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Hi everyone..desperatly looking for advice regarding propanalol and i have until morning to make my decisionas im going back to my doctor in morning!

I have been on fleouxetine 20mg for 8 yrs..but mu anxiety and panic has spiked out of control.

I was always to petrified to change or alter meds.

I finally plucked up courage..

I was prescribed propanalol slow releasing 80mg capsules- 1 per day.

Ive been on it for 4 days and i feel absoloutley physically terrible.

Thing is, i dont know if its the propanalol or something else..ie. anxiety panic over takin meds, or a virus etc.

So i thought i would ask you lovely people what your thoughts and experiences are!

Heres whats been happening.....

Day One:

- ive had dizziness/disorientation ALOT with my anxiety but this was the most hurrendous spaced out, going to pass out feeling ive ever had.

- hands were freezing!

Day Two:

- feeling a bit off balance

-feeling very fatigued


- bad headache

-during night i kept waking continuesly swallowing, it was like i was trying to swallow my own tongue. Finally i got up at 3am and didnt know if i was in reality or not. Very hurrendously scary feeling!

Day Three:

- the same spaced out feeling i had on day one, but it was so extreme i had to sit in middle of park n cry and cry because i was too dizzy to move any further!

- terrible backache/shoulderache

-extreme fatigue

-bad sweats

-pulse down to 72

-pains in chest

-again the same horrible night!

Day Four: (today)

- extreme fatigue

-stomach pains

-bad chest pains both through and under my left breast and down my left arm.

- back/shoulder pain is terrible especially on left side. Feels like big knot.

-bad headache.

-bad sweats

-pulse down to 58

- twice today ive really hurt myself by banging hard into thinhs because dizzyness and a confusion has hit me.

-feel really really unwell amd spent since 5.30pm in bed!

Im really scared n upset.

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    hi worrywart.  u really are having a terrible time & you are managing it  heroically.   however, i feel it's important that u go back to your GP asap.  in fact i'd ring 111 -NHS direct if you're in the UK & explain your symptoms. it maybe that the propanolol has dropped your  blood pressure too much.  do u know what your B/P reading is?
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      Aww thankyou so much, i dont feel like i am though.

      my mum amd boyfriend is sick of hearing my moaning and paranoia amd panic etc

      no idea wot bp is..dr didnt even check before putting me on them!

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      Hi, propranolol can make you feel very tired and spaced out for the first few days. Feeling sick and stomach problems can also be a problem. Your heart rate may drop as low as 50-60 Bpm. Mine usually stays around 60-70 on the 80mg slow release. This is good for me as it calms my anxiety and it used to be at least 80bpm. Let us know what the GP says. I've been back on them for 3 weeks I've had a bad migraine for a week which propranolol are supposed to stop!!
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      gosh, worrywart, i'm shocked to hear that the primary health care ppl didn't check your B/P before commencing u on propanolol. this is a 'given' pre-requisite to commencing anyone on propolanol. 


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    Hi. I have taken propanolol for several years now with no problems. The symptoms you describe which you think may be side effects are actually anxiety symptoms as well so it is hard to say,. I'd speak fully and frankly to the GP but probably on balance take them. At the end of day though whatever you take it is the mind that influences how bad or good we feel. That what makes it so hard to treat. Good luck with the GP. Hope you get lots of help
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    As you probably already know Propranalol is a beta blocker im afraid any medication heart related I would seriously speak to your G.P as a matter of urgency. Hopefully it is nothing to worry about the symptoms you describe can be attributed to the use of Propranalol..please check it out. Sorry I cannot be of more help jx
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     i was put on propanalol 40mg for migraines per day! I also take an antidepressant, i stopped the other day, because the combination was making me so tired! 

     My 21 year old daughter has propanalol 80mg, but she only takes one if she feels anxious and that seems to work for her, however she does sleep a lot!

     If it doesn't agree with you, i would ask doctor to prescribe something else!

    hope this helps!

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    Hi worry wart, I've been on propanolol for the last two months.

    The 80mg wasn't actually effecting me at all, my pulse was down from 130bpm to 100bpm but it still wasn't enough. So, the Dr raised my dose to 120mg a day - at first I felt very tired (though I don't sleep so can't put this to Propanolol entirely) and occassionally, if I hadn't eaten I would feel very dizzy but, never to the point of passing out and again, not eating will make you dizzy. My pulse is now 66 which, is so amazing for me. 

    Cold hands are also a very common side effect of Propanolol so that should not alarm you. Speak to your GP if you really are worried though. Have you been through counselling? This may help, even if you have been you can always go back. 

    Hope you're ok xx

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    Hi I have been on propranalol for many years! I also take rescue remedy and have regular reflexology! I am on 80 mg x a day.Anxiety is awful.But I try to focus on other things.its difficult but try and keep positive! Regards Amanda
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    Hi all....thankyou so much for support and advice.

    I ended up in a+e yesterday all day with symptoms plus baaaad dizziness n chest pains and had xrays bloods ecgs etc

    Turns out im fine but i cant tolerate propanalol and gp should never have started someone on 80mg

    Next 48hrsi should feel better....im praying so anyways


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      OMG I am so sorry to hear of this ordeal. Sometimes doctors do get things wrong by giving high doses, and other times its because we are all unique so what works for one does,nt work for all.. Wishing you a speedy recovery jx
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      hi worrywart.  i'm soooooo sorry to hear u've had to go through the A & E route to get sorted.  absolutely, the GP should NOT have commenced u on such a high dose WITHOUT even checking ur B/P?  hope things have setted down now.  do get some well deserved rest which should get u back to homeostasis. 
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