Valium, Celexa, and Torazodone

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Hey Guys, been really scared frankly to come on here to talk about Valium but feel I have no choice. Please no horror stories; my anxiety is so bad everyday and Depression is not much better.

3 years ago I went through Alcohol withdrawl. I drank since I was a kid on the weekend and didn't get drinking every night until I was around 35. I was drinking about a pint of Vodka a night. Just watching tv after work and having a few drinks. I'm big so I never got drunk and it just became something I did.

I decided to quit one day when I had a cold. 3 days later I was in a nightmare!!!!! Fight or Flight All day depression set in. I went to a doctor and he said I was going through alcohol withdrawl and I needed to take Ativan. He prescribed the pills and I didn't take them for 30 days because I didn't think I would survive.

The pills made me feel better! But I was still in bad shape and was diagnosed with PAWS and PTSD from prior jobs I had. I was prescribed Celexa to take over for the Ativan.

I switched over to Valium because I read the Ashton manual. So over a 5 month period I tapered off 15mg Valium and the Celexa kicked in and I was fine. Stayed on the Celexa 40mg for about 6 more months and tapered off that and was fine for 3 years. My life was back!

This October my son took his life and I went right back to what felt like the Alcohol Withdrawl. The doctor told me it is because the loss of my son and the PTSD. I am destroyed over my son, he was 21. I miss him so very much!!!!

I was prescribed Ativan, Torazodone, and Celexa. I tried to stick it out for a few weeks and broke down and started taking the meds Nov. 1st

I switched over to the Valium again. I am on 5mg 3x a day. 25mg Torazodone and 30mg Celexa. I am not feeling good all day with the fight or flight and depression. The Valium is no longer working. I think I have tolerance to it. I want of it and the Torazodone! My doctor wants me to get to 40mg Celexa and advices me not to start tapering anything right now until I get stable.

He told me when it's time, he will go as slow as I want with the Valium. He recommended 10% every one to two weeks.

After all of that, and I do apologize; I am concerned I am going to go through hell when I start the taper? I've never been so scared of something like this in my life. The doctor tells me to stop worrying and that we will get off them together. I feel like if they're not helping me I miswell start tapering now?

I think the Torazodone might be a problem too because I forgot to take it a view nights and felt even worse the next day!!!

I'm sorry guys, I am just trying to make it through this for my wife and other son and it is so hard!!!!! I am afraid because I did this 3 years ago this is going to be a worse nightmare!!!

Please, I can't take any horror stories. I think a lot of my problem is the worrying.

Also, by around 5pm I start to feel better. And I can sleep. But when I wake up, I'm at my worst. I take the Celexa at 9am. Valium 7am, 1pm, and 7pm and Torazodone at 10pm

Thank you so much!!!!!

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    Hi, i am not on as many types of meds as you but i am on 20mg diazepam per day and interested in tapering off it as i feel it actually has hindered my illness over the years and more so in recent months since a small dose increase.

    I would advise to taper one medication at a time, doing more than that might be too much and I also advise doing it when you personally feel able to and that it is the right time.

    The ashton manual does say 10% but for some people even that is too fast and a slower taper is easier and means a smoother withdrawal, it's not a race and it is better to go slowly and feel less in terms of withdrawal than to go too fast and put yourself through needless symptoms.

    Everyone has their own story, some good, some bad but I have decided not to focus on that because quite simply we are all different, you may have an easier time than someone else who does it in the exact same way you decide to.

    Worrying is normal, i worry about it and I am sure that when I do start my taper a lot of what I will feel will be made worse by worry, we are stressed and nervous so it is our nature to worry sadly.

    One good thing you have is a decent and supportive doctor, many are not supportive at all so you are off to a good start there.

    Ask yourself 'Am I ready?', now your doctor says no but as good as he may be it is not his life and you know your mind best, if you are not ready then put it on hold, if you are then tell your doctor you have made the decision and want his support.

    Tolerance with Valium is normal, it happens to us all, I took it for 17 years just because I knew I would be in a state if I didn't, I still take it and it does nothing but in my case I believe it's making things much worse which is my reason for wanting to taper and soon.

    You need to assess your own reasons, no it wont be working well now if at all but is it harming your condition? If you think it is then of course tapering soon is important but if not it could wait if you are not ready yet.

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your son, it is enough to provoke all kinds of responses in your mental health and it is no sourprise that you felt the way you did.

    Have a good think and carry on doing your research, I think we know when we are truly ready and you will know if that is now or further down the line.

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      Bellaluna, you are unbelievable!!!! Thank you so very much for your reply!!!!! To take the time to write all that; you are a beautiful person!!!!

      I pray that you will have an easy taper!!!!

      God Bless you and thank you again!!!!!

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    There is a forum that is run by people who are also taperig off their benzo.

    If you type in benzobuddies you will find it.

    You may need to have a gmail account.

    I am 30 months benzo free myself and am getting on with my life.

    It can be done and i wish you good luck.

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      Thank you so much Tootsie!!! I did join the site.

      Really happy for you!!!!!

      God Bless!!!!

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    So sorry, Robert. I can not imagine! Try taking it 1 hour at a time. Just know I feel your pain. I don't know what to say. I would think you should tell the doctor and see what he might can do. Hopefully you live in an area that offers help. I live in a small, rural area and no help. I am haveing to do it basically on my own. Keep me posted.

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