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UTI, seeing if anyone else experience this pain too.


 I was wondering do you guys ever get pain on you side of your stomach, like  between you waist lane and ribs? Because this UTI is making my right side hurt and my back is killing me.  I have bad UTI that hurts so much and I always get UTI'S all the time and it sucks. 

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  • devin84

    Are you taking any antibiotics?

    • devin84

      You may have a kidney infection,but normally you would feel generally very unwell if you did.  Did you get antibiotics as soon as the infection started or did you wait several days?     Alternatively you are describing the symptoms of a kidney stone,which are sometimes responsible for multiple UTIs. I think you should go back to your doctor.  You may need a scan.

    • Marina Dee

      I have done ultrasound on my kidney, liver nothing was there, only thing there was on my liver benign.  And I've done  severalf blood work. And what makes it ever worse I knew  I was able to have one and Doctor said my urine was fine no UTI but month later I had to go to emergency because hurt so bad and finally saw my doctor and gave me antibiotics.

  • devin84

    Did you know repeat UTIs can be caused by nerve impingement in the sacral spine? If you have odd problems with a leg, especially the calf, this makes it even more likely.     Take a look at cauda equina slow onset.  Cauda Equina Slow Onset is rarely diagnosed yet it affects between 1-3% of the population.

    The condition itself is probably not very rare, it appears to me getting a diagnosis is  rare, not the condition.

    • devin84

      All my MRIs report no problem with my back too. But I can see a lot of evidence that suggests something impinging the S1 nerve root is being missed. An EMG test reported impingement on S1 and nothing on the MRI report explained it.   S1 controls the calf and bladder.  I have had problems with the calf for years too. 

      I now know the MRIs I have had will not show some things like compacted blood vessels impinging the nerve - or if a disk moves and the nerve is impinged when I walk.  I have just been advised by two consultants I should either have an upright MRI - or one with dye to highlight compacted blood vessels.  The upright MRI shows the space around nerve roots better because the back is under load.   The spaces could be quite different while lying down.The resolution is always much lower. However, it has a 30% higher rate of diagnosing problems not detected on other types of MRI.

      I have had UTIs on and off for years and now very frequent i- and get to all sorts of places that are mission critical.  

      I am about to speak to my GP about why 4/5 MRIs I have had over 12 years show nothing when you might expect it - and to ask what type of MRI I should have to get to the bottom of it.


    • Dark Horse

       I have not took an EMG test yet, you think it will show more results?  thank you for knowledge of things and  i hope you get in the bottom of things. Yeah i get UTI's off  and on too. And I think this one is one of the worse I've had. 

      Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it very much .

    • devin84

      I think it would  - an EMG is an electrical test to  test for nerve impingement, it tells you which disks are impinged. What it is does not do is show why the nerve is impinged.   An MRI should show what causes it but quite often it does not, so something is being missed.

      I have an EMG showing nerve impingement at S1, when 4 or 5 MRI reports over 12 years show nothing to explain my calf and bladder symptoms.    Take a look at some of my posts about this ....

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