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Hi all, 

I've grown up with UTI's since I was little, had about 15 in my entire life (I'm 23). 

However 2018 has been a special year. 

I've had four UTI's already and it's APRIL. The last one I had I finished antibiotics for last wednesday (11/4/2018). I've been keeping in mind I recently got into a new relationship early January and thought this was from frequent sex. However, my boyfriend and I were much more sexually active in the first month of our relationship compared to now, and I didn't get any infections until early february. 

Because of these infections, 3 of them I've had Keflex (Cephalexin) for which always successfully got rid of the infection. However I'm worried about bacterial resistance which is my biggest fear so the doctor I saw today gave me trimethoprim. 

I, however, have not touched it. I have noticed that this time with ural, lemon water, cranberry tablets, the pain has actually not gotten worse within the last six hours and has in fact helped a lot with pain. So I was therefore wondering if its possible that people can get rid of UTI's through care and patience rather than antibiotics? Even if you've treated them with antibiotics in the past? 

Please share your thoughts! All opinions are appreciated.

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    UTI's can also occur because the bacteria is out of balance.  I suggest you find and start taking a women's probiotic, to help you get the proper bacteria you need.  Every woman has good and bad bacteria in her reproductive and urinary systems.

    You've been taking Keflex to eliminate the bacteria in your urinary tract that has been causing infections.  However, that can backfire, because it interferes with the balance.

    Also, has your doctor done any cultures to tell you what bacterial overgrowth he's been treating? That's important to do, because not ever bacteria respond to Keflex or Trimethoprim. You should be taking the probiotic while you're on antibiotics

    Just because the pain has eased doesn't mean the infection isn't there.  If you still have one, it can work its way up to your kidneys.  

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      Hi Lynda, 

      Thank you for your response. Yes it has always been E.coli that has been infecting my bladder. Every single time. 

      Also I have never actually been recommended a probiotic when I've taken antibiotics, but I will try that next time I take them. 

      I have been fighting this current infection with Ural, Garlic tablets and Cranberry juice because I was too scared to take the antibiotics a fourth time four months in a row. I'm happy to say that it worked as I went to the doctor today and the test came back clear of infection. So I guess I was lucky. 

      Again thank you for your input! I really appreciate the advice. 

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      You're welcome.  Please don't wait for your next infection to start taking a probiotic.  It's best taken daily.  I'm glad you're infection free. xx

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    I seem to have constant (low grade) uti's however I seem to be able to keep them under control without taking anti-biotics too often, I only go to the docs if things get unbearable, these uti's have been going on since I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, I take D-Mannose 3 times a day and obviously drink plenty of water, I also take Vit C as it is supposed to help the D-mannose work better, I know some people are keen advocates of women specific probiotics but I haven't found that they make much of a difference whether I take them or not so I have now stopped them altogether and things haven't got any worse, if I do take anti-biotics I take Trimethoprim they seem to work well for me, I see a difference a couple of hours after just one dose.

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      Hi Phoebe, 

      I've never had a low grade uti. THey've always required antibiotics because no matter what I did they never went away sadly. 

      This one that I thought I recently beat by taking garlic tablets, D-Mannose and Ural came back twice as bad within 24 hours of me thinking it was gone and I ended up having to take the Trimethoprim which is successful at this rate. I just feel very uncomfortable taking them as its already the fourth round of antibiotics I've had to take this year. 

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    You must see a good urologist and this advice is imperative. This is the only sound advice any person should give you.  Some infections can have long term effect and some do not.  I would have thought that in this scientific age which is applied to urology in respect of the lab tests that are available through and within the direction of an expert urologist/Gyni your urological problems can be resolved but not through this forum.

    Please, please see a specialist?

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      Hi Micklemus,

      Not to worry, seeing a specialist was always on the agenda and I managed to see one on Thursday. My GP and I feared it was interstitial cystitis because each urinalysis came back negative for bacteria, however some had leukocytes and trace amounts of protein. I fear interstitial cystitis a lot.

      However, the urogynecologist I saw (apparently the best in Melbourne, Australia), thinks its more likely that it is bacterial infections with such low amount of bacteria that its not showing up after the three days it takes to colonise the bacteria from a urine sample, which would explain the leukocytes and trace amounts of protein in the urine sample and why the pain would go away within 24 hours after using ural and other known pain killers. Seeing as each incident happened after sex I've now been given a low dose antibiotics to take after intercourse to see how it goes. While interstitial cystitis is still up on the table, its now a process of elimination so fingers crossed it is actually infections that aren't showing up rather than interstitial cystitis.

      Thank you for your input!


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      Check out Chronic  Utis Australia on Facebook re: BV trigger which I found to be connected too in my 20s now 70 + .

      I believe while there is no replacement for some antibiotics  or targeted correctly the problem needs keeping watch over as can cause sepsis & severe organ damage .Now I have 9mm endemetrosis on top if all this  which fear could become cancerous if not given appropriate assistance. Sometimes you have to weigh up the good v the bad ?! 

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    It's good to see you seem to be well educated re your problems and also seem to have a quality urologist but there are some urologists here  in the UK with some very strange advice and ideas re bacterial infections and how or whether anyone can contract them. Best wishes.

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    Hi Danielle

    I also have lots of kidney infections and I drink lots of cranberry juice when I think a infection is coming I have a urostomy so I get different symptoms like lots of pus in the bottom of my urostomy bag. I do drink lots of fluids all the time and I take a tablet called Hiprex to help keep the infections at bay.

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