Unsuccessful botox treatment for anal fissure

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Hi all well I had my botox injections in February which alas hasn't worked I now find myself back to square one and to top it all I have that many skin tags around the outside now I'm struggling to use any gtn creams so sick of this constant pain and of being terrified to go toilet I don't want to eat sad seen a horrible doc as my surgeon was away and can't believe he discharged me in this mess feeling so sad and pained atm

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    You poor soul, Botox didn't work for me either, I had the internal spincterectomy op and it has helped enormously, I'm not 100percent healed but much better. I suffered 9 years with three fissures and skin tags. Don't give up honey, i persisted with my doctor as for me I was in a ridiculous amount of pain which lasted hours everyday. Ask again for a referral. Also the cream calmoseptine helps enormously xxx read all the forums in here too, it helped me get through the bad times
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       Hello  I am glad the surgery worked well for you.  How long did you wait after having the Botox to get the surgery? I just had Botox 3 weeks ago for the first time.  It seemed to help some but then I had a bad flare up again. I almost wished I had just done the surgery. I am tired of hot baths. I don't know what to eat and what medicines to use. Any advice?


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      Hi I had the Botox three times but mine were so chronic they just would not heal. After failed number three attempt think it was about 9 months after I had the surgery. I still get a sting feeling when I go but nothing to the extreme like before. Plenty of water , eat as much veg and salad as you can , avoid alcohol and I find dark meat is a no no. X I take fibogel straight after meals atm. If it gets too sore I go back to lactulose and movicol. I use calmoseptine cream which I buy from Amazon. This really has a calming effect and I make sure I never strain in loo. Take a book in etc and afterwards clean with wet tissue. I've had the op and it's only 90percent effective. Some days I get no pain , others it's bad but diet related. I can feel it open the cut. My pain was worse than anything. I had to pant, don't laugh, it was horrendous I would roll around after on the bed sobbing before the op, now I just get a smal stinging feeling at its worst xxxxxx

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      I also plan to try glutamine , it repairs the internal muscle. It was suggested to me so I'm going to try this too x

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      According tof the label on the tube of calmoseptine, it protects, soothes, helps promote healing. A moisture barrier that prevents and helps heal skin irritatios, for example, urine, diarrhea, perspiration, fistula drainage,feeding tube site leakage, wound drainage (peri-wound skin) minor burns, cuts, scrapes, itching.Not for deep or puncture wounds.I don't know this ointment will help you but I having been using it for bed sores. In the US, it is over the counter, so I don't know if is sold in the UK. It was near the area where the adult diapers were located and not near the other antibiotics creams section.The active ingredients are menthol 0.44% and zinc oxide 20.6%.Inactive ingredients calamine, chlorothymol,glycerin, lanolin,phenol, sodium bicarbonate and thymol in a suitable ointment base.

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    ​Im so sorry to hear about the severs pain you are going through, yes i have suffered too like many others, yes it gets unbearable.

    I hope that the way i dealt with my pain will help you too, taking hot baths not to hot thought with a little Bubble Bath helped me a lot as the pain went away while in the water.

    ​i also had Botox and was told by my Consultant that is lasts for 3 Months, i was pain free for all this time.And yes after the time had come i did get the occasional pain but not as much as it was before i had Botox.

    ​He did tel me if the pain came back to carry on using my ointment called RECTOGESIC which was prescribed by my Doctor. as this worked for me personally.

    I have now been pain free for months and i think the reason for this is that i have totally changed mny eating habits.

    ​Not having such large portions of food as i had before also i now have every morning for Breakfast Fresh fruit ie; Sliced Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries,or any fruit. topped with yoghurt.

    Lunchtime will be a Sandwhich,and Dinner what ever that is.

    ​I also do a lot more walking that i have ever done before also good exersize i guess not that im overwieght 12st.

    ​I really hope that i have helped you in some way and i hope that you will be pain free very soon.

    ​Clive ( Birmingham ) UK.


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       Hello. How soon after the botox were you felling better?  I am going on 3 weeks and it is still very painful. Did you take stool softenters or Metamucil ?  Lots of water I bet.  What  made it work well?

      how soon after Botox can you get the surgery?


