Unsolved head fuzziness and spinning

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I am so depressed that my head is not better yet

I had my first head spin a few weeks ago after I did some exercises in the field whilst out walking my dog

I came over all shaky and sweaty which is nothing new for me when I exercise anyway.

But when I played down to rest after finished my side planks

That's when the whole landscape tipped back and forth I couldn't focus and I swear ibfeltvmomentarilybparalysed too

Now I suffer from anxiety so I panicked myself stupid

Thought I was having a stroke

So I struggled to see my phone for the keypad then I got ambulance

I felt very distraught.

It happened again

But then he rest of the day felt like it was going to happen like it was there in waiting

Head felt weird like pressured

Very strange

Anyway I saw an entire and he did ear tests and the one where they lie you down and get you up to see if it's worse

I didn't get an effect from sound that and although I was scared to do it aa I hate that dizzy sh*t

I was hoping it was that.

I had an MRI which was very bad to have

And it was all clear.

So what the hell is it?

Over the last few weeks I have had some good days and some bad ones

Where I can't move quickly and I have had it in my sleep

Waking to find I am spinning like in my dream

I was probably experiencing it in my dream so badly it woke me?

It comes like a pressured if I think about it it seems to be worse

Anyway I still have it

I sat up in bed other morning and the room was spinning like when you really drunk wouldn't steady

I watched the pictures on my wall flying passed me repeatedly

Till it calmed

But it's always the feeling it's going to happen

What the hell am I to do?

Don't want more tests or specialists

Could it be stress?

And also I wonder if the entire missed my vertigo

And that by some weird way

When I did the test I resisted the dizziness that you usually get when you sit up on the lie down test where you turn over to both sides!

I know you can't really fool the test

But I think I was so scared I controlled myself so it wouldn't happen

I dont know if anyone else has experienced this?

A week ago I went out sketching alone for three hours no dizziness

Went bike ride 12 miles no dizziness

Then later in the week I was iut with my son and dog and I lost him

I was panicking and had to go home as I felt it rising in me again

It feels like a sensation in my brain

And if I watch TV or go on my iPhone some days it's bad and I have to turn them off

Wonder if it's brought on by the rays emitted?

Can anyone help me or relate to my experiences?

Thank you scared weary Liz xx

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    I think the best thing you can  do is head over to the VEDA (vestibular Disorders Asso iation)mwebsite. i get  newsletter and today they have announced a NEw Patient guide which can help you understand whats going on.  They are a great source of information on all things dizzy. US based, also have a FB page.
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    I can totally relate. Have the same problems. It wakes me up. Have a night light by the bed so I can see something to focus on to make the spinning stop. Had that bad vertigo where stuff fly's by you one time for 3 days. Clock on the wall at the hospital was moving from one side of the room to the other. Wall paper boarder on top of the wall was moving like a conveyor belt. They stopped it with low dose valium. Had a bad episode a month ago. Just got off the phone with my docs office. MRI done Tuesday was clear. App with ENT next week for results of VNG test. Was told it was benign positional vertigo years ago when it started. Rolling over in bed can set it off. Sitting up to fast. Turning your head a certain way. All kinds of stuff. Basically it's a live with it problem. No cure. They may do some things to see if they can ease it. Epily maneuver to move a crystal that's stuck in labyrinth. That can cause it. Vestibular rehab may help to. I start that next week. Done that a few times past 10 years. The sun shining threw the trees especially this time of year. Omg. The light flashes cause of the way it shines threw the trees going down the road. Diet can make it worse. Sodium,caffeine,chocolate. No TV. And I don't have one of those giant ones. No computer. Cell phone not so bad. Reading is bad. Have to have my wife fill out paperwork at docs office. Fell asleep In the recliner last night. Woke up feeling real bad. And I have dreamed I was dizzy bad and woke up the room was spinning. So your definitely not alone.

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      Stll bad. Only been out of the house to go to docs and PT since August 17th. Just sit in a chair and stare at the wall. Makes it bareable. Turn some music on. Volume low. Sometimes just sit here no music and think about it. Not much i can do about it. Do my eye exercises 3 times a day. Talk to yall about it. Lol. I wish sometimes everyone would get it for one day so they can know what we go threw. Noone really understands what its like. Wish docs would get it once a year. But like us. Randomly. No idea when its gonna hit or where your gonna be. I am 53. Spent all my savings and am in the hole thousands trying to find out what or why. Still no answers. This time is the worse. Been out of work over a month. Cant pay bills. The stress just adds to the anxiety which makes the other stuff worse. Still paying on med bills from before. Have a bill next to me for 4 grand i havent ever started to pay on. And havent even got any of the bills from this bout yet. MRI bill, 5 trips to primary,ENT twice, audiologist,VNG test, PT.
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    Its OK, dont panic, its all normal.  You have some sort of vestibular problem.   I myself have migraine associated vertigo and the symptoms are very similar to yours.The more anxious you get, the worse it will get.  You need to see your GP and a neurologist.  Any MRI will come back normal.  Its caused by extra electricity from your brain stem onto your vestibular system.  It cant hurt you but it is debilitating.  You need to see a neurologist and he will give you meds to dampen it down.  The down side is, its very hard to get rid of.  ive had mine four years now.  Dont panic and chill and there is a diet you can follow too to help you. 
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