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Nit sure if anyone can help but I have been on macrobid for a UTI.. I am in the hands of a uro gynecologist and she is keeping me on a low dose antibiotic. I still have pressure and it's not working 

I have also been taking d-mannose and I still feel the pressure.

I'm scared I am dealing with something more and they are just pushing me off with a 6 week antibiotic. Has this happened to anyone? If so what was your outcome? Please let me know. 

I'm going on a month with this low grade Infection 

Thank you

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    Before you get too worried, go back to an old basic, cranberry. I normally use cranberry supplement at 500 approx. 3 times a day with cranberry juice chaser. Also, drink plenty if water. By doing this I haven't had to use antibiotics for uti infections in a long time.

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    Hi Caterina, I’m a bit like you, I was having trouble urinating and showing symptoms of a urine infection. I tried D-Manose, just like you, it didn’t work. I’ve heard that it works within a couple of days and is very successful, not in our cases. Like you, I’m thinking could it possibly be something else, as there are other diseases that can cause pain in that area and urine retention. Try raw garlic, it did clear it up, I get the odd problem now and again, but when I do organic garlic does the trick. Just stay indoors when you eat it lol 😁. 

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    Hi there, have you ever heard of interstitial cystitis? It feels just like a bladder infection. The pressure, burning but it's not. Something maybe to mention.

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    First things first:

    do you have a proven UTI?


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      Yes I have a proven infection..But the infection as per the doctor is a low grade. Which they say since I'm symptomatic to stay on antibiotics for 3 days followed by one antibiotic for 6 weeks. 

      I will try anything. Garlic as well.

      I will also try good old cranberry juice. I do drink plenty of water. But just can't get ride of the damn pressure.

      I had a cystoscopy. All clear.

      It's like w total mystery. I'm trying as much as I can. I'm racking my brain to see how it could have all started. I get we get UTI. But the people I talk to get infection. Take antibiotics and call it a day. Unlike me .Mine lingers on 

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      Antibiogram was performed (testing antibiotic on the actual bacteria to know which one worked) by now, too?

      It's fine to give 2 rounds of antibiotics 'blindly', but the third needs a prior testing of the kind, that will work.

      I was thinking outside of box in case you had no UTI as my daughter showed strong signs of UTI (from urination, pressure, going to toilet often, even burning)

      and all it was, was a blood pooling issue in the pelvis. Nutcracker causing pelvic congestion and giving the feel of a 'heavy belly' and urination need.

      (She has other compressions too, hence this was the least of our problems)

      All the best that it get's sorted. It's an awful feeling.


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      I was kinda happy to know it's uti..But frustrated now that I'm still going to pee about 20 times a day. 

      I called my obgyn and they said. If by next week the symptoms are there I need w second opinion.

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    The infection may be resistant to the antibiotics you are taking. Ask your doctor for a different antibiotic.
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      I did tell then that I was on this antibiotics and it's not working.. I was on the macrobid when I first got the UTI. But the nurse proceeds to show me the culture results and shows me that my body is sensitive to this antibiotic  

      I feel the doctor thinks I'm nuts and they don't even want to bother with you.

      By tomorrow I'm going to call them and ask if them is it normal that I'm going to the bathroom in drips more than a total of 20 times? Do you think the antibiotics isn't working? 

      What makes me nervous is..I'm doing my own treatment and nothing is helping. 

      D-mannose.. Cranberry.. vitamin C...

      And I'm still feeling the burning.

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      If home remedies are not working, you will need to go back to your doctor for further advice.  What did the nurse mean when  she said your body is sensitive to the antibiotics?  Did she mean you are having an adverse reaction to them or that the antibiotics are working?

      Perhaps see a different doctor or ask to see a specialist.  It sounds like you still have UTI symptoms.  Your dictor should be able to clarify if this is the case.

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      When they do a urine culture. They are what antibiotic your body will resist or be sensitive to. Meaning it will help with UTi. But if I'm still having pressure..I would assume it didn't really help. 

      Yes I may have to change doctors again because looks like they really can't be bothered with me. They do an ultrasound and said that it was all clear. 

      Maybe there is something out there that will help with bladder pressure?

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      Thanks for the clarification.

      I would ask to see a specialist to find out what is going on.  It looks like you will need another opinion on this.

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