valium tappering and withdrawal symptoms, feelings of falling and mild hellusinations. plrase help.

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Hi. I have been on diazepam for 13 yrs now.

i started in 180mg per day and gave been slowly downing my dose with my GPs help.

I am now down to 6mg per day (3 × 2mg tablets) and now the withdrawal symptoms are starting to kick in.

i am gettibg heart pulputation. Feelings of virtigo to the point i feel i will pass out or have a seizure, i have noticed lately when i am standing or walking i feel as if i am going to fall over, i tend to walk next to walls and stand where i can lean in things.

My GP wants me to try this for 3 months then go down to 4mg (2 × 2mg per day).

What i am wanting to know is will these feelings of anxiety, heart pulputatiobs, unsteardyness go the lower dose i get or will they get werst???

I have also noticed i am having problems making eye contact and holding a sentance together, also very mild helusinations (things moving also a feelibg of myself falling)

Is this "NORMAL" or should i tell my GP!!!

Also has any one actually been on valium a long time and stoppedctaking it with sucsess?

Any help will be good.

Thanks ☺

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    Please see your Gp. it may be that you have an inner,ear infection.

    I was on diazepam for 35yrs but as you I did a slow reduction and have been free of diazepam for three months now.

    I am more,alive, I feel happiness,my thinking is clearer, I can make decisions and more.

    Keep reducing and gain your life back.

    Who ever put you on 180mg should be shot!!!

    (not literally ) It was way too high a dose


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      Hi and thanks for the reply.

      It was my GP who put me on the 180mg daily and started reducing me quickly in the 1st year, then pretty much let me reduce as and when i was ready.

      Iv been on 8mg daily now for about 18 months but iv only been taking them when i felt i needed to. Some days i wouldnt take any other days id take 2 or 3 days werth.

      Now i have asked to be put down to 6mg daily so i have decided to get in a routine of 1 tablet 3 times a day but if i am honest im feeling very nervous.

      And im 99% sure i dont have a ear infection as i always get the falling feeling when i dont take the valium.

      Did you get any withdrawal symptoms when you was down to your last few mg per day and if you dont mind me asking what symptoms did you have and when were they at there werst?

      Thanks in advance smile

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      Yes past of it was dizziness, heavy really heavy sweating, the odd panic attack but always remember panic attacks don't kill you.

      Sometimes I didn't couldn't go out but its truly and honestly worth while.

      You will again have feelings instead of being emotionally and mentally numb.

      Keep it up you are doing brilliant. Well Done !!!

      Linda x

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      In answer to how your feeling on lower doeses, that's usually the hardest part as Valium has a very long half life can stay in your system for up to 72 hours after you last tablet, so the less you have in your system and your reducing to almost nothing, that can be a hard jump and also then  your body has to get use to having none at all, it can be really tough.  Esp with the large amount you were on.  Truly it can take yrs for you to recover but it can be done. Go at a pace your happy with as just existing leads to deppression.  once down low you usually have rebound panic and anxiety, means you feel worse now than you did before you started.  funny thing isnt it.  I've researched hundreds of hours been to many detox centers and joined many medical and spiritual groups to learn about this stuff.  I thought i was along until i came across thousands of people that had and are suffering just like me.  Dont be hard on your self you are making a positive step, just take it slow.  I really feel for you,  Nicky   Chin up, easier said than done, I no.   Nicky

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    Hi Luke,

    Yes that is a high dose and perhaps they took you down too quickly to begin with.  What your experiencing is Normal, well it should not be normal but from my own withdrawals i was on high doeses of Valium, Xanax and Mogadon with a shattered arm they threw in some pain killers.  So i was prob on 60-70 mgs val a day and 10 xanax a day but xanax is 10 x stronger than valium so i would probably have been up near your dose.  Yes I thought i had entered hell, words can't describe but what you are experiencing is very much what i was,  definatly tell your doctor, as i just had complete memory loss and had a 3 min seziure ended up in hospital, I told them what i was on and doing it was all thru a doctor and they treated me with a kind of druggie attitude, that was until i had a 10 min seziure in front of them, well doctors and nurses, interns apparantly all came running as they had never seen this before.  I was hallucinating badly, acting like a child, i remember bits and peices the hallucinations were the worst i was out of body and hoping i would die.  I was actually above my body watching all these doc's etc working on me and that was he only time i felt no pain.  They could not stop the seziuire therefore had to induce me into a coma, tube down through the whole bit machine breathing for me, i guess thats where my spirit went back into my body.  Prob all hallucinations but thats how i felt and saw it.  They kept me under for around a month for my body to try and repair, I had black deep bruises all over my body.  Once finally woken they start asking, do you no who you are where you are etc.  I did not, had no idea id been there for that long and they had actually flown me from one hospital to another.