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      ?I am really feeling for you at the moment as i toatally understand the pain that you are suffering and going through.Botox  did work for me and yes i was Pain Free for 3 Months.

      ?I totally changed my eating habits because you have too,for Breakfast i now have Fresh Fruit ie Blueberries, Banana, Strawberries,any fresh fruit that is avaiable at the time always served with Youghurt.

      ?For Lunch a sandwich, and a Normal Dinner but i halve the quantity that i used to have before,,but you still have to enjoy your food what ever that is.

      ?I have now been totally pain free, and yes i now walk a lot more than i used to before

      ?If and when you are in Severe Pain take a Hot Bath not to hot but bearable with a little Bubble Bath as for for me personaly i find just a water bath very boring.

      ?And yes maybe a large glass of wine or beer and playing your favourite music in the background,and im sure you will be pain free for as long as you stay in your bath.

      ?I really hope that i have been of some help to you.

      ?CLIVE. ( UK BIRMINGHAM wink



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    I've had a chronic fissure for 6 months that was medium is size. I was told Botox will not work and just had the surgery. Since having my surgery a week ago I have no bled at all ( obviously bled due to surgery but not passing stool). The post surgery expectations are nothing like what was described, I can't believe how easy the whole procedure has been.

    Please see your Gp and insist on a referral to a corectoral surgeon and do the operation.

    In the meantime try xyloproct ointment externally to help with the pain and stings, this is an anastetic ointment that works like magic. It's important to wash with water, keep the area dry, wear cotton lose undies and drink so much water!!!

    All the best

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    Oh dear, moondust! I'm so sorry you're suffering so terribly...

    See if you can connect up with a different Doctor since your present one's not working for you. It sounds like it's time to consider a sphincterectomy, since the Botox hasn't helped at all.

    Keep taking hot baths, using laxatives & stool softeners, drinking water & eating well, & taking pain killers (I use Meloxicam). It's hard to imagine things being better right now, I know, but in all likelihood they will be. Hang in there. 😕

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    So sorry to hear you are still suffering. My adult daughter tried different treatments eg diltiazem cream, rectogesic etc with no luck. Then had a fissurectomy & botox -surgery with only a few months respite after it. She needed further surgery a year later (another fissurectomy & botox and haemerrhoids removed) with little success. Last year she had her 3rd operation (same) with no success & has been in so much pain for months since . A few weeks back she had an advancement flap. After a week she had to go back for another small operation & admission with IV antibiotics, as she had an infection. She is currently still in recovery & a lot of pain (the flap is quite a big operation) hopefully it will continue to heal - but not sure. The CRS did not want to do LIS as she is a young female who has not had children. I am hoping to report good news in a few months time. She has suffered so much with a chronic fissure for the past 4 years - I don't think anyone realises how painful & debilitating it is until you have one yourself or care for someone who is suffering from one sad  
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      Hi dee, your poor daughter , God bless u all, last time we spoke I'm sure u said she was having the advancement flap, I'm a year now since lateral int spincterectomy , i still have days when I get that "sting" when passing poop, but it all seems connected with diet. I try and eat bean sprouts and loads of salad , it all helps. I think for me once you get chronic anal tears, not matter what u do, the bloody things just don't heal . I was lucky or unlucky ! As I had babies before the tears, I tore through constipation after c/section. Do let me know how yr daughter is. Someone told me to buy calmoseptine , it really is a good calming ointment X X I suffered 9 years with three tears xx
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    How have you made it since February. I just had Botox 3 weeks ago and I am wishing I had done the surgery. Not feeling as great as I thought I would. 
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    Hi, I am supposed to go for botox next monday. i am dreading it but on the other hand what else is there? i have good days and bad days.  i cant take it any longer this pain. you all know it. the doctor who saw me last time said it is nothing serious. but if every morning you in pain after using the toilet and you worried to poo, how is not serious? i am praying that botox will help as i dont want to go for an operation. is there another treatment? i dont think so.
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      Hi petra62962 --

      The Botox treatment did help me. After 3-4 weeks, I was feeling much, much better. Try it & hopefully it will help you, too.

      I'm now 3 months post Botox, but the fissure has not fully healed (though it's better than it was). I'm getting a second round of Botox later this month to help aid the fissure healing again.

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