don't let this thing get you down. Accept that you have it and try to use what helped me.

    Best of Luck!!

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      thank you for your reply 😃 I will get out in the sun tomorrow and give the oatmeal lotion a go. thanks x

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    Hi...first off, let me say that I'm so sorry for what you're going through, because it can be so frustrating, to say the least. I had it 2 years ago and didn't know what it was for awhile, either. I had it pretty much all over my body, with the herald patch on my back. It even spread to my face. I was so embarrassed to go out in anywhere. I felt as if it would never go away. I tried sunbathing, too. And that seemed to help, so I recommend it, as well. I think that you might be at the end of it, because I recall my spots drying out and turning a brownish color before they started fading. I also used the Aveeno eczema therapy itch relief balm (in the giant tub) and it helped to keep my skin hydrated. Just remember that, even though it feels like it will never go away, it will! I felt like it so many times, especially after weeks of it getting worse. But it eventually did and it will for you, too. Stay positive and hang in there. I felt grateful for this site, in knowing that I wasn't alone.

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      wow yours sounds alot worse than mine I'm sorry you had to go through that! I just thought 8/9 weeks was longer than what most people had been saying on here. it's also hard not actually having a diagnosis and just assuming it's what I've got. searching on google is horrible everything seems to lead to a serious illness. I will try the aveeno cream, thanks.

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    I'm currently in the same position as you, except I'm maybe into my 7th week-ish. I also haven't been diagnosed due to the lockdown and have had to work it out through research, so I totally get how you feel!

    My spots were very red, itchy and flaky a couple of weeks ago but then went to more of a brown (almost like bruises now). I've been using Aveeno skin relief lotion and sunbathing for short bursts a few times a week, and I think I've passed the peak (hopefully) as the itching has mostly gone and pretty sure they're starting to fade. Also although I know it's hard not to obsess over it (I definitely have), it will be good for you to try and relax and not stress too much. I read online that the "average" time it can last might be 8 weeks but it can be different for everyone, so even though I know it's hard, try and have patience! I'm pretty sure mine will last longer then 8 weeks as well, you're not alone! Good luck!

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      hey! mine was only mildly itchy at the start of it all which I've read is part of it! and mine was also red as well looked a bit like a shaving rash. it is frustrating not being able to see the doctor, and when they tell you not to worry doesnt look like anything serious, is easier said then done! 🤣 I don't know if your in uk but on the nhs website it said it can take 5 months to clear I hope not! I have patches on the backs of my legs that started out as small patches but they got bigger luckily theyve stopped getting bigger its just such a weird rash. Hope' yours clears up soon!

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