    I had Ct scans, MRI's etc all came back normal.  One very nice Doctor in Neurology privatly saw me and said, Nicola i am a man of science but what i witnessed with you actually made me think perhaps there is another realm, he thought i may have been possesed as I was talking like a child one minute then calm then screaming obsenaties, pushng them away, fighting, he said you had so much strengh even though you were so ill.  No head turning around etc but at one point I was screaming out for certain names and he said they were latin names and I do not no latin.  So point being the subconsious mind being altered by these drugs can do crazy crazy stuff, I thought after that when I came too and was myself again although still feeling horrid with withdrawals and like you said kept feeling like i was going to have another seziure, my body would twitch and that scared me, they put me on anti seziure medication but in the coming weeks i did have more thru out the night when no one was around me.  I new this because i would wake up on other side of the floor with bruises and cuts and very sore.  I applaud Linda for her recovery but we are all different I'm not trying to scare you but see your doctor and tell him exactly how your feeling, dont sugar coat it.  You may need more Valium in your system and come down even slower, still not plesant but beter than your feeling now.

    My Exp scared me so much and thought i was crazy, i was house bound though tried meditation etc.  After over a year was not feeling any better and had not taken any Valium.  Saw my Psyc and he has put me back on a smallish amount and am very very very slowly tappering, they are now listening to me due to what happened.  Please go tell them, I do not want any one to go thru what i did.  Yes luke i understand you cant finish sentances, inner tremmors sweating shaking sick cant eat cant sleep, climbing the walls, your not alone my dear, with care and time you will get there but your GP must take this seriously he has a duty of care to you., remind him of that.  God bless you and hope you start feeling better, ill be thinking of you. get back to me if you like.  Nicky  TAKE CARE

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    Ok. Thanks for the replys. Looks like there is no quick fix or way to avoid this withdrawl. Well best get my head around it and ride it out :-/
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      I no you have never directly messaged me, sorry if you did not want me to, just thought what ive experienced and now put on paper(computer) may help you.

      Unfortunatley you do have to ride it out but at least you have the  option to slow tapper, so many don''t just have to go Cold Turkey so that is a positive. 

      If you can go to Silver Life System, I just stumbled upon it and you can download the Deep Centering Meditation for free, that one in particular is the begining of the journey and If you can find a comfortable position and let her talk you thru it.  There is so much info I just do bits of what i can.  Mindvalley Co also sends helpful stuff.  I have never done these things before, very sceptical it worked for me, hope it can help you.

      you may have to join yourself so they can keep sending you new ones but this is a good start.

        I've kept doing this one as it does help and thats saying something.  Once you roughly no how to reach level 3, complete pysical relaxation then 2. Complete mind relaxation then 1. which you are not really aware of anything and each time i did it although it was the same audio, i would hear her say things i'd not heard previous.  I have many more to go as they keep sending me new meditations all the time an don't ever ask for money, they just want people to be the best they can be and teach how it works.  I believe that is the mark of a true healer.  Not in it for money!

      With addiction and withdrawals it really starts from the mind as it is so powerful.  It's really just about teaching us to use parts of the brain that we just dont use, so we need to open it up.   Ir's been proven even by the FDA, that starting a diet or getting rid of bad habbits and withdrawls you have to have your mind in the right mode and you can for example if you want to lose weight you can think yourself thin!  Hope this can be helpfull  Take care  Nicky

      I try not to push this on ayone as even you may think im beng a little weird but truly IT WORKS.

      The fact thet they don't charge for their service makes it a no brainer.  Cant hurt to try Luke, things can only get better and reimurge healthy.

      Thats enough from me.  Take care and keep up the good work.  Nicky

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      Yeah the doctor did say to me about trying breathing exercises when i get onto a lower dose. As i mensioned to her i was out on the weekend in a shop and had a panic attack, i can remember i used to get them before i was prescribed tge valium but that was the 1st time iv had one since i had the valium and if im honest it was probley the weirdest one iv ever had. Felt like everything around me was shrinking in and i felt all wobbly. Had to run out the shop hyperventilating but i asked my partner if i looked wibbly and she said i looked abit worried and said i had to waut outside. So maybey it us alot in the mind :-/
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      I use and still do feel that way at times luke, almost out of body but with the pain, you kinda forget to breath and you can faint.  Wobbly yes would get that all the time and same as you when doing shopping i would have to say to my partner i have to go outside I just could not handle being in there.  Yes it's the brain but still affecting our body really.  Such a bummer all this stuff.  Hope your ok.
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