Upper right side abdominal pain for 3 weeks + more

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Here’s my ‘mysterious’ adventure:

1. Some 50 days ago my sister had flu like symptoms after complaining one of her colleagues at work had some severe flu like symptoms (he was sick, indigestion, etc.). The symptoms lasted for a month for my sister with manly a runny nose and some chills, plus some headaches. I didn't know up until this point that such symphtoms can last for so long. But that was all.

2. I was afraid I will get it from her but only some 30 days ago I started to have some similar symptoms though they were very mild.

3. Some 20 days ago I’ve been eating some new foods for my diet (greek food - spicy and dairy based) in abundance and I suddenly felt sick the next day. Severe upper right abdominal pain (URAP), bloating, excessive burping, diarrhea. I thought it is because of the food I’ve eaten since I felt sick many times in my life because of the food I eat (maybe I have a sensitive digestive system - I know for sure that some foods cause me diarrhea and some mild upper right abdominal pains - especially milk causes that and fatty foods - but this time was more severe).

4. A few days have passed and it didn’t go away. Clay-colored diarrhea, URAP, a bit of fever, plus some body aches (pain in the limbs, fingers, other parts of the abdomen, etc), I even woke up sweating like hell at one point. I went to my doctor and after a physical exam (blood pressure, abdominal check up) he said it is a virus and it will go away in 2-3 days and gave me Paracetamol in case I experience pain. He also quickly analyzed the urine and said I have a high number of Acetone (meaning my body uses my fat as a resource). It is true that I wasn’t eating that well by that time because of the right side abdominal pain (URAP) I had and the other symptoms.

5. Next day after the visit, that's some 2 weeks ago, a sharp pain in my back (right side, middle). I also had heart palpitations and felt dizzy suddenly. It lasted for a few seconds but was very scary. I went to ER and they did a few simple checkups (pulse, oxygen level, listened for lungs and abdomen, abdomen physical checkup) and said there is nothing they can see.

6. Next day I was alone at home and suddenly the same pain, this time right upper chest, near the shoulder blade, radiating in my right arm. My right arm felt a big numb, heart palpitations again, this time lasted more, maybe 1-2 minutes (but I might be wrong, because it may have looked so long to me since it was very scary). I went to the ER right away. They did an EKG, and all sorts of physical exams (listening for lungs, checking my reflexes, etc.). They found nothing wrong.

7. Two days after that I didn’t have diarrhea anymore (which lasted some 5 days or so) but the stool was still clay-colored and I still had the same symptoms. That mighty pain with palpitations struck again, this time right side lower abdomen. Lasted a few only seconds. The first two pains were more localized (and I kinda felt them at the surface if that makes sense), this one was quite deep and in a bigger region.

8. Went to my GP again and was like: “You said it will go away in 2-3 days but it’s been a week and is not going away”. He did a few abdominal physical checkups and said it is likely a virus. And that virus may have ‘attacked’ me causing those pains and the URAP that was almost constant, every day. My stool became more normal by this time though but I started to have heartburns and acids from time to time, and a gurgling tummy, especially at night. He gave me some relievers for those symptoms and scheduled me for a full urine and blood test in a month time….

9. Now, a week after my last visit I am better: the stool looks normal, the URAP is still there but not all the time (though it feels a bit different this time - instead of pressure as before, it feels more like an ache). But I still experience some flu like symptoms: I feel cold sometimes or wake up sweating, I still have some body aches/pains, etc.

My urine looks normal, stool the same. My abdomen does not hurt when I push on it. Didn’t vomit but I felt like so 2 times until now. I feel like drinking a lot of water and I do that. I changed my diet and I eat mostly boiled food.

 For example, 3 days ago I eat some fatty food and right away I felt sick and my stool changed to clay-colored again, and URAP all day, plus bloating and burping excessively. It seems that as long as I eat boiled food is better.

SO, what can this all be? A virus? Problems with gallbladder + a virus? A problem with my liver? If it is a virus does it affect my gallbladder or liver so that when I eat fatty foods I get URAP​ and burping and clay-stools and all that? 

