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Unexplained hairloss

So a bit of background. Around christmas time this year I had a pretty rough time. My grandmother died and we had to have our family dog put down all within the space of a couple of days. It was around this time that my depression and anxiety was getting worse and I was prescribed beta blockers for panic attacks back in february. I also had my wisdom teeth taken out under general anaesthesia. Im on a very stressful university course and do feel very stressed every day of my life

Recently Ive noticed that i'm shedding a lot more hair than usual. I was planning to grow my hair out and its now a sort of medium length and people have been telling me that its usual to lose lmore hair the longer it is. Whenever i run my hand through my hair, at least 1 will come out. The hairs range from being very small and thin to normal length and thickness and will almost always have a white bulb at the end. The hair loss seems equal over my scalp and there are not areas where the hair seems to come out easier. My hair also seems to be flatter and thinner than usual but I could be imagining this. I dont have a receding hairline apart from a little thinning on my temples and theres no history of balding on either side of my family.

On top of the shedding Ive also had pretty bad dandruff and scalp pain and irritation. So my question is this - is this more likely to be telogen effluvium or male pattern baldness. I know that theres many possible triggers around 2-3 months ago (surgery, death, beta blockers, general stress, depression) but im unsure about the small hairs im shedding. Starting to feel very worried and paranoid about this and wondering what the best thing is to do. Shall I see the doctor?

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  • suzanne54870 suzanne54870 tom88274

    Tom, I think you should get your dandruff under control. Why don't you see a dermatologist who can help you with that and then they can also check your hair to see if you have anything out of the ordinary for hair loss.

    People normally shed many hairs a day and it's not a cause for concern. One hair when you run your fingers through your hair is fine, 20 hairs at once would be more concerning.

    I think you should stop obsessing and stressing about it. See a dermatologist to put your mind at ease.


  • threadneedle threadneedle tom88274

    So sorry for all your traumas, you have really beeb through a tough time, I would advise you to see your GP and ask him/her to refer you to a dermatologist, as I did.

    I have been diagnosed with scarring alopecea, and the hair that I have lost already will not come back, but I am on doxycyclene and betnovate for a three month period, which is hopefully slowing it down, preventing more hair loss.

    I hope you go on OK and that you have more luck in the future.

  • danR danR tom88274

    Hi tom88274, was just wondering how you are doing. Hope you are doing better and that you went to a doctor in the meantime.

    You mentioned that you were prescribed beta blockers for panic attacks. Patients that are hyperthyroid may also have symptoms like increased anxiety or elevated heart rate and heart pounding. A thyroid disorder may also cause hair loss. 

    Telogen effluvium occurs in most cases approx. 3 months after the trigger (medication, illness, etc).  

  • rpsinghsethi rpsinghsethi tom88274

    Yes, you should definitely see the Doctor. Don't ask about this. You should go for the consultation with hair restoration expert as he/she can only helps you in this matter.

    • danR danR rpsinghsethi

      The author of this post might be worried because 'unexplained hairloss' is sometimes linked to an underlying problem of a medical nature, a deficiency, extreme stress, etc. Patients presenting with sudden hairloss are often offered blood tests to address any deficiencies and to exclude a more serious reason for the hair shedding.



    • rpsinghsethi rpsinghsethi danR

      If anyone is suffering from unexplained hair loss or severe baldness then he/she should see a Doctor, but if still want solution for this then you must try natural home remedies which can curb hair loss as soon as possible. 

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