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I have seen a consultant this week and he has recommended a vaginal prolapse repair as I am only 50.

He said that they would stitch back the muscles that had dropped down from the top and I should only be in hospital overnight if all goes well. He never mentioned putting in any mesh so I presume he doesnt need to.

Can anyone give me their experinces on this procedure. How long where you signed off work? How long until you could drive again? these type of things would be great.




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    Hi Sandra. I don't think yiou have much to worry about. I had my first posterior vaginal repair 1986 after a huge baby. I was in for 12 days in Selly Oak due to infection everywhere. After that it was fine. Now, 10 days ago, aged 70, I had my second repair for a rectocoele; in overnight! Back home and again there is some discomfort and slight discharge but not what you would call real pain. The worst thing has been fatigue; I'm an active 70 year old, hiking, sailing and baby minding etc. but am restricted now to daily walks of about 1 hour. I hope to be driving by day 14 after checking with insurance company. But I don't think you would really be ready for work until 4 weeks minimum. ASsuming it's not heavy work. It's more the fatigue you would feel rather than muscular. I recommend you go the College of Obstreticians and Gynaecologists and access the "Recovering Well!" leaflet for this operation.
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    Hi Sandra,

    i had a pelvic floor and bladder repair 6 months ago and all has gone to plan.  I am based in the UK so not sure if things are done differently elsewhere.  We are not allowed to drive for 6 weeks and was off work for 6 weeks. It takes a long time to recover from butbis worth it.


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    hi sandra70591, I am presently recuperating from a rectocele repair with a hemorrhoidectomy, I hear from everyone first 10 days are the worst. I can say its about 10 days now and I am starting to feel better, just pooping is still very painful. My doctor says vaginally it is going to be an improvement and peoples comments are also positive. I dont know about the driving part, but for most as I read is 4 weeks for things to be somewhat normal again. I wish you lots of luck, and god bless.

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    Dear Sandra,

    i had an op to repair  my rectocele  6 weeks ago. The rectocele is a prolapse of the rectum into the vagina, and I was in hospital in UK for 3 days. The procedure went well, I. Did not have a general antithetical, they used a spinal block that meant I was totally numb from the waste down, I know these are becoming  increasingly popular as they eliminate the risks associated with a general antithetical. Although I was anxious about this and worried about my reaction to being operated on whilst awake I was so well sedated I really didn't have a clue what was going on until they wheeledme out of theatre. I would say this is a great alternative and encourage anyone to consider it of it is offered. 

    I did need to have mesh to repair the rectocele, but like the stitches that are commonly used that dissolve, the mesh I had will also dissolve - eventually. Not all mesh does. My consultant did not know if mesh would be needed until they were operating, but I had been warned it was a possibility and I agreed that if it was needed they should use it. 

    After the op things were pretty uncomfortable for a few days, but pain killers are very effective so you can manage that well. Opiate based painkillers do tend to make you a little constipated so do eat lots of fiber and fruit when recovering. I have also been using lactolose syrup that my consultant  recommended, this can be bought in a pharmacy and is a fairlymild laxative. I also bought a squatty potty, this is a small step that you use when having a poo, it puts you in a much better position, as when your knees are above your hips then the rectum is able to work with out you straining. It really has made abig difference.

    Another thing I wish I'd known was to buy knickers 2 sizes larger than I normally wear.. I didn't want anything tight around by middle and wearing pads for the first week or so was uncomfortable until I had bought the Big Knickers!  

    The biggest thing is to rest and listen to your body. I was unprepared for how tired I was feeling after the op. Rest is essential, I sometimes did too much and then set my self back. So do nothing! Listen to your body and only take very gentle walks when you feel up to it.

     I began driving this week, that was 6 weeks to the day after the op. I am still

     off work and will not be returning until 10 weeks after the op.

    All the best, Sandra and do not worry.. I have found thepeople on this site so helpful and reassuring, I have really appreciated all the advice and am now far more confident about asking myGP and consultant for advice and help too. But most importantly it has been wonderful in letting me know I am not alone.

    i hope all goes well for wishes, Jo. 

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    Im day 12 of my posterior wall repair for a rectocoele.  Generally im very pleased.  In fact its a pleasure to take a mirror and look down below and not see a gaping hole with a big bulge staring at me!!!

    Cant wait to try it out.  But hubby and I know we have to wait for six weeks!!

    I have been recovering well. But yesterday had a massive soft bowel action and have been experiencing rectal discomfort since. Pain killers giving little relief.  Hubby and I had a look and all is in tact down below. Am I worrying too much?

    Also ladies.  We were told no penetrative sex. Anything wrong with oral sex (not on me. On him!) I have not lost my sex drive one bit. But I dont want to get too aroused and undo the stitches.

    Any thoughts???

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    Hi Sandra, I hope it all goes as well for you as it did for me. I don't want it to sound as if I'm boasting, but I came round from the anaesthetic wondering if anything had actually been done! I am 58 had an anterior repair 7 weeks ago, and due to go back to full time work next week, having been given 2 weeks extra off by my GP. I came out of hospital on the day after my op with a sick note, which they issued, for 6 weeks, which I was told is as long as they can give. My GP told me that 6 weeks is the longest you will normally get off after such surgery, but gave me the extra as I had a bit of a panic about whether I was ready to start back at work. I work as a school technician and I know my job will be pretty full on when I return. I rang my insurance company about driving, who told me they had no restrictions, it would be up to my GP. I had to drive myself to his surgery and felt fine. I have been resting a lot while recovering, and getting others in the household to do any lifting and heavy jobs, but frankly, most of the time felt able to do almost pretty much the same as I did before. I had to keep reminding myself I wasn't supposed to be doing much, but did find if I felt I could tackle anything and did a few extra jobs around the house, during the first 4 weeks or so, I really noticed next day that I felt pretty whacked. Don't do anything you really know you shouldn't, get used to doing things, such as laundry, in smaller loads (i.e. pick less up at once and do more journeys to the washing machine) and just listen to your body. Do make the effort to keep up the pelvic floor exercises, and think about how much you might be able to lift, for good. I work with a lovely lady, quite a bit youger than me, who had a posterior repair a couple of years ago, and who has recently told me she lifted something heavy she really knew she shouldn't have, and has ended up back where she was before surgery, so please be aware. The lovely nurses in hospital did also say to me that If I did anything I knew I shouldn't, I would end up going back in again.

    Good luck, and I hope you end up feeling normal again, as I now do!


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