Ureteroscopy vs Shock Wave Lithotipsy

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a bit of a background, I am a 28 Yo male, fit with good diet and drink 3-4 L of water a day.

I have been diagnosed a year ago with a 5mm stone in the bottom part of my kidney. It's not causing any pain.

I have had a ESWL treatment and it brought the stone down to 3mm.

My health anxiety has sky rocketed so I do not know what to do anymore and really need this stone out of my system.

I have now the choice between a ureteroscopy or another shock wave treatment.

I am sure that the stone is that small that ureteroscopy should just require a basket maybe and then itll be out ... Although ... they are talking about putting a stent in and I am absolutely terrified by all the horror stories and side effects from what I have heard regarding the ureter stent ...

The urologist wasn't gonna do anything regardless but I have asked him nicely to get rid of it for peace of mind and he accepted.

Can someone please tell me what to do ! I am terrified ...

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    I had to have 2 kidney stone surgeries. Mine were too large to pass. One was removed through a procedure in my back, the other was done through ureteroscopy (sp?) The stent was the worst part. Not necessarily painful, but just uncomfortable. I had my first surgery just before CHRISTMAS so due to the holidays i had the stent fir 3 weeks. The second surgery was after the holidays so i only had that stent for 1 week.

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    I had a pcnl surgery last year for a 20mm stone. they put a stent in the ureter to the bladder and that wasnt very painful just uncomfortable. I am also very fir and active doing crossfit 5 days a week and running i think mine are caused by dehydration i am now due to have my second pcnl for a 17mm in my other kidney and i also have 2 small ones growing in my right where i had the previous surgery they will shock those. i want to be stone free. They have put me on medication in hopes i wont grow anymore i cant tell you what procedure is better but the pcnl surgery was not bad at all. I Hope everything works out for you and its better to get them out I have also watched my diet lowered my oxalate and increases my calcium not sure if it will help but i will try anything at this point and pray i dont get anymore. 2 surgeries in 1 year is not cool

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    HI, i have had tons of kidney stones and hav had several ureterscopies, shock waves ans recently had a pcnl where they go in thru the back to get the stone. for me, i beleive i wud prefer the basket extraction. when u hav the eswl, they for sure put in a stent to help u pass all the fragments. with the basket extraction at least they usually get the whole stone and u dont hav to worry abt passing more. as far as the stent goes, it probanly varies from doctor to doctor. in my opinion, if they get the whole stone, there shouldnt b a need for a stent. stents are not fun but to me are bearable. of course im speaking from a womans perspective.

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    I had pcnl in December 2017.

    Several stones about 25mm in total.

    Had a stent in for a week and also a catheter for a few days.

    Uncomfortable yes.

    But it is nothing to be terrified about.

    Not sure where you live.

    I had mine done at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

    Best of luck with all this.

    Take care and keep in touch.


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    So I am based in Sydney guys !

    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    I have the choice between the shock wave lithotripsy or the ureteroscopy so I really don't know what to do anymore and need to make a decision fast 😦

    Urologist number one says shock wave lithotripsy.

    The second urologist says ureteroscopy .

    The third urologist says shock wave lithotripsy wont work and ureteroscopy is not worth going through the pain.

    WHAT DO I DO 😦

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    Having passed several stones over the years, mutliple ureteroscopies, stents, but only two shockwave treatments, i would go with the shockwave treatment. Having anything shoved up and pulled out through your elephant trunk (if you're a guy) isnt pleasant.

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    Not a nice situation to be in but to be honest your stone is only 3mm and could be easily passed,yes this may take a bit of time but why put yourself through any procedure that you dont really need.

    Dont get me wrong,any size stone can be very painful but have a little perspective.......Its not going to kill you..

    Being someone that has had upwards of 40 very large stones,3 surgeries and last stent in for 8 weeks (which was horrendous)if i was given the choice and really didnt need anything done then i wouldnt have.

    I hope you get sorted one way or another soon.

    I have only ever had ureteroscopy.

    The op itself is fine,but for me the stents are the problem due to the damage of my ureters,so they have to be left in a lot longer than most.

    Good luck with it all.

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    hi guys

    So i had a ureteroscopy and stent insertion on Thursday.

    It was meant to be a day surgery but i woke up from general anesthesia in excrutiating pain.

    turns out they didnt even administer me any pain killers in recovery and as soon as i went to the toilet the pain was so intense I was vomiting everywhere and was begging for some serious painkillers .. they gave me two OXYS which i swallowed and vomited 10 mins later anyways them after that i wasn't allowed more painkillers for 4h when i clearly vomited the tablets in front of them ... had to stay overnight on MORPHINE and couldn"t pee without terrible pain .. one drug did the trick though , something for bladder spasms and then back to normal ...

    Got discharged today and am feeling quite good ! taking oxy and panadole ... passing a lot of blood still but to be excpected !

    hopefully the stent removal under general wont be as painfull in a few days !!!

    lets hope to god i wake up fine tomorrow !

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