Upper right pain and bloating

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Hi, does anyone have the following and have any succesful diagnosis:

Right upper abdomen pain - well an intermitent throb. Worsened by alcohol ie the day after (only a couple of drinks) Intermitent bloating upper but constant gurgling, day and night.

Been like this for 3 years

All LFT have been in range

U/S showed no abnormalities with G/B or pancreas

2 MRI with contrast of liver - showed 2 lesions - which have not altered between scans - totally benign and require no follow up - agreed by 2 specialists.

Fibroscan score 4 - "normal"

Endoscopy - Gastritis - has omperazole & one beginning with a p (same as omperazole but stronger) and gaviscon - all these make no difference.

Been told I have now had all tests available 

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone and has anyone had any success? Thank You

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    Hi Lucy 

    I have been having the same problem for 2 years now.I've had a scan on  my abdomen and cervix  and various tests the doctor scared me as they said the bloating could be cancer the tests all came back ok and still dont know what  it is.I am on omperazole as i also suffer with acid reflux which is worse when i have alcohol.At first i was told it was IBS which i dont agree with.  I have constant pain on my ride side just below the rib cage its there all the time also when i lie in bed at night it hurts every time i turn over.I feel that i am just living with it and getting no answers.  

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    Hi Polly, thanks for your reply, I think bloating is a possilble sign of ovarian cancer, and i originally had a lower abdoman scan to rule this out, A blood test whilst investigating this showed I have underactive thyroid.I sometimes think there may be a connection with the bloat between either the condition or the medication. I dont suppose you have issues with your thyroid, 

    I think after 3 years if it was anything really sinister surely it would have got much worse by now!

    You just get tired of trying to self diagnose !

    I sometimes have a couple of glasses of wine, but I dont know if I am doing more damage, or am i just making amountain out of a molehill, maybe its just the trapped gas or whatever it is causing the issue! People i am sure think i make it up, as with no diagnosis people think you are stir crazy! 

    I too think IBS is very much a cop out for Drs. If any doubt its easy to say its IBS.

    What is your next course of action?


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    Hi Lucy and pollyanna. I'm not to be confused with pollyanna! I'm in the UK as my nom de plume suggests. I think you both have the answer but not picked up on it yet. I discovered that I was allergic to alcohol whether as a drink or in food. My symptoms all disappeared within a short time when I stopped drinking it or using it as a flavouring in cooking. I also found that anything with oil or cooked in oil, as in frying, roasting etc made all the symptoms worse so I avoid that too now plus junk/fast food which are usually loaded with hidden fats and oil! Your problem could be gall bladder or pancreas, both can produce similar symptoms. It means cutting out alcohol and fatty, oily foods to heal. You could try keeping a food/drinks diary. Two columns, one with food you've eaten each day and in corresponding column write all your symptoms each day. If they are worse after certain foods and drink it will form a pattern if you keep the diary long enough. Could take a few weeks but worth persevering then you can see your GP with the evidence. Best wishes Pollyanna UK rolleyes
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    Hi Lucy

    I think you are right i have noticed its worse if i eat fatty food and over indulge.My gallbladder and pancreas were fine they thought i may  have had gallstones but tests show nothing. I also agree that people do get fed up of my constant moaning about my pain my husband says i should just put up with it as we all are in pain as we get older .I also had a internal scan on my cervix what i found strange was that they asked me if i had had an operation which i have not and i have never had children. when the doctor had my results she said they could not see the top of my cervix and did not seem bothered by it as all my tests were normal.  

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    Thanks 4 your replies. Would u/s show sludge In gall bladder or just stones? However, if I have had MRI of liver you would think gall bladder would show up on there.

    Did your alcohol intolerance come on suddenly?

    I have small intermittent throbs right side, not painful more worrisome, no nausea fatigue, weight loss, so I'm hoping this points to it not been CP.

    Maybe it is just gastritis but the pain seems too high up and no better with the acid tablets. Maybe it is the capsule of the liver stretching but I would have thought my fatty liver would have improved a million times, as the last 3 years I have Drank next to nothing and I am just 'normal' weight .

    Who knows, and all investigations just take for ever, wish I had buckets full of money for private health care, wish I had paid Into this younger (47) feel would have been better than paying into a pension!

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    My intolerance built up over the years along with diet issues. As I said before, keep a food/symptom diary and see how it goes. you could be asked to do this by your consultant team anyway and you will have a head start if you can show them at your next appointment. You didn't mention your age but from middle age/menopause years, our bodies change and we are less tolerant to certain things. Everyone is different however so you have find out what's upsetting you! Good luck! rolleyes
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