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I am a 34 year old diabetic with sinus issues.

For the past 13 years I've had some blind spots in my vision in both eyes. If I look at a wall clock and close my left eye, the 1 and 2 vanish and the 6 to the 8. There are some in my left eye as well. I can see them when I close my eyes, they are slightly brighter. Also if I look for them they almost 'shake'. Its like they are all static. Sometimes they create blank void and other times they are grey blobs. It depends on what I'm looking at. They have not changed or grown in all the years they have been there. I normally can see fine as the other eye makes up for the spots.

Recently I've noticed small new spots in my left eye in my center vision. They are close enough to my center vision and over lap with the spots in my right eye that I notice it when looking at small details, such as these letters.

Over the years I have spoken with 5 different doctors about these spots. They have all said it not diabetic related and my eyes look really healthy. It had been suggested that I have dry eyes, and sometimes I do have issues with that, but eye drops (natural ones I bought from the doctors eyes) have helped but not with the spots I mentioned. They have not helped with the new spots.

Today I spoke with a new doctor and he repeated the same. Said my eyes look healthy, no signs of dry eye or diabetic damage. He suggested it may be neurological and there may be a tumor resting on it causing the spots. I have had xrays and MRI's done on my face and skull for sinus issues a few time since these spot have been there. Although they are not looking at my sinuses, nothing abnormal has ever shown in my ocular area. Also this is the first time in over 10 years I've noticed any growth or changes with the spots.

He is sending me to a specialist to check for said possible tumor but also said it could take up to a year to get in. I have no pain or budging in my eyes at all so I really don't think it's a tumor and would like to ask other possible reasonings. Any ideas?

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    How odd that your doctors say its not related to your Diabetes. Especially as you say you have them in both eyes Do you have regular field tests? They should pinpont the area of retina where the blind spots are,and whether they are increasing in number or enlarging.

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    Hello! I'm 27F without diabetes but I am having this same problem but only in the right eye, got my first blob about 8 weeks ago and then another next to it about 6 weeks ago. My doctors have mentioned possible stroke, tumor etc. they have also said my eyes look extremely healthy as well...only test that has come back abnormal was the visual field test because I can't see through the blob. Thus far I have seen 2 different regular eye doctors and a neuro ophthalmologist. Had an MRI of face/neck/orbits and has come back normal. I will see a retina specialist in 2 weeks. If he finds anything ill be sure to let you know! best wishes.

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    ive been expirencing this since sept 24!!

    ive seen 2 ophthalmologist 2 retinal specialist, and a neuro ophthalmologist who all cant find out whats wrong!!

    i too also have a sinus infection and was starting to believe that the sinus infection was the reason for my eye problem becsuee i had it since june. i seen an ENT today and he looked over a CT SCAN i had of my sinus at the ER about a week ago but unfortunatley (because if it were that it would be the end of my search an anxiety of not knowing whats wrong) he said hes 99.9% sure it has nothing to do with my sinus infection. i got antibiotics for my sinus infection

    all the eye drs have said my eyes look healthy and cant give me a reason or a diagnosis of what it could possibly be. one the first retinal specialist i seen first said i had uveitis and the said i had MEWDS? i never got a clear annswer from him because i ended up going to another retinal specialist(i didnt like the first one he seemed uncaring) who couldnt really see what he saw along with the 2nd ophthalmolgist i saw. ive noticed that my spot has gotten bigger, it quaddrupled in size. at arms length away its big enough to hover over someones eye and make it look really weird. today i just noticed that i have one in my left eye as well to the right of my central vision. 😦 that one is small and cant notice it unless im trying to find it. but that was the same case with this one of my right initially. im at the point where i dont know what to do anymore. i do CRAZY ammounts of extensive research and im just terrified to go blind and for it to continue growing. im only 25 😦

    before this appeared in my eye i was undergoing a prolonged time of severe stress. also had a baby in may (hormonal change). i was overweight at that time "obese" if you wanna go by BMI scale. i have a lot of bone pain also along with the chrinic sinus infection. just putting everything down that i have experienced. any of you guys had any similar experiences with stress, hormonal changes, body problems, anything???

    im trying so hard to find the culprit.

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