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Hello my name is Amanda and a few questions so I hope any body with experience can help me or being through it can help .

1. Can a large fibro cause women who are trying to have a baby miscarriage or hard to conceive?

I have a daughter,age 37 and I'm single with a large fibro and causing bladder problems and back a while ago discomfort but no Over bleeding.if I was to meet some one and 3 years down the line I decided to have a baby .I'm thinking logical with this fibro so large and I leave the fibro and do nothing about it . In 3 years time wouldn't the fibro be extremely big by then and dangers ?

3.To take it out the doctor said it could be dangerous and there's over bleeding there a big risk of loosing my uterus .Has any body had a safe operation of having a fribrio removed ?

They recommend Uterine Embolisation . Is it safe ? Why does it lesson our chances of having a baby ?There is a small per cent of women that do have babies .

I'm thinking logical not my heart as I do have a daughter and my health more important to me especially because I have a daughter and I'd like to keep my uterus .

I don't want 3 years down the line and it gets worse

Can any body give me advice. Please thanks Amanda

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    Hi, amanda it depends where your fiboils are located within the uterus I guess. I have a large/had bulky uterus the size of 24 weeks pregnancy. I had an histoscopy which looked inside my womb and all looked well nothing to protruding inwards to scrap seen my follopian tubes all open with nothing obstructing them therectically I could I plant an embro weather other it would grow full term who nows. I am single also 34 and have a son who is nearly 16. So realistically I couldn't imagine doing the nappies and tantrums but then I would never say never.

    My fibriods was giving me a lot of troubles fatigue anemia which caused weird cravings I piled on lbs. Deliberating heavy periods. I was missing time at work

    I looked heavyly pregnant no hiding it. I was at my wits end.

    I had the embolization two months ago best decision i made. I say although it's early days things are looking good. My last two periods have halfed in days I used to bleed 10 days very heavy going through a pck of super plus tampons plus night towels a day for first five days a least.

    I actually cried with joy my first period after procedure I just couldn't believe it I actually went the gym day two of period with just a tampon a didn't bleed through. I kept running the toliet thinking I must of need to change habit. Honestly you don't realise how it impacts on your life I suffered for years. Forgot what a normal period was like. Still get emotional thinking about all the years I put up an struggled dealing with super heavy periods. I just hope It stays like this at least for a few years. Also I noticed an improvement with my fibroid baby belly straight away. Still not got a flat stomach but such a big improvement still early days.

    With emolization they don't recommend it if you want children however this is because not enough studies have been done to say otherwise and people have had children after having the procedure with no problems.

    With having the myomectomy there is a risk that you my need a hysterectomy in theatre an have to consent to the possibility of that as they won't know how difficult it will be to resect your uterus until your opened. Also it is a lot longer recovery and fibriods can grow back quite quickly after.

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    Sorry I can't answer most of your questions as I'm in the same boat as you, still waiting to see a gyno. I'm 36 with an 8cm intramural fibroid that caused me to lose my twins last month(it grew to 8cm with preg hormones). Surgeon that removed my twins suggested a hysterectomy 😳😢 that's not what I want, I'd like more children. Mine gives me pain and my period is very heavy, fill a pad every hr heavy. Been on iron tablets around two yrs now.

    UFE is not meant to be good if you want more children as it can cause Ovarian impairment which can be detrimental to women nearing 40 and over as our age is already against us when it comes to good eggs. It can also cause placenta abnormalities that can lead to miscarriage, preterm labour and problems with the after birth. To retain fertility they suggest a myomectomy its more risky with large fibroids and you'll have to sign consent for an emergency hysterectomy in theatre if you lose too much blood.

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      Can I ask do u have children? Are you having any type of procedure ? Ive a daughter. A big part of me doesn't mind not having more kids and only a small part me is thinking whats if ????im single and my large fibro is not causing me lots of problems but over this year it's causing little symptoms. If I was to meet some one and Waited 3 years my fibro would be dangerous big with will cause problems. So that's why logical has to come into it . What ya thing ?Amanda

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      Yes I have two boys but my partner of 8 yrs has none and really wants on of his own😕. I think at our age it's difficult because people are having children later so you might meet someone who has none and wants, I'm even thinking about if I end things so he can go find someone, I can't bare the thought of stopping the man I love from having something he wants so bad. Thought of being single again, hysterectomy by 36-37 and having to tell any potential partners in the future has me worried. I have three in total but the one that grew to 8cm and the middle size 3cm one went through degeneration in the pregnancy(large one twice) that makes a myomectomy harder and can lead to hysterectomy anyway. What size is yours? If your symptoms have started they may not get better? Waiting won't make it reduce in size as they keep growing and if you do get pregnant most get even bigger. I'm not leaving mine, degeneration pain is one of the worse ever😩😢labour pain is easier, I can't bare that again and it's always a risk as they keep growing. More children aside, I'm scared of the increased stroke and heart attack risk younger women have from having a hysterectomy in 30's early 40's, leaving ovaries may reduce this. All the surgeries/procedures can lead to a hyster for a small percentage with very large fibroids that's why I'm worried.

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      I don't know the size . In hospital on the 21st. I seen the fibro and it's very large and the doctor said the same but for some reason I never ask what size it is . It's been growing for the last 10 years . It's on my bladder. So I do go to the toilet a lot . I don't get bad periods but some times after my period finish I do get cramps . Symptoms as time goes by will start to increase as time ,months years go on so if I met a guy and waited 3 years my fibros will start to progress . So unfortunately logical is what I may have to choose. My period finish yesterday but as I message you Ive cramps but mild .

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      Sorry about your pains. Mine were growing for 10 yrs, started at 2 but jumped from 4-5 to 8 in pregnancy 10 yrs later. I say go with logic because I am, I want mine either shrunk to 2-3 or removed. I just may not have those options though(UFE wasn't offered) hope someone can answer the rest of your questions and good luck with you decision :-)

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