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James.Chu James.Chu

Unknown possible parasite that my girlfriend found in her bath

A few centimetres long, dull orange/ yellow in colour. Has a distinctly fishlike tail and long cylindrical body.

No symptoms thus far, just wondering what it could be, whether it could've come out of the tap? Or she might have stepped on it and brought it into the bath?

It's dead, and seems to me to lack a head and mouthparts that I would expect from this size of organism. So this might not be the complete body.

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  • karen82178 karen82178 James.Chu

    Do you have any pictures??? If not start taking pictures of everything and collect and keep samples in zip locked bags!!! Document everything!!! Check everything that doesn't look right and bag it!!! At this stage after 1st signs I now believe not only me but my whole house is infected, even my fridge and freezer I no longer trust food and everything is put into zip locked bags!!! Even my drainpipes I have caught things in them or coming out of them😪😪😪 What you described was it like a 7 or L shape??? Get a good torch when in bag hold up to light and shine torch for better view and camera for taking shot that you can zoom right in and beyond, you will be surprised at what you capturerolleyes(

    Something else that also caught my attention was you asked did it come from the water, 1 yr now and I don't know where mine came from and trust me I've done heaps of research/// but still no conclusions!!!

    But back to the water I use a bristle brush to wash myself but felt like I was coming out dirtier than when I hopped in the shower:-((( At the same time I was noticing that I would scrub clean my toilet bowl with bleach and disinfectant and within 2 days the water was green and mouldy!!! Still happening to this day:-( 

    Sorry I have heaps of photos but they won't upload as it says they are to big!!!



    • Lucaluca2 Lucaluca2 karen82178

      Recently found a brine shrimp like skin thing that came from my mouth aparently it was found in my drink covered w a lid what the hell is this goi g through alot nose sore w weirld white lined waxy incapsulated. Mucusy in nose.has anyone had this??

  • will 54191 will 54191 James.Chu


    I'm pretty sure u have intestinal pinworms, very common seldom diagnosed !! Just get a package of pinworm treatment from you local drugstore and follow the directions! What do u have to lose?!

    U should feel better in days!

    Good luck


  • Lucaluca2 Lucaluca2 James.Chu

    I know of the fishtail thing can we discuss this because not one person ever mentio ed the fish tail issue ..pls ask your girl friend if the end of the dead skin the tail is and does it want to just go back into skin

  • James.Chu James.Chu

    Hey guys, so i'm really sorry about this but after a few days of researching and looking out for symptoms and posting in forums, it turns out it was a f*****g bean sprout... It was old so was kinda shrivelled and i had never seen the bud at one end of a beansprout open before. It looked like a tail as there were two leaves. I honestly couldn't believe it wasn't a parasite because the colouration and shape. I actually never would have found out if it weren't for my mum who after looking at it decided to f*****g cut it with a knife (the first thing she did) Which made a crunch that identified it as a goddamn bean sprout.

    Good luck to any of you who are struggling with similar issues, maybe take a knife to it and see what happens.

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