Upper abdomen pain with uterus fibroids?

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Last week I got the results of my sonogram - my uterus is 3 times the size of a healthy uterus and full of fibroids.  I am done having kids so I am having a hysterectomy in a month (that's when it fits in my schedule).  My question is this - has anyone experienced UPPER abdomen bloating and pain as well as the lower abdomen bloating and pain?  Please share if you have!  My entire abdomen is bloated and painful and I'm wondering if the swollen uterus is to blame or if I have another abdomenal problem too.  :-(

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    Hi Darlene,

    I'm the same,large fibroid in the uterus,i have had adominal pain for over 18 months now..painkiller don't work..other pain in back,tops of legs, and for the past 4 months cronic sciatica down my right leg.

    Had a mojor op when i was 29 as they had then been growing outside the uterus as large as two mans fists,one into bowel and one into bladder. Please to say when they were removed i managed to have two beautiful daughters.

    My specialist is a nightmare...keeps saying at your age they should be shrinking.(i'm 57 now)

    Just had a laperoscopy last week and confirmed a very large fibroid, tummy very swollen and pressure inside on bladder,having to wee every 15 mins.

    Another long wait till i see specialist again but can't wait to have a hysterctomy to get my life back. I work full time and have been struggling doing a full day but have been with painkillers.

    Wishing you well,




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      Hi Mary,

      I'm kinda in the same boat, except I'm in no hurry to get the hysterectomy. I couldn't get the laproscopic done because of the way my insides are twisted. Just wanted to say there are things we can do on our own to keep them from growing and keep the bleeding down. I've been taking 1-2 T's of blackstrap molassis daily and 1-2 T's of apple cider vinegar. After almost bleeding to death a couple of months ago, having a blood transfusion. Taking those things take some getting used to (yuck!) but so far my first period since taking it was 2 days of heavy bleeding and then it trickled off. Trying also to exersise more. :-)

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    this is my story.

    three and half years down the line i have been tossed from gynnos to digestive and to urology.

    at last i've had so many all clears from digestive but i cant convince 7 different gynnos that my fibroids are causing my bloat'gas' pain after eating' even diarrhia.

    when they put the magic wand inside they only see calcified fibroids but what about subserol fibroid.

    they tend to grow outside at the top.

    this is what you could have.

    the bigger these beasties grow, the less room our digestive system has to function.

    i had a MRI privately so i know i have a subserol fibroid.

    i dont know its location though and cant get my national health gynnos to look at the accompanying CD.

    they always make an excuse. i think they've got the hump cos i got it private.

    i dont know what to do anymore.

    never even been offered a myomectomy or hysterectomy.

    when are you booked in for your op?

    i guess  all your fibroids will come out with your uterus whether located inside or attached to the outside.

    and your guts will sigh happily having their space back.

    hope all goes well. 


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      I have a fundal fibroid this time.It did affect my bowel and had to have a colonoscopy follwed by mri scan.Bowel specialist was great and said no problem with bowel but scan showed your uterus is exstemely enlarged with fibroids. I asked gyni specialist to view the ct as he kept going by an ultrasound done in April 2014 and said the fibroid was small at 4cm only.I asked him again to look at the recent scan.

      Thats why he has just done the laperoscopy and said now i have a large fudal fibroid.

      You have to keep pushing,even though you get worn out with pain.

      I wish you well

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      Thank you Chica for sharing your story.  I am "getting ready" for surgery now.  That means that all medical people involved who get $$$ from this surgery are checking to make sure my insurance company will give it to them.  I think it will take about 1 month to get insurance paperwork complete, lab stuff done, and then fit into my docs schedule.  It will be 1 long month of pain.  My abdomen feels like I'm 10 months pregnant with a 12 lbs baby who is sitting right under my breasts and extending down to my pelvic bone.  :-(

      All I have had is a vaginal sonogram so I might have fibroids outside my uterus that they don't even know of.

      They know there are many side for sure.

      I can't find other people diagnosed with uterus fibroids complaining about the complete (upper and lower) abdomen pain that I have.

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      I hope you still visit this forum!! I am 48 and suffer from all of the above and ended up here because of a search on "upper abdomen pain and fibroids"

      Please tell me what happened with your story

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    I had fibroids at the top of my abdomen and it effected my bowels. My whole midsection was bloated. I'm post op 3 days and I know I'm bloated from the surgery. I know I feel much better in time.

    Good luck to you!


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      Hi Debbie!

      Hope you had a full recovery from your surgery. I noticed a few months ago a hard lump growing to the left of my belly button. It's gotten bigger and I went to the gyno to have it checked out. I thought it could be a fibroid. But she seemed skeptical cuz the lump was sitting high. She wants me to do a cat scan since an ultrasound can't check the abdomen area. I did some research and came upon pedunculated fibroids that can grow on a stem or stalk outside the uterus. Did you have those since you had fibroids in your upper abdomen?


