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I have been battling a uti for almost a month now. I'm really getting nervous as to why the infection won't go away.  I was on macrobid..Didn't work..Turned me to keflex. Didn't work. Now the doctor out me back in macrobid for 3 days 2x a day followed by one a day for 6 weeks .

I was given an ultrasound today and they said all looks clear. 

My question is..With that ultrasound. Were they able to See my ovaries? If there was an issue?

Can someone relate? 

What are natural ways to help the uti?

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    Hi Caterina I hope I can help.

    I had was in the same situation as you with a stubborn UTI. The ultrasound I had was a full abdominal ultrasound and it was also all clear. 

    Please don't worry, stubborn UTI'S are a common problem amongst women.

    Antibiotics never cleared my infection, the symptoms would improve whilst I was taking the antibiotics but would come back as soon as I finished the course. 

    I ended up getting rid of my UTI by using D-Mannose. It's a natural sugar from fruit that can't be digested by the body so goes straight to the bladder. 

    It binds to the e-coli stopping it from attaching to the bladder wall, the bacteria is then flushed out naturally. 

    It really is amazing stuff, you can get it from Amazon or any health food shop. It only works with e-coli infections but something like 95% of UTI's are caused by e-coli.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!

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      Thank you so much for replying.

      I have been taking d-mannose as well. 

      My doctor keeps telling me the infection is low..So I'm not sure if that's her trying to get rid of me because she has more important things to Handle..This has stopped my life.  I actually started gym today again after a month. What scare me is..I'm following regiment and I'm still getting this pressure feeling. It's very depressing.   And I'm scared it's something worse. I'm looking up ovarian cancer. I shouldn't be feeling like this from a small uti. .My symptoms are pressure on bladder. And sometimes it takes a while for my urine to come out.

      Something isn't right and I feel misunderstood.

      But thank you for your reply.

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    Did you have an internal or external scan? I'm 99% sure they would have checked your ovaries as that is part of a pelvic ultrasound but go back to your GP and tell them your concerns if it puts your mind at ease. I'm sure once you've spoken with your GP you'll relax a bit and the D-Mannose will clear it up.

    I had the same pressure feeling with my UTI so please try not to worry. 

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      Thank you Jacqueline.

      I'm sure you are right. I have a call into my gynecologist. Hoping she can talk to me. What's upsetting me most is im on antibiotics because I do have a low grade infection. So I'm day 3 and it's not helping. How will it work for 6 weeks. I can't stay like this for 6 weeks.

      I feel I'm isolating myself in my own home the couple of weeks.. Because i can't stand hearing people saying..omg..I can't believe you still have a uti. It's so depressing.

      And with the doctors. You feel so misunderstood. Because all I get is. Take this and we will see in 6 weeks.

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    Hi, Caterina! I wouldn't worry too much. I've been battling a uti since February, different courses of antibiotics and now a maintenance course to prevent it's return. The pressure/urge is a typical symptom, but we're all different. Your pelvic muscles could be tensing in response to the infection and worsening the urgency. Pelvic physical therapy could help or even just some stretches or yoga poses that release the pelvic and thigh muscles (they're all connected to the bladder). Have you tried an OTC bladder pain reliever like AZO? It can be a life saver. I have interstitial cystitis and always have it with me. Good luck and good health!

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    Hey there, I’m unfortunately getting to know UTIs too well than what I’m comfortable with. I had a really bad one at the start of May which overall I was prescribed 5 different antibiotics for - only Cefalexin/Cephalexin suppressed the symptoms to the point where I felt normal yet after the course the symptoms started to come back after 2-3 days so I followed Jacqueline’s advice and started taking D.Mannose on the daily which cleared it up instantly! Btw in the meantime I was asked to be referred to a urologist so I needed an blood tests and ultrasounds done which all came back normal - ovaries and everything. 

    However I feel like I have caught the infection again and am currently back on taking the D.Mannose which so far doesn’t seem to be helping much - I also got prescribed another dose of Cefalexin for 7 days so hopefully it will work like last time. 

    There are many discussions on here that talk about herbal remedies which I find to be more helpful than antibiotics as I jut find myself becoming resistant to them. 

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      I guess we are all in the same shoes..as I’m enjoying the sun I am also reading and I have found something so interesting. The bacteria e-Coli :which is what we are probably all battling comes from the gut.. I actually suffer from stomach issues so  when too much acid is in the tummy.. it starts to leak out and cause a uti in women.  So we have to find a way of alkalining our urine .. just a thought maybe you can read up on it as well. I was looking for supplements to help that. I’m trying everything 
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    You need to find out what your culture grew for a bacteria.  Some bacteria like ESBL is antibiotic resistant and you need to see a infectious disease specialist for the right treatment.  I have been going through this for 5 months now back and forth to the point I had a pacemaker put in for my bladder but here I am peeing every 45 mins with another infection.  You really need to find out what kind of bacteria it is to know which antibiotics will work for it.  Dont mess around and ESBL infection is no joke and it put me in the hospital for a week with IV antibiotics.  I am not trying to scare you in any way, but these infections can get serious if not treated properly.  Let me know how you get on :-) 
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    Also wanted to add if you get many e-coli type bacterial infections, there is a medication called Methenamine which pretty much steralizes your urinary tract system.  this medication requires use of a probiotic every day, but this stuff within a day relieved the kidney pain I was having.  I did stop taking it due to my surgery but i think now that I have another infection I will most likely go ack on it ASAP.
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