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So I recently went to the doctor and explained to her that the 10mg of citalopram seemed to really start working for rough a week and half then I crashed. She upped my dose to 20 mg im.now on day 2. Last night I felt amazing but only after a long horrible day. Today is the same all day I have been feeling very little relief at all. And now experiencing head aches off and all day. Do I have to wait another few weeks to see of the 20 is going to work for me? I'm starting to get so confused i don't know if the meds are working or not. I don't understand how I starting to feel good then just lose it all again. This is unbearable. Is it possible that this drug may not work for me? Do I need to give it more time. I am trying everything I can to beat this. But when I have the anxiety I am paralyzed. That's when it is the hardest to try and force myself to work and do my normal routine. I need to figure all this out.

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    You have to understand that it often takes months for the meds to work properly.  What you're experiencing is perfectly normal, and yes, the meds are definitely working.  Recovery comes in patches/waves, and some people experience this early on, some get to this stage after a month or maybe more.

    You will sometimes feel great, then will crash again and feel like you're getting nowhere.  It's normal.  It's how recovery often works.

    You might feel good for a few hours, a day or 2 or even some weeks or months - always followed by a downward spiral.  Slowly the good times get stronger and the low times get less until they no longer come.  This can take months, though some people experience it quicker.

    It doesn't matter what dose you're on, you'll experience it.  Increasing a dose won't make recovery happen any quicker - it'll come to you in its own time - often fairly slowly.

    So, expect to feel like that for a while to come, but remind yourself that's it's only your body healing and the medicine working together.

    Just keep in going - it's a tough road, but it's worth the experience when you're finally better.


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      Hi Kate I always like reading your replies as they always seem so positive and helpful! I too am experiencing a bit of a low these last couple of days after feeling so good and now being on the meds for 11weeks I really thought I had come through it then the anxiety and nerves hit again! I am due my period next week so that's probably not helping! How long have you been on the meds and what dose are you taking also how long before things became really good? Xx
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      Hi Foxy Polly

      11 weeks is good - you've gone a long way already 😊  Yes seems like you've also hit a low part of the wave, and yes it doesn't help having a period due.  It seems to take some small thing to upset the balance.  I found the best way to deal with the lows was to just accept it, let it be there (however hard it felt), carry on with life as normal as possible, try and do everything is a calm manner, understand that it's part of recovery and it will go (however long it lasts) ...... in fact, maybe try and welcome these low points as it means you're getting nearer and nearer to recovery.

      Ive been on these meds twice - first time was around 15 years (yep, a long time) - I started on 20mg and after a few years I reduced it to 10mg and stayed on that for many years and felt well all that time.  I came off the meds about 2 years ago and started a natural SSRI called 5-HTP and l-tyrosine with great success (both can be bought over the counter - must not take these with Citalopram though).   Sadly though, due to family illness 18 months ago, the stress became too much for me and restarted Citalopram before I slipped backwards too far.  I restarted on 20mg, but have already reduced first to 10mg and am now only on 5mg which I'll stay on until next summer when I stop and restart 5-HTP and l-tyrosine again.

      Again I've been really well for a while now.

      First time I took them it was about 3-4 months before I started feeling well and by around 6 months I was recovered, and this time around it took about 5-6 months to start feeling well and was better by about 8 months - so it was longer 2nd time around.

      It's a long process at the time with many ups and downs, but it's brilliant once you're through everything.

      You sound like you're doing so well ....... just keep persevering, through everything however bad it gets ..... you'll eventually get there and those low times won't come anymore.

      K xxx

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      Thanks Kate I really appreciate your support! I was on escitalopram for 10years at 10mg then upped to 20mg which were great for a long time but then unfortunately in the summer I had a massive melt down so the docs decided to change my meds first I went on sertraline for 12 weeks but that's was awful so then I had venlaflaxunvenlaflaxine for 14 days and ended up in hospital now on citalopram 11 weeks in which has been good and the good days are really good and I've had quite a few of them lately it's just when the bad days come again you feel like your going backwards 😒 I keep hanging in there though cos I know from past experience it does take a long time xxx
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      Hi Kate must thank you first for still posting on here, when you are well. It gives others hope. I have suffered for many years with anxiety and depression. I wonder if i should stay on ad's permanently rather than on and off. God bless you and keep you safe

      Cheers Jill

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      Thanks Jill xx

      I suffered from anxiety and depression for many, many years and was taking tricyclic anti depressants which did nothing to help.  It was only when I started this medicine that I recovered.  After so long being ill I couldn't believe it!

      My doctor told me long ago that you can stay on SSRI's for life if needed to.  They're not addictive, so no dependency.  Some people need life long medicines ie epilepsy, diabetes ..... so depression is no different.  If you need meds, then why not.

      I need meds for life, but have taken over the counter 5-HTP and l-tyrosine (natural SSRI) instead on Citalopram before, and do intend to go back on them again.  So for me it's either 5-HTP Or Citalopram - but will definitely take something for life.  You can't take these together mind.

      But yes, take them for life if you feel you need to 😊

      K x

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    Hi Scott unfortunately Kate is right the tablets take a while to settle in and there will be many periods of ups and downs but just keep reminding yourself how well your doing and these phases will pass! Good luck xxx
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    Hi Scott I have been on escitalopram 10mg for 17days. I am still anxious and depressed but no incentive to do anything other than lie on bed and dwell on it. I live alone which makes it worse at least if you have company it takes your mind off it a bit but the other side is you dont want other people seeing you in this frame of mind. I am sure it will pass and we will start feeling normal again. I dream of being normal how nice it would be i look at people and think i wish i were her but i dont know her or what she goes through, she could be just like me.


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