Unsure what's wrong with me, possible ulcer

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Let me do a back story:

Occasional heartburn, but nothing extensive, maybe a couple hours a week if that.

Starting the Saturday before last I was feeling nauseous. Usually when I get that way I tend to start a fast and pop vitamin C each day. I felt like absolute crap for the 4.5 days I fasted. Feeling bloated, burping constantly, violent stomach pains. Breaking my fast with just tortilla chips made my stomach pain and nausea go away almost instantly. That night super bloated, but worked through it. Worked into food with tortilla soft shells, so that I could be ready for Thanksgiving. I ate some potatoes, turkey, and 2 biscuits on turkey day, everything was fine, and it wasn't a lot of food but bloated again, ugh, miserable aside from I wasn't nauseous. Ate normally through the weekend and felt fine, except when I had a cookie with a glass of milk, that was a shot in the gut with dull pains. Yesterday I ate some chicken, and some crackers/snacks. Felt fine, a bit bloated, but definitely manageable. I usually don't eat breakfast but today my bloating, burping, and violent stomach pains are back. I slept through lunch and it felt better but after another 45ish minutes it's back. I bummed a bagel off a friend and eating small pieces of it, with a single TUMs tablet, I feel 50% better. Still dull pain and some bloating, but as of today, diarrhea sets in, like nuts...

Usually at this point I chalk my symptoms for only today up to a stomach bug, but eating actually makes me feel better, and I haven't had any vomiting. Acid reflux yes, and I will say that over the last week I've had some darker grey or darker dark brown BMs, which my Dad told me is indicative of an ulcer, but they have gone away and yesterday was normal, today runny... Sorry to be so descriptive, but when I thought it was an ulcer it throws me around symptom wise. Interwebs state gassy/burping isn't an ulcer, but being nauseous and small foods that are grain based which help is indicative of an ulcer... Eating pieces of my bagel help for 10ish minutes a piece. Can't get into the DR until next week, but tired of being weak/nauseous.

What do you all think? Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Sounds like gastritis ,which is inflammation of the stomach lining . Have you went to your doctor about this ?

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      Appt is set for next monday, that is the quickest they could get me in and still work around my stupid work schedule.

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    Hi VeritasBlade

    It sounds as if your eating habits are all over the place. Try eating properly medium sized meals brekki, lunch, dinner. Try going gluten and lactose free. Reading your post you mention cookie and milk aggravated your gut, could be the lactose in the milk and gluten in cookie. Go gluten free cereal, try gluten free bagels also wheat free food. Also go caffeine free, fried and spicey foods plenty of water. It's all trial and error but anything is worth a try to ease your symptoms....

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      All over the place I suppose, Thanksgiving didn't help, but usually I lean towards a KETO lifestyle, but this medical issue has been trying different things. I did eat a single cookie and around 3 ounces of milk as a test. It wasn't great, so I will stay away from dairy/butter for now. I ate about a quarter of a light bagel yesterday, it helped me through the evening when I was able to grab some Prilosec, a co-worker recommended it to me. It did help, I didn't get great sleep last night, but at least I wasn't in agony it was more still felt bloated and a dull crappy pain. This morning it's just water thus far, I'm still semi-bloated but at least the water isn't making it worse like it has been. Trying to think about places I can go to get something light for lunch, or maybe just hit a local grocery to grab something light, cereal like you mention. Thanks for the response.

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    Sounds like gastritis; try avoiding anything rich, greasy or spicy. Eat a bland diet, little but often. Try a food diary to find food triggers. Try cutting out milk and other dairy products and biscuits to see if gluten/lactose is the problem. See your doctor.as soon as possible for tests, diagnosis and treatment.

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    Take some nexium every day and also take gavisc0n and see if it helps.

    You may have a food allergy or intolerance so keep a note of everything you eat that is ok for your stomach and everything that upsets it.

    Take a photo of your stools for when you visit your doctor if they are unusually dark.

    It maybe that you will need to have a gastroscopy and/or a colonoscopy if your symptoms continue.

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    Saw Dr last night, they want to do a hyda-scan or something like this. To check my gall bladder. She said I could double up on Prilosec. I've been eating turkey sandwiches for lunch each day and nothing else except water and 7-up. Bloating still comes and goes, but it wasn't bad. She said to stay away from the gluten as well and all carbs and dairy to see. I tried some meat for lunch, no bread or anything, and a while after I ended up in the toilet again. Dark, tarry this time for sure, very strange smell. Emailed findings to Dr, will see what's up. But its going on 17 days now, so anything of a typical stomach bug or acute gastritis is out of the question.

    I've stopped all caffeine for multiple days, and I have a headache from h3ll to prove it. Stopped all medication except very rare Tylenol to try to combat the headache before bedtime.

    I can successfully eat oatmeal, tortillas, turkey/turkey on bread, & scrambled eggs, and can drink water, milk, or Gatorade. I haven't touched milk, cream, acidic foods, anything like that.

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