Upper Abdominal Pain for 5 days

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Hi all.

I have always had stomach issues,in 2005 I was told it was IBS and given merbervine,this seemed to work and over timethe bouts of IBS became less frequent, I was always able to control it with tabs/going to the loo and over a few hours etc the pain would go away.

However this last year or so the pain I am now getting does not go away for several days and nothing really helps it.

At the beginning of the year I went to the doctors and was told it may be a ulcer and given omperezale and told to make a food diary-nothing leaps out at me as being a trigger,I stopped taking the Omperezle after my 2nd course of tablets because I didnt really feel it helping,was still suffering several times a month with painful sessions lasting hours to several days.

I am now on day 4 of a constant pain its quite far up near my bra line and feels burny-But aso low down at times with a twisty feeling-its different to the pain I got with IBS.that was almost like contractions.

The doc as ordered bloods to be taken and a ultersound this time-I know its a waiting game now for the appointments and then the results especially with it being Christmas time.

I have been on google(i know,i know) and have convinced myself its got to be cancer and now am worrying to the point i cant really concentrate on anything but this pain.

I really want to enjoy Christmas with my children but just feel so anxious and sad now.

Can anyone reassure me its not as bad as I think? or tell me their stories.

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    IBS pain can be felt almost anywhere on the stomach and a burning stomach is common.  Sometimes flare ups can last days, weeks and even months.  My first IBS episode lasted three and half months before it was diagnosed and brought under control.  You can also get a twisting, knoting pain with IBS.

    The type, duration and severity of the pain can change and vary from person to person.  Your symptoms still sound like an IBS flare up.

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      I have been told my stomach pain is IBS by a doctor but not sure. My bowels are ok just dull uncomfortable stomach pain. What medication did you take to help yours? I find paracetamol doesn't do much. Thanks.

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      I take Buscopan and Ibruprofen.  I don't find paracetemol much good either.

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      Sorry to bother you again, how often did you take the buscopan and for how long?
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      Initially I took it three times a day for a month.  Now I just take two tablets as and when required.  
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      Thankyou Pippa I thought IBS only lasted a few hours at most.I am just concerned as the pain is so constant and its day 5 tomorrow.
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      Hi Ruth,The Doc told me to take co codemol for the pain as it acts as an antispasmodic.He also gave me Merbervine.I have also heard Peppermint tablets to be of use.
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      My IBS pain started off as constant and I was confused about it because I thought it was always a come and go pain too,
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    Sarah, Odd that you added this today. I have been having some anxiety today about the same thing. All fear does is rob us of our happiness. This is what I have decided to do today.

    I don't have any bad news to deal with today. I am going to expect the best. I have been dealing with stomach issues for 20 years..it probably won't kill me today. Worry and anxiety aggravates the symptoms. So I am going to get busy finishing up my Christmas Projects, and deal with it as it comes.

    This disease has made us strong. We are women, women deal with things and move on.

    Seek your peace today.

    God Bless,

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      Thankyou so much Rogue.

      I have come to the same conclusion actually.its hard not to worry and tomorrow I may be bad again with nerves but I cannot do anything about it till I know abit more.

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    I have had near constant pain for 6 months in my upper middle abdomen.  It is a dull pain and can be severe for days to weeks at a time.  The longest its gone away is 2 weeks but it came right back as severe as ever. I also have constant 24 7 distentiion of my abdomen--my abdomen is soft but very bloated and definitely swollen feeling and lookis swollen. I have had every test available, ultrasound, mri, cat scan, endoscopy colongoscopy, pill endoscopy.  THe only primary finding was an ulcer that was healing upon further review.  I too was convinced I was dying of cancer.  I mean absolutely convinced becuase my symptoms were unremitting.  I suppose there is a slight chance that cancer has gone undetected in me---there are certain cancers (like diffuse stomach cancer) that are hard to detect.  But I suppose if the cancer was advanced enough to cause such terrible pain it would have been caught.  I am now left at a dead end as I cannot live a normal life with my pain but there are no more tests to do and few treatment options.  

    I hope you get a clean bill of health, however the prospect of living with such bad chronic pain as I am is very discouraging and depressing. Ask for an endoscopy after ultrasound because epigastric pain that is constant should require an upper endoscopy to check for stomach or esophagus problems.

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