Upper right stomach pain, constantly bloated, please help

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I had my gallbladder removed 2 1/2 years ago. for about 6-9months was ok, bowels re-adjusting but seemed ok, however early last year I was buckled in pain again same as before - lost appetite, very lathargic, constantly feeling sick.   Had every scan possible checked me for Sphincter of Odi, MRI etc but all came back clear.  I stopeed taking dairy and eating red meat and seemed to be doing ok for about 6 months, however now i feel like I am back at square 1.  Pain on right side under rib, radiating through to my back.  don't want to eat, when I do I have to make sure I am near a toilet as very loose stools (sorry too much detail)  I am now trying the fodmap diet, but feel there is very little I eat as I also have to stay away from certain veg that give you wind as I am bloated constantly and can feel my stomach gurgling all day.  Also I have a hiatis hernia so can't take certain fruits as too acidic. I am taking omeprazole daily and now taking brufen and paracetamol, however only just touching the pain.  Feel like I need put down sad  Doc's not much help at all .  I am only 35 and have 2 kids and just want my life to be normal again.  Some people have suggested Bile Malabsorption but not sure,.  Anyone any ideas or in same position.   Would really like some suggestions to go back to my consultant with??  Thank you all in advance

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    Hi Andjgard1.. sorry you are feeling poorly.

    It might be wise asking for a liver function blood test.  Sounds like your liver is the culprit.

    Right side abdominal pain can be many things; but generally inflammation is the root cause and or organ damage; would be interesting to know what was wrong iwth your gallbladder (the reason for the removal). Please read up on fatty liver.

    If you try taking a milk thistle tablet for a couple of days; this can repair the liver on a cellular level - if you find it helpful carry on.

    Take an anti-inflammatory (GARLIC - which is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory) and also take a liquorice tablet -which kills some bacteria & has a positive affect on the acid.  Make sure you take a pro-biotic if you are taking the liquorice tablet.. or introduce some acidophilus from the health food shop.

    What you are looking at doing is removing 'bad  bacteria; and freeing your body up to focus on your liver.  if your liver doesn't funciton well; neither will your gallbladder (which is now no more) and your bowel (liver pulls from the bowel when in need ie. glutamine and suchlike).

    If you want to imrpove your diet; reduce caffeine and drink something like cocounut water and/or cherries& berries from co-op - berries being v. good apparently. or Apple juice.  Hot water kills bacteria; so try to drink cold drinks in the main for  a  part of the day after you have taken your good bacteria. Make surre you are getting some iron.

    Take a vitamin tablet; preferably one for liverhealth..

    Read up on Fatty liver; and if you drink alcohol; give this a skip for a while; as this is toxic to your liver..

    you are lookign at imrpoving liver health ; to reduce the inflammation and kill bad bacteria.

    you may also want to read up on oregano oil.

    I hope this helps and you feel better soon.

    * please leave feedback if you try this and it works for you; it helps others to know.

    wishing you a speedy recovery (i have tried this and it took days to reduce the pain - about 2 days; but obviously the 'healing' will take longer.. smile


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      Thank you for your quick response - I will defo give it a try.  They weren't sure what was wrong with my gallbladder - just said it was badly inflammed and infected.  My LFT's are always off really high and always have really high bilirubin count.  Don't take much in the way of alcohol, I have cut out Lactose as dairy seems to run right through me,  sticking to 1 meal a day and trying to stick to gluten free to see if that is a trigger, not working so far tho lol
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      Hi andjgard1; Yeah; i think it is your liver.. if you read up on fatty liver you will see just not taking vitamin tablets and eating fat and a 'few beer's can cause this issue.. as can bacteria which = inflammation.

      My bet is ; that you feel better in a few days after taking the milk thistle;and you should notice your stools (if they have bene clay coloured) return to a normal colour..  (too much fat in the stool and it floats!)..  Do read up on the oregano oil ;as inflammation can cause changes within the cells so to be one step ahead; you might want to consider taking this.. BE happy ;and would love to know how long it takes for you to be 'better' ; it's good to evidence things. smile


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      Hi to both of you. I have been following this post with interest. I have been diagnosed with gastritis but not h pylori  for 14 months.

      i have stopped having dairy and gluten. I get a sharp pain in the left side under my rib. Bloating after eating, I have lost nearly 2 stones in weight. I don't want to lose any more. But this makes you frightened to eat. last month I had blood tests and a scan all were ok. But I still feel bad. I am taking Esmoeprazole 20mg. I also take acidophilus. Do you think it's worth me trying milk thistle? Hope you feel better soon 

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      absolutely do think milk thistle; for anyone.. (read up on fatty liver). That said; i shall have to do some research on left sided pain ONLY.. however; if you take hot drinks and pain killers then you do need to keep taking anti-oxidants ; (google some anti-oxidant foods). In addition; i can strongly recommend taking anti-inflammatories like 'garlic' ;AND liquorice tablets to kill any bad bacteria.. (inflammation may be the cause).. if the pain is still continuing after a week on that ; then you know that inflammation isn't teh cause.. and you will also know perhpas that the liver isn't contributing.. (bear in mind that if it is low enough to be the bowel the bowel will also benefit; as if it is ulcer related then the above should also assist with that..
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