Unknown right side abdominal pain

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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me get some idea of what is wrong with me. I am 21 years old and female. Around this time last year 2017, I woke up with a sharp stabbing pain in my right side but it was not so bad that I had trouble going back to sleep. The next morning I thought it was strange and had little discomfort to my right side still after waking up. Then the next night I woke up again from a sharp pain. I went to school and worked out and came to the realization that the pain became extremely worse with physical activity and even standing. 

The next day I went to my general doctor to see what was wrong. My mom was concerned that something might have been wrong with my appendix but after my doctor saw me she thought that I just had a stomach bug and that I would get over in a few days. But much to my disappointment, the pain did not go away.

In fact, it got worse, it has got to the point that I can not stand for longer than ten minutes without being in pain. The pain will start out dull, a pain that you can tell it is there but easily ignored. But the longer I stand or do any type of physical activity the pain gradually becomes more of a stabbing like pain that feels like it is radiating. When my side starts to really hurt it becomes unbearable to stand that I have to crouch on the ground because I cannot take the pain.

I did go back to the doctors and they orderd a blood test first but it came back normal. Then I went for an ultrasound and it came back normal. Then I had a hipa test done and it came back normal. Then I had a CT and it came back that I had kidney stones but after meeting with a urologist he said that my kidney stones would not cause the pain I am describing. Then I had an upper gi and it also came back normal. After that, my doctors thought that the next step was to go ahead and take out my gallbladder. I got my gallbladder removed in December 2017, the biopsy on the gallbladder came back with chronic inflammation, cholecystitis without gallstones. My surgeon said that he would not be supprisided if I was still in pain three months after my surgery because I have been in pain for so long. 

I took his advise and was feeling confident that my gallbladder was the cause of my pain because it was the only thing that came back with something wrong. But as the weeks passed I noticed that the pain was not getting better and that the pain was the same as before the surgery four months before. 

So I want back to the doctors and got a lower gi, it came back normal. Then I got a mrcp and it also came back as normal. So far that is all the test I have had done.

I am at my wit's end, being unable to do anything physical without being in pain and most of my test coming back normal. I don't know what to do... if anyone has any advise I am all ears.  


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    Checked for pelvic congestion?
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      I do not think my doctors have looked for pelvic congestion. I can ask them about it when I see them next. Thank you!
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    Are you sure that there is no such infection in the abdominal because it is the common cause of pain.
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      I have asked my doctors if it was possible that I could have an infection in my abdomen. I explained that I was sick for a month before I started having right side pain but they brush off that idea.
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    Possible stones in the bile duct?
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      The last test I did, the MRCP was to see if I had any stones or cysts in the bile duct but it came back normal.
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      Abdominal surgery can disturb nerves in the area and cause pain, It is a complication of gallbladder removal. You may have neuralgia.   I got permanent neuralgia after a blood test.
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    Hi there

    Do not worry. I think it is related to moving the nerves among your tummy muscles.if the nerve goes to its right place everything will be solved.That's why when you stand up you feel pain but if you sit or lay down the pain goes.

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    Wondering why they did remove gallbladder when HIDA and ultrasound are negative sad

    But the biopsies are positive and still pain after gb removal, then did they check for spinchter of oddi? They need to do ecrp for it

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      My doctors told me that when there is an unknown right side abdominal pain that cannot be explained, tests keep coming back normal that some people get their gallbladder out and most have the pain go away even if the biopsy comes back as healthy.

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