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Hello,I'm new here,and I need help in identifying my problem.I've searched the internet,but I have not found a disease that fits my simptoms.

I am currently unable to go to doctor's but will be soon,but I want to know what might be wrong and try some harmless methodes of curing,it might not be anything serious and I might heal on my own.I haven't been to doctror's more than a decade,I've always been healthy-until now.

OK I wil try to describe my problem as detailed as possible.

After every meal,I feel bloated in my stomach,and some dull pain is offten present.I am 100% sure that food is held in my stomach for much longer than it actually should.It seems that anything I eat is heavy on my stomach and it's making gurgling noises and feels like it's struggling to send food to lower digestive systems.I should aslo mention that I burp a lot,even after simply drinking a glass of water.These symptoms only started recently,and are now always present after meals.Before this however,sometimes,very rarely,I would wake up in the morning with dull,persistent stomach pain,that would last several hours,and in one case more than 12 hours,after which the pain gradually ceases,and what is important here is that during that time it seems that food just sits there in my stomach,and I can hear gurgling noises.This was triggered by eating just before bed,but in the past I was eating before bed offten and only rarely this would happen.Now the long-lasting pain in the morning is guaranteed if I eat right before I go to sleep.My apetite is severely lowered since this started,and all this started after a perticulary painful and long episode of that morning stomach pain.The type of food that I eat does not seem to play a role,although fat-rich foods do make symptoms a bit worse.Note that I do not ever feel nausea or even a slightest need to vomit.Today I haven't eaten anything,to see if things get better,maybe my stomach just needs a bit of rest,but I doubt it.One last thing that I should mention is that for the past few years I have developed a habit to eat less in the morning and more in the evening,and this might contributed to the troubles I have now.Please help,any insight would be much appreciated.

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    Hi angry belly , i have lived through all your symptoms and at first the doctor said it was acid reflux, never even bothered to check the amount of acid that was actually being produced by my stomach. Well lets try to make your angry belly  a calm and happy belly. First check if you have enough or too little acid in your stomach. Squeeze 1/2 of a lemon in a cup and drink it with one teaspoon of room temp water, if this doesnt bother you or make your symptoms worse then it very possible that your stomach is not producing any or not enough acid and you need acid to break down your food when you eat thats possibly why you are feeling like the food is just sitting in your stomach and not going anywhere and when you eat your gastrin rises and send a message for your stomach to release the acid to break down your food and there is no acid being released then you become bloated and bloated equals pain. So here we go... food + gastrin  --acid  = bloating & pain. If it bothers you mix 2 tsp sugar in a cup of water and drink it. And do not do the steps below.So now what do you do?  Start each day with acid, 1/2 lemon then 1/2 lemon in a teaspoon room temp water with each meal. This will help break down your food , get some acidophilus chewable wafer with bifidus and some probiotics . Now you understand if it bothers you then you are producing too much acis but stay away from prescription drugs and use charcoal tabs with anti gas and bloating 2 tabs per day and that should help you. I am not a doctor just soneone who has been there and felt that . Simba
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    I forgot to mention that red meat is very hard on your stomach especially if you are having issues with low acid so back off of it and the best time to eat heavy meals is at lung not at  night and you need to drink your lemon water with meals nothing carbonated and stay away from caffeine.
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    Well,the lemon makes no difference sad

    I went to doctor yesterday,I have an appointment for ultrasound scan in 20 days,20 days! I'll be skin and bones by then,I can't eat enough food to sustain normal weight...And the doctor didn't mention anything about what could it be,so she sent me to appoint check-ups for blood,stool and ultrasound.I am certain that ultrasound scan would shed some light on the matter,because I can almost feel that my problem is physical,it's not bacterial definitely...but again,20 days! Ugh and that's why I didn't go immediately,health institutions here where I live are terrible.So far nothing helps.It's like I'm eating rocks.If I eat small meals more frequently,they just seem to pile up in my stomach until there's enough to cause pain...and yet I never feel nausea.

    Thank you Sexysimba for trying to help,I didn't disregarded that it might be low acid just yet,I will continue to read about this condition to see if some other methodes help.Maybe someone else will know,but I realise it's difficult to tell just by what I wrote...

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