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    Hi Darlene!

    Yeah, thats me all the way! I have had the same problem for a long time. I wanted to go the laproscopic (spelling?) surgery route but am not a candidate for it because my uterus is all twisted around,(probably due to the fibroids since thats what they do.) According to the doctors, my only course now is to have an embolism treatment or a complete. I was scheduled for the embolism treatment and I backed out to try a natural alternative using black strap molassis and apple cider vinegar. I'm trying this before anything else to see if it will work plus save me thousands of dollars! Trying to excersise and be consistant. So far after about a month my period is a little lighter, still experiencing some bloating so I am taking a b complex vitamin and an extra 100 mgs of b6 to lose water retention, along with a daily multiple. I'm cutting back on sugar, sodium and just trying to eat healthy over all. Also, wheat is associated with abdominal bloating so I try to eat oats, oatmeal, oat bread, etc. Original cheerios are good smile It's worth a shot. Right now I am having a period so I'm paying special attention. As far as the upper and lower bloating and pain, yes, and yes! I'm not a big woman and I have lost weight but I was having great results from pilates but I had to stop for a while because I think I was aggravating the fibroids and it was causing a discharge :-( Now that part is ok. I think I have shared probably more than Im comfortable but I think this is a great forum for woman to share experiences and offer any insight and comfort. It is a very scary thing, these dang fibroids, They make such a mess of our lives. I wish you all the best, Darlene, do keep in touch!

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    Hi Darlene,

    I've found out that I have "multiple" fibroids,  small side but many. I have lower and Upper abdominal bloating. I look truly pregnant (about 4 1/2 -5 months).  The bloating/swelling even pushes on my diaphragm and makes me short of breath at times. Right now, I am very uncomfortable in this area you're talking about. And, I will get shooting pains in my upper abdomen.

    You're not alone.  Since mine are many but small, it's odd to me that I can swell so badly.  I question it, but I'm a worry wart.

    For YOU, if you're uterus is 3x bigger than normal, I myself, would attribute UPPeR abdomen bloat to that large size uterus you have, combined with the fact that fibroids make your abdomen swell to the point of looking pregnant.

    We need to relax and try to not worry. I'm being biopsied for uterine cancer and am beside myself.

    I think your issue is totally normal.

    To better days!! smile


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      depending on the location of the fibroids, whether inside or outside of our uterus,could compromise our other organs as its a bit of a squash anyway.

      i've noticed i get the bloat later in the day so i assume my digestive system is being slowed down.

      i used to have problems starting to pi pi.

      then i was having to go all the time.

      i guess i have a fibroid on the outside of my uterus.

      thats why the gynnos dont see it with their magic wand.

      after three and half years asking medics to help me, i'm afraid i'm defeated and have found a painkiller that works.

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      Hi Chica!

      Did you have a pedunculated fibroid? I think I have one but won't know for certain until Cat scan. Gyno said the wand won't help because the lump sits by my abdomen. Was yours by your belly button?

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    Hi, I have just seen your post, you have probabaly had the hysterctomy now, but I was interested as I have upper bloating too, very bad, my hysterectomy is 16th Jan in about 2 weeks, I have a very large uterus adenomyosis, and after eating my stomach is really big, like I am 7 months pregnant, it has to be to do with the uterus as I have never had anythying like it in my life, now that you have had surgery has the bloating gone? thanks Sally.
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      Hi  Sallyboot,

      Hope you are ok after your surgery.

      How was it.?

      I was never offered surgery as nothing showed up on my scans.

      except old calcified fibroids and apparently they were not the cause of my problem.

      Since not of them (the specialists) come up with a diagnosis except'chronic pelvic pain' I was left to my own devices.

      From 1st Jan I've been taking digestive enzymes and they're helping considerably.

      My new years resolution is not to drink alcohol or coffee.

      so far fingers x I'm doing well.

      I've had my pain for 5 years.

      hope you have a speedy recovery and can get your life back on track.

      But be good,give yourself time to heal.

      Take care

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      Hi sally . I too have severe bloating but I barely bleed at all!! I get terrible cramps but the blood just can't find its way out . My gyn said ultrasound was normal but the radiologist recommended MRI to rule out adenomyosisbut my GYN disagreed

      With that . My pelvic exam was in march but I didn't get an ultrasound till October . I'm wondering how quickly an adenomyosis grows . I'm having a CT Scan this week and praying it's nothing more serious . I feel your pain as far as

      The bloating ! It's awful . I can barely eat and try not to because I get so so bloated . I'm wondering too if the bloating ever goes away z

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