UTI will NOT go away

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Okay ladies...gents...I need some advice.

Since last year, I have been battling a UTI. Here's a timeline of "events" lol

August 2015 - I started feeling pain , sharp pain mainly, not so much burning and it would come and go. I also started developing incontinence and odor. I had no health insurance so I tried at home remedies for BV. Nothing worked.

March 2016 - Started feeling UTI pain so I finally decided to drop $175 on a visit to an OBGYN. Was not given any tests because I couldn't afford it. Was prescribed Cipro, which worked but it came right back. A 2nd round did absolutely nothing.

June 2016 - Finally got health coverage and saw a new doctor. Was tested for Candida, BV, Trich, STD's, all came back negative. Went for a pelvic ultrasound, results showed a small fibroid on my uterus and small cysts on my left ovary (was told not to worry, apparently related to my upcoming menstrual at the time)

July 2016 - Still suffering from UTI pain, incontinence and foul smelling discharge/urine. Was advised by Dr to switch soaps and detergents to fragrance free, panties to cotton, eat more yogurt and try boric acid suppositories. Did all that to no avail.

August 2016 - Finally tested for a UTI. Came back positive. Was prescribed Bactrim. Worked for 2 days. Second round did nothing, just like the Cipro.

My OBGYN pretty much told me he didn't know what else to do.

My PCP gave me a Urine Test which came back with high white blood cells but no bacteria..so no prescription. She told me to do what my OBGYN said. Big help there.

My question is:Don't white blood cells indicate an infection? Whether UTI or Kidney?

Has anyone else gone through a similar issue? I feel like these doctors are fed up with me and keep giving me the run around.

I feel like I've tried E V E R Y T H I N G.


Cranberry juice.

Cranberry pills.


I even tried herbal remedies, such has D-Mannose and Uva Ursi.

It comes right back.

I'm still in pain. Still leaking urine. And it's all so frustrating.

Any suggestions? I'm already looking into a urologist. But if anyone went through something similar , please share your story and outcome! I'm feeling a little hopeless lol

Thanks for reading,


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    Do you have any pain on the left side of your abdomen low down ? Taking repeat rounds of Cipro can make things worse as it can cause interstitial cystitis which has UTI symptoms without an infection.
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      Hey madge07350, so far no pain, but experiencing bloating and what I can only describe as "slow" urination. It takes a while to "come out" and even after drinking a lot of water, there isn't much of it.

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    Hi there,  I am sort of going through the same things, all mine started back of March 2016 with a sharp pain in my lower right, I went to ER thinking it was appendix, thankfully it wasn't, but they did a urine test and it came back WBC so prescribed me Macrobid.  I took two and my body was not dealing so I stopped and went to see my own doctor where they prescribed Sulpha...three days into that I  started a rash and shortness of breath, so back to ER.....after a shot of benedryl that took the bad reaction away, they did a urine sample and it came back negative, I am not sure they did a culture....the strange thing was the lower pain was still there.  As the months went on, I would get a dull pain on and  off in the lower right and sometimes it would radiate to the kidneys, I requested an ultra sound on my kidney thinking perhaps there was a stone, but it came back fine.  I had a ultra sound on my right ovary....fine.   So I figured all is well.  I would notice from time to time that after urinating, I would have more urine and it was slow coming out.  About three weeks ago, I started having frequent urination feeling so back I went, they did a urine test and WBC was showing, so they prescribed Macrobid again, this time I could only get one as I broke out itching....so I did as you and decided to flush by drinking lots and cranberry everything....the symptoms did improve some but still burning sensations would come and go.  I went back to ER twice both time urine sample negative and the cultures came back three or more organisms probable contaminated......so there was no answers....then the third culture came back strep b......not sure how I got that in there seeing I tested negative for carrying it when I had my kids, non the less another round of antibiotics, two days into it, I had a bad reaction, itching, burning lips, and sore throat...so off I went.....they ordered an ultra sound and found that I was not emptying my bladder fully and now being reffered to uroligist......they did a vaginal swab as I had a lot of burning, and it came back altered flora....but no confim of bacteria or infection.....so I like you and exhausted from running back and forth to labs, offices and ER and still feel the same I did weeks ago.  I am on a refferal to see an allergist as well seeing I can not take antibiotics.  I will wait and see what the uroligist says, hopefully it is not a long wait.  Good luck, I am not much help, but know you are not alone.  I have heard UTI's are becoming harder and harder to treat as the bacteria is building a resistance which could be why yours never completely goes away.

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      I appreciate your reply, linda12939! There is something comforting knowing that you're not alone. I've not tried Macrobid , I'm assuming it hasn't been prescribed to me because of the side effects ( although at this point I'll try anything!) Please keep me updated on your urologist visit. I'll be making an appointment for one as well. Hopefully we'll both be pain free soon!

