Uti for over 3 months now

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I have had apparently a uti for 3 months now. been on so many antibiotics and ended up saying everytime I checked my urine no infection also bloods no infection till I ended up in hospital with kidney infection . twice . I am so over it I have seen a gyno they said sound alike interstitial cytisis but can't tell me I have to see a urologist. the list is months waiting it's put me off work and my sex life with my partner. it hurts so much antibiotics arnt working it got rid of my kidney infection but now it's gone back to normal where my bladder hurts and feel like i need to urinate am and burning constantly burning. I'm so over it . I need help. any advice I really need a urologist have tryed booking in early but still waiting. I've only just got out of hospital sec o nd time and it's come back to the burning sensation again. docs can't help . how do j get an urgent urologist. the hospital tryed but I had t o wait for kidney infection to go away. anyone had these symptoms and how and war u take for pain at work? It's affecting my life

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    Hi i have had the same issue with my UTI

    i developed 5 months ago . several courses of antibiotic i did nothing got rid of it .

    I did alot of research and find out about embedded infection . where bacteria get embedded into the bladder and not free floating anymore hence the dipstick and culture comes negative . There are very few Drs in UK who are treating it with long term high dose antibiotic . I am under treatment and 80 % better and back to work . before treatment i was off work for 3 months . my life was totally ruined . i m glad i m getting back to normal life. There is a support group

    on FB embedded uti support/advice group that is very helpful with all the information .

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    I am a contributor to TB alert. I am not suggesting your infection is TB but may I ask have you discussed the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR )test for identifying the bacteria /bacterias ?

    This test is relatively a new test which I'm sure exists in the UK...... No one seems to talk about it & yet a man's wife in I think bulgaria was diagnosed with TB in her bladder but that was after a lot of misery.

    When I asked one of my doctors why 'they' did not do a PCR test for me he gave me a blank look! I firmly believe the test is there but will 'they' use it? In the first instance I believe it was developed to quickly diagnose any of the sexually diseases but they found it was an amazing tool for other bacterias. In India where TB is quite rife that machine detects TB in minutes whereas it can take minutes by PCR machine. There are other machines and tests which function around the technology of that tool...... Gene expert etc etc. it might be worth a mention because there are lots of different ideas among urologists?

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      Should say takes a month at least by culture but minutes by PCR test...... That test should not be kept under wraps!

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      I hope here in Australia they can check pcr for me never heard of it , and former sound like TB at all but no harm in asking them to check . thankyou. just over the oain have checked all stds checked everything they could think of and nothing. But when I got a kidney infection that's when it shows yes inhale infection from the bladder which would of been from a uti they think. But although all tests showed no infection even though I'm in pain for 3 months now. argh going docs tomorrow thanks see what she says

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    I have never heard of pcr test so a doctor can do this???? I'm in Australia so gonna check that out thankyou can you explain a bit more about it?

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      Its a modern test but I may be incorrect re other bacteria other than TB but I may not be wrong...... You can see all about that on the net....... Gene expert etc. The sample is put into a machine of which there are not just one because it is ongoing research and there is an 'Ultra which seems to be the latest........ I'm sorry if it is only for TB but I could swear I saw where the primary machine isolated other bacteria.

      The new machine the Ultra came out in I believe 2017 so it is new technology.

      It seems a very complex medical/laboratory aid but it does seem exceptionally brilliant.

      I have had massive problems from 2010 to 2016 and even when my infection was eradicated there was no resolution as to what the actual bacteria was. I passed numerous small stones in my urine for three months but no doctor resolved that.

      in 2016 I asked a urologist = could the stones have be3en caused by an infection because I kept telling my GP doctors my bladder feels so sore as if there are a load of marbles rolling around in my bladder and of course the sensitivity made me have to get up several times in the night. It was killing me when I could hardly pass urine.

      It was in 2013 that a urologist rang me three weeks late & said it looks like your 'lymphoma' has come back because there are lymphs in your mesentary( gut) near the aorta that are 'bulky'........... He had jumped to conclusions because he never ever read my previous TB history. I was 38 and diving and a report on my xray ( I had due to my subaqua) reported =xray confirms a previous tubercular infection ,both lung fields -no active lesion! My GP said loads of folks are like you and don't know they've been infected with TB but you will have been resistant to it! What he at that time did not know is that TB can re-emerge later in life at any time. Of course as the web says it is insideous. I took ciprofloxacin which my lady GP gave me for a week but I got and took another 3 weeks and three days more to hammer what it was affecting me. It worked.

      Lately I have seen a TB specialist lady doctor who is good but I get the distinct impression she does not want to prove that what I had was TB. She is however caring for me and I have an open appointment......

      I have learned a lot from my experiences but all I can say is if you feel the need put everything in black and white for reference! Also I was told by one cleaver radiographer= keep badgering them until they get it right and sort you out! I would now never leave any stone unturned. It's your health and you only have one in a lifetime. I hope you do get it resolved because as of now more than ever before they have the tools if only they will use them to every ones advantage.

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    I have never heard of pcr test so a doctor can do this???? I'm in Australia so gonna check that out thankyou can you explain a bit more about it?

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    Just a thought. I suffered for years, until eventually it was linked to hormonal issues. It does depend on your age, but for me a combination of occasional courses of hormonal pessaries and the usual prevention for UTIs seems to be working. A CT scan also showed a slightly prolapsed bladder. Long term low dose antibiotics were needed to eventually get rid of the UTI, but I have now stopped taking these.

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      I've had ultrasound s but no ct scan. I will ask as it's killing me affecting my everyday living work life partner everything just constant in pain like i need to pee and it's burning. will ask for a ct scan for prolapse bladder. thankyou hope I find out soon . It's killing me emotionally and mentally.

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    Did you have a catheter all this time? How was the urine flow and qty?

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      not yet only a urologist does that and I'm still bloody waiting the wait is in March. It's bullsh*t I'm going docs again tomorrow and making her make me a new referral and write on it urgent matter coz i cant live like this mo more . I have rang so many and all day same wait . But gonna ask her to send new referrals to all saying urgent I will be persistent and won't leave without her doing it

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    I am not saying that a patient should not have a catheter in but a very high up the ladder nurse ( an assessment nurse) once said to me...... don't get me going about urologists..... my dad had a catheter in 3 months that he DID NOT NEED!

    I also mentioned that a urologist who I was seeing told me he did not think a male could infect his partner in this case me infecting my wife.......... well she replied with a look that said it all... how do sexually transmitted diseases get passed on then?

    I think this underlines the fact that some urologists and not just urologists but some doctors can get things radically wrong....... I ask myself how on earth did they acquire their degrees? I fully understand that these days they specialize in certain subjects but seem to know zero or are very limited outside of their chosen specialist subjects. It also seems that they are too proud to pass a problem onto another doctor who knows more than they do..........

    A doctor was rebuking some builders who were carrying out work for him. He said you lot make some mistakes don't you///////? The laborer retorted -well one things for sure your mistakes are all up the hill under the tomb stones aren't they?

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