UTI, lower back pain/groin pain?? Is this normal with a UTI? :(

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Hey everyone. I'm just really worried at the moment. I have a UTI, I started to take Nitrofurantoin yesterday for it 4 times a day for 3 days. Tomorrow at 11 am will be my second day. Should I be feeling any different by now?? rolleyes So far i've taken 5 tablets out of the 12. 

What i'm really really worried about is I have lower back and groin pain. It's like an ache and it's frightening me a lot. I will be going back to the doctors tomorrow afternoon to discuss it but in the meantime I'm basically losing my mind over it. I'm shaking because I'm that scared about me getting worse. The stinging is no longer here but the lower back and groin pain hurts. I've checked my tempreture and that's fine thankfully. But I'm so frigtened by it all as i've only got one kidney and this is my 3rd uti in 3 months! I'm also 19 years old and at university so i'm finding it very difficult at the moment. 

Should I be worrying about this back and groin pain??

Any replies will be appreciated. Many thanks, Emily smile 

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    When I was prescribed Nitrofurantoin I had to take it for 5 days. It was only after the 3rd day I started to feel any benefit from it.
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      Sounds like I'll definately have to go back to the doctor then sad 

      If you don't mind me asking, with yours did you have lower back/groin pain too?? 

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      Yes I had groin and back pain. I also had rigors due to a high temperature. 
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      So would you say, I shouldn't worry about it too much tonight considering I'm seeing the doctor again tomorrow anyways? 

      I was just frightened the lower back pain and groin pain was it due to going to my kidney you see. I worry about it a lot, as you can tell sad 

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      Have a warm bath tonight and drink plenty of fluids. See your GP tomorrow. It's early days and the antibiotic hasn't had chance to work. It's really good that you've got an appointment tomorrow before the weekend so you can be properly assessed.
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      I will do! Thank you so much for your replies it's appreciated! smile It's just I have what you call, "health anxiety" So of course, I'm really panicking about it all. I just want to be okay. I hate feeling like this it's awful. I keep googling to and making myself feel even worse. Because it says, groin pain is when it spreads to the kidney sad 

      I suppose I'll just have to wait until tomorrow and see what happens. I hate worrying about it. rolleyes 

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      I know exactly what you're going through. I was very anxious at the time. Try and get some rest tonight. If you have a hot water bottle put that on your back or wherever you feel pain and remember to drink as much as you can.
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      It's not nice at all, is it sad and my mum is just doing me a hot water bottle now and i'll try and get as much rest as possible :') thank you!
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    Hi emily. Nitrofuration works good for me in the sense that it eases that awful uncomfortable feeling when needing the loo. Alongside the side effects of hurting when going for I wee I also had lower abdominal pain and pain on my right side.

    I'm back at the doctors tmoro to see the gynaecologist they are going to do an internnal and take swobs as there are some concerns the water infections could be triggered by an infection or there are also worries about it being my ovaries, hope this helps. My water samples came back with high levels of white blood cells so me body is fighting of some sort of infection we just don't no yet.

    Perhaps you could request for them to investigate it further as it could be something more?. Are u managing to go to the toilet ok?. X

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      The symptom of it hurting when I need the toilet has gone, but it's just this back and groin pain. Did your abdominal pain and right side pain also go while on Nitro? rolleyes because mine just hasn't gone at all. 

      Yes i'm thankfully going to the toilet okay smile and I think i'll definately request it because somethings not right sad x

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      Still got lower tummy ache but for some reason when a take nitrofuration it makes me not need a wee for ages. Like I've only been to the toilet twice today so sometimes I get belly ache when I hold my wee in for too long. Try drinking lots of water.

      Also if u have back pain that could mean your infection could have spread up to your kidneys which you have to be careful of because if it's left too long I've heard it can make u really bad so sooner u get in doctors the better. X

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      That's strange that is rolleyes and I am doing smile 

      That's what i'm really worrying about at the moment but I have no tempreture nor am I vommiting etc rolleyes but like I said i'll be going to the doctors tomorrow, hopefully they can sort me out. x

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     I was prescribed nitrofurantion and ended up wtih toxic hepatitis and extremely ill for 6 months.  Just a warning of possible side effects from this anitbiotic.


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