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      Yes I hope so too.  It is not a nice feeling to be in discomfort that is for sure.  They might not have prescribed Macrobid due to the type of bacteria.  I will say it is hard on the stomach, but I was willing to take it again but when the itching started, I knew the outcome could be worse than the UTI.  Unfortunately antibiotics are so hard on the body and have a ray of side effects even after one is done taking them, I know my doctor prescribes as a last resort.  Unfortunatly when it has been 4 weeks of discomfort and sleepless nights, sometimes we are at the point of taking the risk.  I am looking into ozone therapy right now, it kills bacteria on contact, but it is not the most pleasant, but in my life antibiotics are not pleasant either.  I hope you get some answers.  I just sent off what would be my 6th urine culture, hopefully this time we have a true reading!

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      Honestly I was also thinking they didn't prescribe me Macrobid because they aren't analyzing the urine see which strain of bacteria it is. From my understanding, Bactrim and Cipro do nothing to combat E.Coli. But so far that's all I've been given. And when I say it doesn't work, I'm told to do holistic remedies or brushed off. I've already done 4 urine tests. All of which has come back with something, either high white blood cells and once with bacteria. Not sure what's wrong with these doctor's but I'll give my PCP one more chance. I already gave up on m OBGYN.

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      I personally would love to find a holistic remedy as I hate the side effects of the antibiotics.  I was in so much discomfort over the weekend I begged for something, all they could offer is Clindamycin based on the bacteria found in one of the many cultures (strep b) The fact that I had c-ff 9 years ago from an antibiotic this one is one of the worst to take for getting that.  I am not sure which is worse suffering this UTI feeling or the c-diff which needs antibiotics to clear up.  I am taking lower dose than prescribed in hopes to combat some of the infection, and to avoid any major side effects until I can get in and get ozone treatment done which is to kill off any bacteria and or organism growing causing this discomfort.  I was told UTI's are not dangerous unless the bacteria grows into the kidneys, but I am not sure if a bacteria can get cleared how this would not happen over time.  I find it depends what doctor you talk too, some say uti's are no big deal yet others say the bacteria needs to be cleared.  Regardless it is no fun living with the constant urge to use the bathroom and a burning sensation in the bladder.  

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      I will say that an herb called Uva Ursi or "Bearberry" worked wonders but only for a short period of time for me - it might work for you though. I'd give it a try. You can get it from Whole Foods or even Amazon. I bought it as a kidney detox but it took all UTI symptoms away (for a week or so but it was a great relief!).

      A few years ago, I had to give a Urine sample because I was diagnosed with gallstones - I also tested positive for strep b but was never treated. I was told it wasn't something to worry about. What did they tell you?

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    Hi Dani,

    My names Kealy and I live in the UK. I am 19 years old. Last March i woke up one day experiencing excruciating pain in my left hand side, lower back and lower abdomen, I was burning up but also shivering indicating I had a fever, after checking my temp it was up at nearly 40 degrees Celsius! Obviously I went straight to the hospital, and this was the first time (out of 3) between March and October that I was admitted for a week at a time with pyelonephritis (kidney infection) each time was told it was a UTI that had spread, however prior to this I had no symptoms of a UTI eg cystitis, smelly urine etc so i wasn't to know. Each time I had an ultrasound on my kidneys and pelvic area to check for stones, but always was clear. Each time I was treat with IV antibiotics and sent away when the infection had cleared with oral antibiotics, but it kept coming back and each time no warning just out of control and hospitalised me. Eventually after a lot of kicking and screaming I was referred to an urologist last October, after reading my results he decided he was going to do a cystoscopy (camera up the urethra) and urethra dilation. The results of the camera showed I had 2 ureters coming from my left kidney (which coincidently was the side I always experienced pain on with the infections) however was told it wasn't abnormal and ever since the procedure was done I have been fine. About 4 weeks ago i was then hospitalised with the same thing and questioned as to why I had had a procedure done that hasn't fixed the problem, yet was given no answers, just another appointment at the urology ward in September. Monday just gone I woke up with the exact same thing again! Just 4 weeks after fighting off an infection, however luckily I this time I'd caught it early and was sent home with oral antibiotics.

    The point of my response is to urge you to push and push them as much as you can for answers! I didn't and look where it has gotten me, refuse to leave until you have answers, just imagine what it is doing to your body all the infections and medication, I know it's made my life a misery wondering when it may happen again. I hope I could also maybe find someone who has experienced the same or similar problems to just be able to talk to someone. I hope you don't mind me blabbering on on your post, and I really hope you get sorted soon!




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