upper stomach gas , stomach and pains in sides gastritis? help

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Hi all

Please shed some light someone

This all started about 6 weeks ago I went out had a mad night on the drink.. a day or so later I started to get pains in my right side .. went to gp did urine sample and was told there was some infection there .. took antibiotics for 6 days and it subside a little but came back was given 3 days more days with clear test..

After this week I started to feel terrible had bloods urine ultrasound on kidneys all clear..

But the symptoms seem to be more in my upper stomach like a gut renching feeling moves from one side to the other of my upper ribs. And the most terrible gas in my stomach for 3 weeks now. I did a stool test came back clear..

Seen another doctor this week and told him upper gas pains that come and go side to side of upper ribs .. tight band feeling sometimes.. He asked for a stool test for h pylori but I thought that might have shown up in last one.. or do they have to be looking for something specific ? I'm so scared I had a baby 5 half months ago suffer from anxiety. What could this be... very nauseous

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    I think you are suffering with anxiety Nichola.

    Having a young baby is very demanding to say the least.

    Sounds like you are fit and healthy  to me, but it does seem you could be intolerant to the booze. May be you had too much of a good time,

    and your bowels are telling you so, you never know!

    Detox your body by drinking lots of warm/hot water every day and keep an healthy

    diet and don't touch processed foods.

    Best wishes Pat


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      Thankyou pat sometimes I think it's all in my head to.. very strict diet and keep drink the h20 .. I think I will ask the doctor and say I need help to overcome my anxiety.

      Really want to enjoy my time with my kids

      Feel horrible when they see me lying on the sofa upset..

      Thankyou so much for replying xx

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    Helicobacter pylori antigen search in stool is usually not included in normal routine stool check.

    The stool PCR panel for routine testing usually includes more severe bacterial or parasitic infections of the guts - not stomach/duodenum- (e.g. salmonella, campylobacter, shigella yersinia, aeromonas; giardia, cryptosporidium dientamoeba, entamoeba, blastocystis),

    cultures are done for any stool bacterial growth, that could be a pathogen in intestine, but H.pylori does not grow on stool cultures just like that successfully (bilary salts in your stool makes it uncultivable), because H.pylori does not grow in your guts anyway in the first place,

    hence it has to be a PCR antigen test for H.pylori

    and seperately ordered.

    Say yes to any test offered!  A stool test is non-invasive and gives peace of mind.

    Usually it's the other way round at doc's offices due to their high pressure and restrictions in order to save the medical system money and hope in time it would resolve on its own.....

    You seem to have quite some cystitis (urinary tract infection, blood in urine).

    Pls try to have a healthy vaginal flora (certain lactobacillus, see what is available as ovulas in pharmacies in your country. In Austria I can get many different brands of correct vaginal flora capsuls, in Australia I can't get any).

    Of course the vagina is a different opening than the urethra,

    but extremely close to it. If you have e.g. e.coli or anything wrong bacteria growing in your vagina by accident not really noticing, it is more likely to get this infection into bladder than from the further away anus. (Sorry, I am not shy of using direct words, coming from a medical background. I don't want to be rude, just open)

    Usually sexual activity is a nice contributor to cystitis unfortunately, some seem to just get bacteria up into bladder more easily than others.

    Please drink a lot of fluids for flushing. Having said so, those nasties like to cling onto the wall and not be flushed out easily. Yes, please make sure you got rid of the cystitis. And whenever it happens and get's bad to seek professional help (antibiotics). Cranberry juice does not do the trick, in contrary say some studies since it is acidic, but on the other hand: one drinks! Anyhow, you are free of bladder infection/cystitis now.

    You mentioned that you got antibiotic treatment. This can have a negative effect on good gut flora (gas). Make sure to take probiotic capsules as well. (which at the start can make you gasy again...be prepared)

    H.pylori testing is sure a good idea for your symptoms.

    You will see how to go from there.

    Alcohol is usually very bad for stomach, if it had some gastritis.

    I would search internet for stomach friendly diet and see, if it made any difference.

    Food is often the best medicine. The right food. 

    all the best!!

    All will be good


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      Thank you so much for all the info I will really take it on.. I have eaten really health the last 2 days no sugar gluten very little dairy and the gas tables seem to have calmed things down ..

      Thank you so much I will let you know out come of stool test. Xx

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      Ok my h pylori results came back and that was clear the gas tablets I was put on seem to help but I missed one yesterday and I felt the gas building up I think the pains started very vaguely but I have been struggling with shallow breathing so I'm unsure if it's me that's causing this issue .. maybe trapped wind in my ribs I guess that's the bit that scares me the most. But wish I could get rid of the anxiety.. my appointment was canceled by the doctor by mistake have to wait till next week now thanks for your reply xx

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    Anyone else think this could be anxiety
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      OMG, Nichola I have been having the same symptoms for the last couple of days and I was told by the ER doctor; it is definitely anxiety. I previously was treated for H-pylori and I am wondering if that is what it can be as I feel nauseous, like a band is around the top part of my abdomen and a nagging dull pain in my stomach. The feedback on your post was very informative and helpful.
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