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I'm male, 34. 

Not sure if you might remember me from my previous postings/threads in which I was having some issues with urination.

I'm still having these and and off strange urinary patterns with disturbed sleeping patterns too where I'd wake up at like 1am and then sometimes at 5am nearly every night now. I've had urianalysis samples done 4 times, all normal, tested my blood glucose level several times using home testing kits before/after meals and that's normal too. 

Then last week I had a DRE and the doctor said my prostate was slightly enlarged however it was very smooth and normal in that regard. He wasn't overly concerned about it and said it's not abnormal and this can happen. Anyway I got a PSA test done and waiting for the results from that. 

He thinks that my symptoms are more likely due to a slight over-active bladder than anything else and more concerned with my anxiety levels. This is what I'm concerned about though - my urination patterns which seem odd. I have been keeping a diary of the patterns. 

Yesterday for example I drank around 3.5l but then voided a total of almost 4.5 litres! But then today I've voided around 900ml and drunk around 2l. Most other days it's been an average of around 1.6 - 2.5 litres which is fairly normal. However on occasions I'll sometimes have an urge to pee twice in 2 hours DESPITE NOT HAVING DRUNK in between.  In other words, say I drank 1.5l, about an hour later, I'll get the urge to go and void 700ml and then another hour later I'll get another urge and void the same amount. Why is this? My bladder filled up despite not having drink anything in between. I wonder if this is simply the extra urine that was waiting to be emptied from my kidneys into my bladder or what?  

My flow rate is fine and again no straining, burning, no pain etc.

That's why I'm confused as to whether it's my prostate or something else.

Another big thing is that I occasionally feel a little off after I peed, like “on edge” almost rather anxious and not quite myself. Can’t quite describe it. Then other times where I feel totally normal. Comes and goes. This is the same kind of sensation I've felt waking up in the middle of night.

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    I think in your position I'd ask my doctor whether the kidneys are functioning normally. Your erratic rates and amounts of urination are, I think very unusual. However, I've never measured my intake and output as well as you, so have no experience of this problem myself.

    I'm presuming that the rate at which urine is released into the bladder depends on how fast the kidneys are processing the liquids in your body?

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      Thanks pepasan, it does seem a little strange. Even so it is still on and off along with the lack of sleep. This has been going on for about 3 months though. I haven't had any other noticeable symptoms like nausea, fatigue etc.

      Also I did have urinalysis done like 4 different times and they were all normal, i.e. No levels of protein detected.

      The last one though was last month so maybe I can do one again

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      When my kidneys have been tested it has been done with a blood sample, not urine. I have half function now, which is only starting to give me feelings of general fatigue. When kidneys start to go in to gradual failure there are no symptoms. I'm not saying you have general kidney failure, but it may be that there is some strain or impairment that might be an explanation of your erratic pattern of bladder filling and emptying.

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    I have had a similar problem for many years.  I established that it is caused by an irritated gut condition.  A section of gut passing my bladder becomes inflamed causing slight restriction to flow to and from my bladder, and when material is passing in this section of gut I have extra Vagal nerve activity producing the peristalsis that pushes the gut content along.  This Vagal activity is what causes the 'on edge' feelings as the nerve services many other body parts including the heart. I find that my ability to pee often depends on what I am doing.  It is most difficult to pass an appropriate amount if I have been in bed - for example I can pass a small amount on rising, but in the time taken to wash and shave I can then pass a normal amount.

    It sounds as if you may have something similar.  I have given up eating anything -such as spicy food- that may cause gut irritation.

    I have had the problem for more than 20 years and have accepted it as a fact of life!


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    Have you had a cystoscopy or a ultrasound. A cystoscopy would be able to determine if you have a stricture in your penis. An ultrasound would be used around your groin area, which would be less painful. I have had both done.

    In the 1990's, I had a least 3 cystoscopy and each time ,strictures were found. During the same time, the hospital doctors discovered I have a false entry into my bladder, in that my urine pools in 2 different areas. So my bladder doesnt empty. Also, I had loose prostate pieces, which were removed through an operation called TUIP, transurethral incision of the prostate.

    In 2005, my urologist used an ultrasound which told him although I thought I had completely emptied my bladder, the instrument. showed I had not. He was unaware about my false entry .

    Have you asked the doctor if further tests can be done.

    I am not a doctor.

    Although I occasionally leak, I have accepted that fact. The cystoscopy were done during my 20's, the ultrasound in my 50's, and I still leak in my 60's. Through the internet, it can be considered post void dribbling, overactive bladder, incontinence or contracted bladder.

    You do not want to experience what I have been through.

    So I hope the cause of your problem will be resolved soon.

    Good luck.

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    I have the same issue with passing urine. I have spoke to my consultant many times about it.

    He seems to think that during the night your organs work by letter as your body isn't moving. That's why I'm up at 3 and 6am every night. I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep. I have my last drink 30 mins before bed, that's doesn't help. I take sleeping tablets but j still wake up.

    I have just come to accept it

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