Unsure if I have an anxiety disorder

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I'm new to the forum and have had some issues for the last few years but it's starting to really affect my health now and I'm wondering if it's anxiety?

I'll keep it brief. Over the last 18 months I've had skin issues and diagnosed all sorts by doctors including


Vitiligo - I was devastated

Seb derm


It goes away and then comes back and now I'm left with half my face red and my nose and keep getting spots in the same places frequently..

If that wasn't bad enough I'm getting an itchy scalp, dandruff all the time and now my hair is rapidly falling out sad

I'm trying to stay positive but I'm starting to have episodes of swaying which I had about 6 months ago but now they are back with a vengeance.. There doesn't seem to be a pattern as it happens in a supermarket, when I'm walking to my van sometimes, in my kitchen and living room at home, when I'm stood talking to someone and other occasions.

Another thing that is happening is my strength is rapidly declining in my hands, I'm a tradesman and I use my hands a lot. I'm walking in the morning with really stiff hands and struggle to open my eyes. My job is being affected as not only am I struggling with my duties I'm also swaying sometimes up a set of ladders.

I really don't know what's happening to me. I'm in a position in life where I've got nothing to worry about and have a nicer house than I imagined I would at my age and a decent job.. I just don't know if a mixture of everything that's happened has created a mass of anxiety and I can no longer be dealing with doctors as I'm convinced they just want you out the door.

Anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance

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    Sorry I mean upon waking in the morning I have stiff hands. The strength has declined that I have to bow get my girlfriend to open bottles for me.
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    I know you hate doctors but you need to see a doctor or an infectious disease doctor to figure out whats going on with all these skin ailments and with your muscles. Its a doctor who specializes in ailments.... The title is misguiding. Sounds auto immune related. It would seem very odd for any doctor to just dismiss your skin ailments as they are visually presented as obvious?  You in contact with weird chemicals at your job? 
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      There's nothing I really come into contact with that I haven't already been coming into contact with already. I've also been suffering with allergies as well, things like grass etc but the doctor just dismisses everything I say and I leave the surgery more frustrated. The situation with my hands improves on holiday but I'm back to square one when I'm home sad I've been down the anti histamine route but it still happens. It's an absolute mystery but it's beginning to take its toll as I'm starting to not want to even look at myself in the mirror when I can help it

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      Oh please dont feel that way. That made me feel sad.  You are beautiful no matter what. Oh if people could only see souls instead of bodies we would be so much better off as a world.

      You know i had some issues with skin as well. Had to get some surgery to fix it. Most of it anyway. Eczema comes and goes who knows with that. But it itches and i cant stand it. I know when you say you look in mirror it upsets you or if people look at you and make you feel upset about yourself. Im so so sorry for anyone who has made you feel bad. .shame on them. And people do that. Thats why i got my own surgery done and for me too. But that was xanthelesma around my eyes for me. It was a bit bad. To say the least. Removed most  of it. No make up would cover it.

      have you tried to see a specialist. I gave two options one more for the internal pains with your hands and muscles. Maybe there is a doctor out there who can piece this together for you or guide you. Some doctors suck. I got that one or say sorry not my field and never help. You cant let it get you down. Took me three eye specialist and so many opinions to finally find one who i felt confident with and had enough knowledge to help me. Its amazing how these people all go to med school and some are so dumb or clueless.

      sadlt irpts so rare to get a doctor or even a team to assess you as a whole person and not in larts like each symptom is seperate from another but i guess theres no money making in that so you get stuck rambling around being your own doctor and trying to figure who to see and what to do. It is frustrating, exhausting and expensive pending if you need to go private.

      it really sounds like you have an auto immune issue. Just have to keep searching for a doctor with knowledge.  That all would give anyone anxiety

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      I have other ailments but i will tell you they even have me seing all different specialist for one eye. Thats aside from skin stuff. You have to hang in there and keep pursuing to figure it out. Anxiety runs thru the roof at times. When i was diagnosed with some eye ailments and involves optic nerve it thru me in a six week period of horrific anxiety to say the least. It all gets overwhelming and scary.  It all makes a person feel helpless and thats a terrible feeling.
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      Thanks for your thorough reply and I hope you're feeling a lot better about yourself now. Tip for eczema lush dream creme if you haven't already tried that smile

      I've been referred to a dermatologist and I've given up with them as they haven't got a clue, every time I went I was diagnosed with something different. I've not been the doctors for about 6 months as they seemed to just fob me off and pretty much told me to google it so I decided that that was the best I was going to get. I have started with the hands, dry mouth in a morning and swaying since so I'll try them again tomorrow. The swaying is the bit im struggling with as my profession requires to be up ladders etc. I'll try to stay positive, it just seems I've been hit with a lot of doom and gloom of not knowing what is wrong I understand that I could be a lot worse off.. I could deal with it if it was pin pointed.

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