Various Symptoms, Pressure behind eyes, arms aching, fatigue, ext.

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Hi my name is Emily, I am 26 and mother of a 2 year old. Ever since my pregnancy, so many different symptoms have been affecting me, it doesn't go away it almost feels like my body is shutting down and I don't know where to turn to.. I am losing hope and doctors are helpless.

So here I go with my symptoms, I've had pressure behind my eyes for about 2 years every single day and gone to eye specialist, nothing found.

I've been having muscle ache, both my amrs ache every single day and its been a year.

I wake up with really bad breath, I know its not my dental it feels like its coming from stomach or back of throat, I have to spit yellow saliva sometimes with little bit of blood

I feel fatigue all the time, tired, and can't exercise much or I feel horrible

I have history of gastritis and ulcer

I have pressure behind head, my neck is constantly stiff

Now I have sores under tongue it won't go away

And lastly, just about 2 months I am having sexual issues; it hurts/feels dry down there

I am afraid I don't know what's going on with me;( someone help me, what type of doctor should I go to? Can anyone relate?

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    Hi Emily

    I was diagnosed with cfs about a year ago. I just kept feeling worse and worse. I went on google and asked my dr if he had ran a test I had found. I didn't know what it was at the time cuz I just wrote it down. It was a test for autoimmune diseases. The next day he called and said I tested positive for anti ssa ro antibodys. I still don't know what all this means, but I see a rheumatologist on Friday. THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE!!! After research, I have just about every single symptom for sjorens, but I won't know anything till I go to the dr. Your symptoms sound similar. Has your dr done an ana test? It could be something to look into.

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      Am happy you got answers! smile ,, to be honest, I was really really thinking I have an autoimmune disorder, like I am getting worse n even taking pills is not helping at all.

      What type of doctor did you see, where they ran that test?

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      Just my primary doctor. I've had all kinds of labs done. My last visit I told him I just feel like crap and it keeps getting worse. He said he could diagnose me with fibro and put me on pain pills. Lol I don't want pain pills for something I don't even know what it is. That's when I asked him to run that test. It takes forever to get into a rheumatologist, I've been waiting 2 months now. Since then it seems like I have a new symptom every week.ive been trying to find out what's wrong wth me for 12 yrs now. These are my symptoms

      Fatigue beyond anything I can describe

      Aches and pains

      Brain fog

      Memory loss

      Tingling to lower legs, feet, and hands

      Right pinky goes numb

      Dry mouth

      Extremely dry and red eyes

      Stabbing random pain in head and different parts of body


      Periods of hair falling out throughout the years

      Rib pain...thought I had broken ribs but xrays showed nothing

      Most recently left side of chest and neck pain

      Lack of sex drive

      I'm sure there are some I'm missing. I don't have all the symptoms everyday. Just randomly.

      I just hope the new dr finds something. I'm tired of being told I'm a healthy female. I hope you find out what's going on with you.

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      Am sorry you are going through this, I know its horrible and hard to find someone to relate cuz not everyone knows what's its like.. I can relate a lot to what you just described, and I can only hope we can get the help we need

      I will definitely be looking for a different doctor, my Dr told me it was stress -_- like seriously I feel bad everyday like not normal

      I also know eating better will make a slight good difference, something I need to do

      I know this is very hard, but let's keep strong and positive, you are not alone

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      Hmm very interesting.. I’ve had the same symptoms on and off for four years. I was first told I was allergic to caffeine due to having migraines as palpitations.. three years later and the symptoms are worse.. but disappear after three weeks. A year on and they’re the worse they’ve ever been and I’ve had to intermitt from university because of it. I’m 20 years old, don’t smoke (never have) don’t do drugs (never have) and occasionally drink .. my symptoms vary from sensitivity to sounds and lights, palpitations, “air hunger” numbness in the hands and fingers, fatigue like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and constant fever like I’m in my underwear only and is 8 degrees outside and we’re in December. I’m so very close to a disgnosis of ME but tour symtoms are so very familiar I’m now questioning everything 😂😭 does ANYONE have restless arms? Mine are so very achy all the time is so incredibly frustrating.. even typing is a pain sad(( 

      Love to everyone out there, we’ll find a cure one day 💖 

      Meg, 20, Cornwall 

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    Wow the pressure behind the eyes.. I get that soooooo bad. But my vision is also all messed up for the past 7 months. I've seen opthamologist neurologist had tons of test (MRI, SPINAL TAP, EEG, FULL dilated eye exam, and several other eye test) everything is normal. Never thought of cfs but maybe it could be

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      Hi Tyler,

      Is that your only symptom? Or do you have other complications?

      Yeah the pain in eyes is very uncomfortable, do you take anything for it? Nothing helps me rolleyes

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      I to am suffering with the pressure behind my eyes. I believe it’s my body telling me I’ve done too much pen overexhausted myself .. but has anyone found a way of helping it? Since I’m currently bedridden I can’t just lie here and watch the world go by 😥 


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