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Hi All,

​Yet again I find myself posting about my upper abdominal issues. I latest episode has lasted 6 weeks with no sign of improving.

Symptoms are as follows.

​CONSTANT upper abdominal discomfort 3 inch central above my belly button. This discomfort is worse with movement but slightly improves with rest.

I suffer burning stomach every morning that feels like hot water in my stomach, this slightly improves as the day goes on.

I have middle back pain that again is persistant, I do think the back pain is mechanical because it improves a lot with rest.

​I have no appetite and have lost 1 stone in 6 weeks.

​I have daily diahreea and have not had a solid bowel ovement for 6 weeks.

I am also suffering bouts of dizziness.

​I have been to see my doctor 4 times in 4 weeks and he has run blood test urine test and stool test and tells me I have Gastorentiritis and it will improve in time. I asked about scans, scope etc and he said it is not needed because he knows what is wrong with me.

​Does anyone out there suffer or have suffered like me, if so what treatment was you given?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Hi I have upper stomach pain but with me is gastritis for over 6 months now because of h pylori bacteria. 

    If you not happy with the doctors decision try to see someone else. I did that     When my surgeon wasn't helping much and now I'm seeing someone that send me for a MRI scan. We know things can take a while to heal after a virus or bacteria but if we still with no improvement after so long our bodies can't be totally right. Good luck

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      Our gastroenterologist told my (huge abdominal pain, stabbing, cramping, no diarrhea, movement increasing the pain, coughing hurts) daughter after a neg calprotectin test, neg H pylori breath test, trying various diets and a food diary to no avail, that it was 'some virus', that had left damage and could take a year to heal. She just had to live with the pain.

      A YEAR OF PAIN and no school, no social life, just in bed, unable to walk?

      They are so quick and easy to brush off without further tests, digging, maybe reading about rare cases, the abdominal field is huge. Just because it is not common or obvious reasons at first glance. My daughter had eg adhesions, the colon was hanging like a puppet on threads, and we were always told beforehand when I went through a list of possibilities 'no, adhesions are impossible because she has never had surgery in her life' and then she gets a diagnostic laparoscopy (after changing the gastroenterologist! You need to go doc shopping unfortunately) and voila: adhesions.

      Pain not gone still, maybe it had nothing to do with it, ok, maybe it lingered  for too long, pain can develope an neuropath and become chronic on its own without the reason still around. !!!

      So 'waiting' like they advice us often or our first gastroenterologist did, can have a backlash. One needs every cause excluded, not be brushed off as 'impossible' (and then actually is possible), and a pain specialist, if no obvious reason can be found to avoid chronic pain.

      It's so frustrating, 

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    Six weeks seems a long time to have gastroenteritis and no improvement.  Your symptoms sound like IBS which can cause diarrhoea, stomach burning and pain and being off your food. Ask to see a different doctor and ask about Irritable Bowel. If you are having daily diarrhoea, this will also make you thinner and dizzy.  Was the urine, blood and stool tests clear?  Ask again for an endoscopy, colonoscopy and ultrasound.

    Keep a food diary to see if you are intolerant to any foods.  Common culprits are gluten, lactose and fructose.  Processed food can also be a trigger.

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    ? Moment, do you have print outs of all your test results? (I always do, then again I can read them without misinterpretation of slightly off results or discrepancies between tests)

    Anyway, if your doc is SURE it was gastroenteritis, then let him tell you, show you, which test confirms this diagnose,

    e.g. was there a pathogen found in your stool test? Which pathogen?

    From there you can see, if the duration is normal or if it needed treatment, ask, read.

    Was there something in the blood test, some antibody test done for a pathogen? Which one? Is he basing his diagnose only on some white cell count distribution? 

    Or does he base his diagnose on 'nothing found in tests, must be some bug' and finished he is? Yet again, then he would not know what was wrong with you.

    I don't like docs, that give a general answer especially when it is going on for so long and not much testing had been done.

    You need to know what he made his diagnose on and why waiting was ok.

    You can see another doc, they can order a copy of your done tests.

    Good luck!

    One the one hand you sound like gastritis, too much acid, then you sound like diarrhea and its disturbance to electrolytes making you dizzy as a side effect (keep up drinking!), the pain sounds anything from gall bladder problem to helicobacter pylori infection to any infection or peptic ulcer.


    There is no way to give you answers here unfortunately, you need to return to a doc please, a different doc if your current one does not explain the exact basis of his diagnose and gives so some advice on treatment or symptom relief.

    BEST of LUCK!

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    Hi All. Thanks for your replies. I have seen 4 different doctors over the last 4 weeks. All doctors say Gastorentiritis and have not given me anything to treat this apart from watching my diet. The doctors didnt give me a print out of my bloods urine stool test.

    In the UK we can only have an endoscopy if reffered by the doctor or pay private. My doctor wont refer me and cost is high to pay private.

    Im lost on what to do next with this.

    My doctor says I already have IBS even though Ive never been properly diagnosed, he came to this conclusion after listening to my stomach and a physical exam.

    Thanks all for your suggestions

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      See a different doctor and insist on an endoscopy/colonoscopy.  In the meantime, ask for medication to ease the diarrhoea and stomach discomfort and acid.  The doctor should not be leaving you to have daily diarrhoea without treatment and investigations to find out what is causing it.  If you have lost a stone in weight  and your appetite is still poor, this also needs attention.   You have had these symptoms long enough.

      I had eight visits to the doctor and saw a different one each time. I was referred for an ultrasound, had stool tests, a celiac test and urine analysis.  All were negative.  I was diagnosed with IBS.

      If your doctor has mentioned IBS, this may the cause, but other things should be ruled out first.  Back pain is also an IBS symptom.

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    I am suffering like you mark, I was told by my doctor that I will have to deal with it the best I can, as endoscopy showed up inflammation of the stomach lining, that was last year, unless I have any new symptoms then he says would be a waste of time get time another endoscopy, I was flabbergasted at the very least.
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    I am really dissappointed with my doctors. I am suffering terribly daily. I am currently off work on the sick. I have never been sick in the last 15 years.

    ​My Dad suffered with diverculitis as well.

    ​I know I keep saying this but what puzzles me more than anything is when I move the discomfort starts, if Im relaxing sitting down or lying down I am fine. When I think Im ok I will stand and start to move and then it starts. Its not pain more a dull discomfort. The dull ache is upper central abdomen but lately is upper left/right, also lower left/right, these are more stabbing pains that come and go. I feel really depressed with it. 6 weeks and counting and no better at all.

    ​Yesterday I took immodium thinking this will firm my stools, it did as well, however when I had a BM this morning it was multi coloured and only a small amount, there was dark brown, light brown, yellow, pale and very dark brown.

    ​I also suffer with terrible middle upper back ache, I do blieve this is mechanical due to the fact it settles with rest and gets worse with activity.

    ​Do my symptoms sound like diverculitis and if so what is the best treatment, Im willing to try anything that may help.


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      I was told by doctors to leave the Imodium as not good for our types of problems, buscopan is meant to be the better one, that's what I use. All the pain your describing is just like when I had diverticularitist x
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      I had to be admitted to hospital, for intravenous ante biotics, I couldn't handle the pain after 6 weeks it had got so bad. Ante biotics at home for 10 days, now just getting able to move around on a good day. Unfortunately it's taking one day at a time, good days and bad.
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