vaginitis keep nagging till someone listens

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what a revelation to find that I am not the only woman with this stressful disorder.

It took me five different lots of anti biotics ,almost constant urinary tract infections,2 hospital a and e visits before finally getting my gp to make an urgent referral to gyny I decided not to wait the 4/5 weeks and which would have probably meant being seen by a registrar and go privately, I couldnt afford it but was desperate for a diagnosis and relief.

Within 20 minutes private consultant had diagnosed condition hospital and two gps had missed, treatment started next day, two weeks ago, for the first time in 3 months I am getting some relief though does come back in short spasms.

First thing I would say that whilst not a stress related condition does tend in some people to be agrivated by stress.

Also when a bout comes on it seems to help to be busy,walk also warm bath gives some relief.

I dont have a man in my life so the sexual aspect is not an issue however during a spasm ones vagina ,clitoris feels sore and burning which can feel like cystitis.It seems that part of the diagnostic problem is that it can occur with cystitis or be mistaken for it.

From my experiance and reading about the experiances of others of you it needs more awareness by the medical profession in treating this disorder.

Im back to the specialist next week another 120 pounds but if it gets results I will find it.

Anyone know of a support group for this if not do fancy staring one with me,xx to all fellow sufferers

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    I am so pleased to have stumbled across this site. I did not know what the term 'Atrophic Vaginitis' was although now know that is what I am suffering from having read one or two of the experiences.

    I did already have Vagifem but had not used it for a while as the advice is not to use it too much.'So what do we do in between times'

    I have not been keen to go to the Doctor. At sixty three not too keen to describe symptoms with some young male doctor or to be examined.

    I was taken off the patch several years ago although it was a Specialist who said I should go on it.

    I just did not argue the point as I was having strange symptoms from that so was quite happy to comply.

    I really feel that at our age we are just not meant to exist any more so therefore there is no information to help us. It would be nice to form a group and if we find something that helps us, it might help somebody else. I am not ready to be old yet! just would like to get on with my life. I have had more than my fair share of operations but have always thought once they were over.( Well that is that out of the way I can now get on with my life) We are just not prepared for this sort of problem and I was certainly not told about it after my hysterectomy fourteen years ago.

    If it means we have to help each other then that is what we should do.

    I have found that Soya milk has helped with some of the symptoms not the Atrophic Vaginitis though. There are some nights I am up at the toilet so often I lose count and that of course does not help when you are having trouble sleeping anyway(just suffer in silence) I do not want other people suffering the same thing but it is a relief to know I am not alone.

    I do hope we can be of help to each other.

    I did try looking up sites a couple of weeks ago but not knowing the name of what was wrong with me did not help.

    I must take a look again at the American sites they seem to do more for women and I did see some medication mentioned. I will report back when I find the product again.

    Looking forward to speaking to other women in same boat!!

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    I too would like to join a support group. I have been suffering from atrophic vulvo-vaginitis for 6 months now. It just won't go away. I have never known anything this persistent.

    I am 50, pre-menopausal, but I still have the dryness and atrophy.

    I've tried oestrogen cream, but it irritates me. I'm going to see a gynoecologists finally, but have to wait 6 weeks.

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    It's such a relief to hear from others. Hi Gayle, I have a lot of burning and discomfort throughout my 'lower regions'. I have severe wind indigestion pain and general discomfort including some incontinence with this condition. I am now on short term followed by long term course of antibiotics to prevent the bladder infections which are directly linked to the atopic vaginitis. sex is of course out of the question anyway whether married or not! I have had breast cancer so the hormonal vaginal cream has to be used sparingly and so hasn't really worked! Any help or suggestions from other fellow sufferers would be great.

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    Hi everyone. Just found this site and its great to hear of others in the same situation. Am 64 and have had atrophic vaginitis for 2 years. My Dr put me on Ortho Gynest cream and am still using it, He doesnt seem to have any other suggestions and when I cut down the conditions gets worse again.I had a series of foot ops last winter which meant a lot of sitting and I got so sore it was much worse than the pain from the 4 ops!! Does anyone else find they get a really sore bottom - not so much inside but just above the bone - really hard to describe!

    Am working again now 3 days a week and as a am a sales rep I drive a lot and it gets so uncomfortable!!

    Do hope I hear from someone. Most of the posts are not v. recent.

    All the best


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    Hi all

    No-one has mentioned Yes (Google Yes lubricant) which is a wonderful, award-winning natural vaginal moisturiser and lubricant developed by two female friends in the UK and available online. It's far removed from the unimaginative products prescribed by doctors or available in pharmacies. I came across it several years ago, after the formulation for KY jelly was changed and started causing irritation rather than lubrication. For once Google came up trumps! I am 67 now and, thanks to Yes, enjoy regular pain-free sex.

    In case you are wondering, my only connection with Yes is a grateful customer!

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    A bit late in the day but I just bought some ''Yes' which I haven't tried yet. I just got a small size to try out which unfortunately comes with no applicator. I got it as an alternative to Replens. It's supposed to be 'natural'. The ingredients and packaging colours look suspiciously familiar to one marketed by Boots (Woohoo).

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