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Daphnee1703 Daphnee1703

Varicose veins at 21


As the title says I'm unlucky to have a bad case of varicose veins at age 21 on both legs and feet.

It started off with 1 big vein that I ignored for nearly a year until suddenly loads of new ones kept appearing, I decided to get help and luckily I live in a country that has scelotherapy on the health insurance, so I've been doing that since August. The problem is that I have to keep getting the injections once every 3 weeks, and between each treatment, new ones appear. I feel like these injections are just making them disappear without fixing the root problem as new ones are appearing really fast. It's only since last month that I've started having them on my feet, so I got them injected, so painful, and now Ive just noticed some new bad ones on the inside/side of both feet, I can't even imagine how painful that is going to be next time I go...

I just don't understand why they are growing so quickly. I understand how I got them, I was a heavy smoker and I used to work ridiculous long hours standing up and no exercise. I have changed my lifestyle about 6 months ago. I stopped smoking, stopped standing for hours, always sit with my legs up move them around, i wear support tights, no hot showers, I take herbal tablets for blood circulation, I exercise a lot, I even started a course to learn a different type of job so that I won't ever have to be on my feet all day anymore.

Im so worried about it I've started thinking about what deeper problem it could be, maybe it's a heart problem that I'm unaware of? Or is it sometimes normal for varicose veins to get bad so quickly? My parents dont hAve them. I tried talking to my doctor about it, the one who does the scelotherapy, I don't trust her as she said some of her patients come back every year. So I am making an appointment to see a new doctor, but whilst im waiting I just like to know if anyone has any advice..or similar experiences.. as the thought of new veins keep on appearing every month and having to get about 10 injections every 3 weeks is depressing, even though I do realise I'm lucky to be allowed this treatment.. thanks for reading

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  • Marina Dee Marina Dee Daphnee1703

    I had varicose veins when I was 18 so know how you feel.  I think mine were genetic as my Dad had terrible veins but my Mum had none.    I found that high heels made them worse,so I dont wear them if at all possible.   I did have the main  Long Saphenous vein stripped out many years ago but it only made others appear.   I believe you need a doppler test to find out which veins are the real troublemakers and then find the treatment that suits you best.  The latest idea is glueing the vein to divert the blood flow. Theres also laser surgery and several others,but whether your insurance would cover the costs I dont know. I'm in UK

    and only the very worst ie ulcerated get treated on the NHS

     You need a vascular surgeon. The only drawback with having anything done is the fact you dont know if it will work for you until at least a year after the surgery,and even then there is no guarantee that other veins will not appear.      Are yours those tiny red thread veins or large knotted ones?

    • Daphnee1703 Daphnee1703 Marina Dee

      It's horrible to get them at a young age, did yours "grow" quickly? Mine are the actual big blue veins..I had just one tiny spider vein so far. Id rather have spider veins than these ones as i know they will bulge if i dont treat them. But even the scelotherapy didn't manage to completely get rid of the biggest one,well it's left a dark mark on my leg where the vein used to be, it's hard to accept that I'll never have clear legs at my age but I guess worse things can happen..

      Has any treatment worked for you? I guess I just need to find the right treatment and stay healthy..

  • john32808 john32808 Daphnee1703

    Try naturopathy it will really help. I to have, but slowly it is getting better. No medications, change your lifestyle and mainly what you eat. 

  • Marina Dee Marina Dee Daphnee1703

    No,nothing really,but I have found Vitamin K cream is good for reducing bluish patches if you are going without tights. Its only temporary but useful . It shrinks the vein so it doesnt show so much.

  • willy278 willy278 Daphnee1703

    It sounds to me that there's one major deep vein that they haven't got to yet which is the major source of your problems. I've had about 5 foam sclerotherapy procedures in the last 10 years because I had already been through 2 surgical procedures and the surgeon didn't want to go 'in' again. However, my foam sessions have been fine - I don't mind every 2 years or so to have it sorted I'd hate to think what my leg would be like now if I hadn't had anything done -- If I did still have the leg of course as Oedema was pretty bad.

    So, yes it can come back and like me its almost every 2 years but not as quickly as yours. Any second opinions are handy.


  • nel 49762 nel 49762 Daphnee1703

    Ok,this is the friendliest varicose veins treatment you can find in the world.

    It is not frequency treatment nor laser nor strepping and nor sclerotherapy.

    If you all ready have a varicose veins,those large and thick ones like i hade,

    you have to understand that there is no natural treatment or cream in the whole world wich will help you get rid of them.

    This procedure treatment,that i went threw,comes from Germany.I hade my operation in Italy.

    Diagnose was that i have this genetic problem

    on the upper vein in the groin,which was pumping to much blood in to my lower leg,that problem was fixed to.

    (Basically we with this kind of vein problems all have this genetic mistake in upper groin vein)

    Whatever you do,do not remove your varicose veins or destroy them,because other

    veins will take function of that removed vein,and you can get varicose vein all over again if you have genetically bad veins.

    The procedure is called CHIVA.

    I had them for 14 years,(22-36/Man)i just waited(inner voice,intuition..)for better procedure or treatment which i finally found.So i have to share this info so that people will know that it does exist.

    Your vein is like hydraulic tube in the car or machine if you remove it,it can complicate things.

    There's been 2 years when i had operation,there is no new varicose vein,everything is ok!

    Good luck.


    • jolanta60201 jolanta60201 nel 49762

      Thank you  Nel for the info. I have CVI for about 10 years and now developing ulsers. Please let me know at which clinic you had your treatment.

      Thank you

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