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I am a female and I am 24 years old. This might be a little long so I apologize in advance. Around August 2017, I had my first UTI ever and I had no idea what is was until I talked to my roommate. I was told that the normally go away on their own and take to AZO until it does, well it didn’t go away on its own. So I woke up one morning before work and I could barely stand because I was in so much pain due to my kidneys. I went to the ER and they gave me Antibiotics in an IV and then a prescription for antibiotics for another one to two weeks. I took the entire amount and I felt a lot better but then after a two weeks, I got another UTI and since then it has been an issue up to this point. The only way that I can describe the pain I am feeling is that of a UTI, my only pain is in my Urethra. I have burning and discomfort constantly now. I have been tested for all STDS more than once and the results have come back negative every time. At this point I have been in so much pain that I decided to see a Urologist, the first one I saw pretty much put me on every kind of antibiotic she could thing of for short periods of time because when my urine is tested, there is some kind of bacteria there but when it is sent to get cultured nothing appears. I had been with this doctor until June but nothing she had done had helped me up to that point. I then decided to change doctors because my previous one had put me on a hundred pills and nothing was helping. I would like to say that up until last year I was very healthy person and things just changed then. My previous doctor did take a scope and insert it in my urethra to bladder (sorry I don’t know the medical term) and noticed that a part of my bladder seemed to be “gravely” which she associated with a bladder infection. But after so many antibiotics nothing changed. So back to my new doctor, I saw here in June and she said I have a low grade bacterial infection in my bladder which will take 3-6 months to cure.  Because I do have bacteria in my urine, she believes that there isn’t enough bacteria to culture but enough to irritate my bladder and urethra. She said it would take about 6 to 8 weeks to feel a difference. Currently she has me own SMZ-TMP 400-80MG and PHENAZOPYRID. She also had me take a single dose of AZITHROMYCIN 500 MG (two tablets). My worry is that I still do not feel better and I am on week 4, after I took the AZITHROMYCIN which was on Tuesday 07/31, I felt better but today (08/02/2018) I have the uncomfortable and burning feeling again. I am just at a loss and I have called her and she keeps saying just wait it out, it takes a while but I am worried that it is not going away.


I will say that I have had bladder tests done, and my previous doctor had me on bladder relaxers because she believed I had an over active bladder (that cramped a lot) she didn’t do any test but I did do a bladder test recently and it showed my bladder was “slower” then normal but she believed it was due to the bladder relaxers.


I do want to say that the only pain I have is in my Urethra, I no longer have sex and I do not drink alcohol or caffeine. Please help.  

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    Check into making Master Tonic. I have a infection that they cant get rid of as well. The tonic is the ONLY thing helping right now. Dont let them overprescribe antibiotics or you will get yourself resistant to them. That's the situation I'm in now. Chug lemon water and check into the tonic. All natural just doesnt taste very good. Well worth it though!

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    Also, the gravel/or sludge in your bladder is probably from kidney stones. Make sure to see the urologist! Primary's really dont understand. They are not specialists. Urologist job is to investigate what's actually in there.

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    Im in the same situation now for months and nothong helps or something might for a while and then it hurts again...all the doctors ive been to say they cant help me..im.searching for a good doctor that will actually care

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    Was the bacteria seen on a microscopic exam?  If there is enough bacteria to cause an infection with symptoms

    as bad as yours are, then certainly I would think something would grow in a culture.  Are you saying that the

    results of culture say “no growth”.  

    While there are exceptions to everything,  symptoms resulting from a UTI resolve in about 3 days assuming the

    antibiotic is the correct one.  The fact that you continue to have symptoms while on an antibotic says to me that

    it’s the wrong antibiotic or you have something other than a UTI wrong with you.

    I don’t believe for a minute that staying on an antibiotic for 3-6 months will eventually resolve the symptoms if

    those symptoms aren’t resolved after the 3 days.   There are cases where prophylactic antibiotics are warranted but yours doesn’t sound like one of them to me.

    The other thing is that having urethra pain unrelated to urinating and no other symptoms is not typical of UTI.  Urethritis could do that, and that is why the doctor prescribed you azthromycin.  Perhaps you should have stayed on that longer.

    Phenazopryid is only supposed to be used for 2 days.  

    You have a dilemma.  You may need to switch doctors again.  In the meantime, you should start doing research and educate yourself as much as possible about antibiotics and all thing related to urinary infections.


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    I have had three bouts of a bad urine infection that was not resolved as to what it was!  No doctor ever out of twenty odd referred to my past history........  The ironic thing is that I had a private TB blood test that was 

    positive proving I had had an infection from TB but I already knew that info and knew that I was resistant to that bacteria but what I did not know that 10% of the millions who contracted TB but are resistant to it can have that bacteria affect then at any time during their lifetime.  

    This being the situation I looked into the effects of the two different antibiotics that I took for two months.

    Both will kill tuberculosis bacteria but the first was not efficient enough at eradicating all of the bacteria

    & so my symptoms came back with a vengeance & that was when I was given Ciprofloxacin as a

    empirical preventative antibiotic but after a week I was given a double dose for a week but I extended the

    course to 33 days. I relied on Mimms being accurate as to the length of the course I needed.

    I would suggest that you must write to your doctor/doctors & they will immediately be aware that you are very concerned indeed about your plight....... Make no mistake,  doctors are  concerned about getting your problem put right  but none of them are as concerned as you are.... Rightly so.....all you want is to feel OK.

    Please put pen to paper as you have done so here and now..   By the way I am not suggesting you have a certain bacteria but from my story no stone should be left unturned   ---  never, not no how!

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