Of course, the wise thing is to wait for the blood and urine tests but that’s on June 9 and I thought to hear some opinions until then because I am very curious what happened to my body for the past 20 days or so.

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    Does sound to me like perhaps a gallbladder or pancreas problem because of the clay coloured stools and problems with eating fat. I'd push for an MRI scan of abdomen
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      I specifically asked my doctor about this and he told me he does not see a problem with either the gallbladder or the pancreas. It is a bit weird because yesterday I had clay colored stool again, but today normal again. Usually when I have clay-colored stools I also have more upper right abdominal pain and feel bloated. He also said I could have made a 'bit' of hepatitis from the virus. Sometimes when I have the clay colored stools I also noticed undigested food (mainly high fiber foods: corn, olives, carrots) - so food gets passed undigested.

      Yesterday I also noticed that my mother started to have some of my symptoms: flu-like symptoms, bloated, feeling sick (she vomited 2 times), etc.. So I suspect it is a virus....

      I also should have mentioned that I had the same upper right abdominal pain many times for the past 10 years, but just some mild pain, more like a pressure that was uncomfortable. I mentioned that to the doctor and he didn't seem concerned. 

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      Hopefully it's just a virus then and will pass. I've been having upper left pain that goes through to my back for 7 years now and had so many tests that are all negative. I'm certain it's chronic pancreatitis although I don't have clay coloured stools I have read in my 7 years of researching what's wrong with me that it's a symptom of it and that's why I mentioned it!

      Hope it passes soon.

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      Oh wow 7 years!? So sorry to hear that. I don't have such pains, only upper right side. 
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    A few details about me: I'm 28 years old male, 1,78m and 65kg. So I am a bit underweight, not overweight. I lost 3kg or so since this entire thing happened, but the doctor said is normal. Also the third severe pain I had in the lower right side of abdomen came after I coughed...I told this to the doctor, but again he didn't seem concerned.  Thought this may be important to mention. 
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      I also get a pain lower right on and off for years. Think maybe grumbling appendix as both my parents had appendicitis and had it removed. Docs don't listen to me either? Are you in the U.K.? If you don't improve in another couple of weeks I would go back to gp and ask to be referred to specialist and push for MRI. It took me about a year to get referred just had to keep going and nagging at them! If your not in uk your healthcare system might be different so not sure how it would work but an MRI would be your best bet.
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      I live in Spain. If I don't improve until June 9 when I will have my blood and urine tests done then when I'll see the doctor on June 14 I'll definitely not going to leave his office until he sends me to do more tests. The 'good' thing, I hope, is that if the doctor is not concerned it may not be a severe thing. But when you had the MRI did they discover anything? 
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      No nothing was found on any tests. I've had MRI, ct, ultrasounds, colonoscopy, endoscopy, tons of bloods, stool and urine samples over the 7 years. Not one thing shows! Should be relieved but it's frustrating when your still in pain and read that chronic pancreatitis can take years to show on tests! It's worrying. The fight to get any more tests done now will be a hard one even though my MRI was almost 2 years ago now. I'd like another but I know they will say no as last one clear.

      Hope you manage to get something done. We are to young to be worrying about our health!

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      At least for now your tests look ok and I doubt that a failure of the pancreas could not show any signs in 7 years of testing. I've also seen several artificial pancreas devices to help cope with a pancreas failure, on top of the other treatments available for this. So even in the worst case scenario is not as bad as other health issues.

      We might be too young to be worried about health, but the fact is health issues occur at any age. Though many are manageable, except severe conditions such as cancer or a complete failure of an organ. I think the "worrying" part is the fault of the healthcare system. If we had free and easy means to quickly check with specialists, to do the tests and treatments that we need, then many worries will disappear. For example, if in my case the doctor would have done the blood and urine tests in a few days time, then I would not be worried about my health. But when they schedule you in a month for tests of course that leaves room for all kinds of thoughts about your health.

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      Yes that's very true. If I could get another scan now then I wouldn't be so worried. All comes down to money though. In the uk you can't even pay for a private scan without being referred by your GP so I have no chance!
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    You have something wrong with your gallbladder. Maybe stones.. u need to have a scan of your gallbladder and your kidneys. Insist on getting this done.

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