Upper Abdominal Discomfort - Any experiences or help?

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Since the start of this year I have been struggling with my upper abdomen that I can only assume was brought on my stress and anxiety as I have recently recovered from Post-Natal Depression & Anxiety. I am not able to enjoy this newly found mental health as my stomach feels so crap 24/7 and my drs literally could not care less.

I cannot move my upper abdomen at all, my abdomen is rigid almost to my belly button and then the rest of my stomach sticks out as it normally does...I have had 2 kids, I dont have a 6 pack. This can get so bad if i am doing physical activity that i cant breathe easily. Sometimes my breathing is affected by my throat, I am worried acid could be be getting into my airways.

I am so uncomfortable from the minute I wake up with discomfort...its a very subtle burning in my throat and stomach but no heart burn and just extreme tightness in my upper abdomen it's like someone is trying to push all my organs up into my ribs and it never relaxes.

This feels like this all day unless I am asleep, I get no relief and its starting to effect my mental health. I tried PPIs and they have made it worse! I try gaviscon it makes it worse and makes me feel sick. I am eating and pooping fine which makes it even more frustrating because I cant enjoy any of my food because abdomen aches constantly.

I am waiting on a referral to a stomach guy but if anyone out there has any experience of this symptom and any remedies I can try to get some relief I would be eternally grateful!!

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    Assuming it's not a stomach infection

    -you can try homeopathic medicines if allopathic are not working

    • you can try 'yog' especially for stomach. Yog is different from aerobics and needs a lot of patience and consistency. It also needs proper consultancy how to do them properly. Overdoing can cause problems.
    • Try searching for high strain probiotics on internet.

    However if it's a stomach infection you may need to find the root cause by various tests like blood, urea, stool etc.

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      Forgot to mention I have has 2 stool samples that both came back normal to test for infections. I have also have an endoscopy that was normal too!

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      Ok. Also try to have a full focus on your food habits. You mentioned somewhere intake of toast and pasta. Toast, bread, noodles (maggi), tea, coffee , biscuits that is bakery and fermented products and all preparations from bleached flour ( endosperm of wheat ) are well known to trigger stomach upset. Try to avoid them fully. Wheat products are fine though.

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    Hi Anna,

    It sounds awful what you have been suffering with!

    I don't know if I will be of much help, but as a suggestion you could try Esomeprazole which is better than Omeprazole.

    This is a capsule and designed to reduce the acid in your stomach and hopefully the pain too.

    I get Esomeprazole on prescription, but you can get it over the counter now.

    Hope this helps, and I would be keen to know how you get on.

    Take care Anna

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    hello dear...I have the same symptoms as yours and also now I'm in 6 months postpartum do you also have abdominal tenderness??

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    Before you do anything else make sure you get an MRI CT scan before you follow any advice.

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    I would wait until you see a GI specialist. I wouldn't see those doctors anymore if I were you. Get a new doctor one you get help from. I wish I could help or try to help you get some relief. You eat with no problems and go to the restroom ok. Possible ulcer might be. You can't eat because an ulcer makes you lose appetite and bouts of nausea. What kinds of food do you love to eat? I'm curious? Hopefully healthy.

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      Nothing out of the ordinary, normally toast or cereal for breakfast although cereal has been making my stomach worse but not always. Lunch is normally sandwiches and dinner just meat and 2 veg or pasta etc, sometimes fish...I have 2 kids so it's just varied family style healthy dinners. I have tried omeprazole, lanzoprozole, pantoprozole and every type of gaviscon and my stomach is now worse. It wasnt this bad when it all started its like I have no acid now rather than too much!

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      A lot of people have reported this! Those meds can do more harm than relief. You are depleting your stomach acids. Only take PPIs for short term. Long term will cause your stomach to hinder production. Find alternative foods like cutting out dairy milk and eggs. Use almond milk it's easier on your digestion. Also lunch meats have a high fat content. Bad for your stomach too. Just these little things you cut out of your diet will help you be healthier and happier.

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