venfalaxine withdrawel

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i started on venlafaxine around 4 years ago after a case of anxiety and deprssion that i feel has in someways traumatised me and i get so scared to go back into a depression so deep.

I have found ways to better manage my anxiety through diet, yoga, supplements and starting acupunture next week.

I feel venalafaxine has destroyed my cognitive function. I have acne and its quite severe and think this is a side effect. i think my hormones are completley out of balance. I also now get heart thuds and feel so unfit being on this medication.

I work long hours and ive started to feel incompetent in my job.

I was on 150 morning and night. Im now on 37.5mg once a day. Sometimes I have to put it up to 75mg if my anxiety goes bad again.

I have spoken to the doctor about switching to sertraline but i cant help but think that sometimes the side effects cause physical problems and anxiety itself.

I have tried to come off venlafaxine a few times and alway get to where i am now.

im wondering if i can take st johns wort whilst my venaflaxine is at a low dose?

does anyone have any further tips that have helped them?

best regards and many thanks


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    Have you tried coming down more slowly - i couldn't come off it by reducing by 75mg at a time so now i'm reducing the dose slowly by weighing out the beads in the capsules. I'm also taking tumeric which is meant to be a good anti-depressant (i don't think you can combine st John's Wort and Venlafaxine, think they react), along with omega 3 and B vits. I'm still finding it hard coming off the venlafaxine but don't have the crazy side effects of when i tried to reduce more quickly.
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      thankyou for your reply. i will definatley be investing in some tumeric. do you get it as a supplement in capsule form?
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      Yeah, it comes in little capsues and is either labelled as Turmeric or curcumin (same thing). I don't know if you're in the UK but if so Holland and Barrett do it smile
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    see my post about my experience of withdrawing recently. It was not as bad as i feared if you do it the right way, and make sure you do stay off them, the withdrawls only last up to a week, so fight through it
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      hi and thankyou for your reply. ive read your story and wondered if your anxiety had managed to go after you stopped taking it, mine seems to spark up pretty bad and get shocking thoughts.
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    Hi DaisyLove, sorry you are having a difficult time.  The most immediate advice is stayaway from St johns wort is has a really bad reaction with venlafaxine.  I myself am now 7 weeks off venlafaxine, I can only suggest what worked for me but I hope it does for you.  I took cod liver oil capsules about half way to coming off 225mg and continued that through to stopping, it does seem that natural fish oil does not react with venlafaxine and I do believe that stopped any chronic side effects when I finally stopped.  As for sertraline I started taking them at 50mg two weeks before stopping venlafaxine and the dose was raised weekly now to 150mg, I do not see why you can't take them but talk to your Dr about this as they have more insight than me and know your history.  If you are on the modified release get your gp to switch to immediate release it is much harder to come off with the modified ones ask you Dr about it I am sure they will be willing to help.  You are right about venlafaxine causing cognitive problems and more it is great to be the other side with no brain fog as I call it.  And if you can that is where you should focus, it seems very hard now but there is light at the end of the venlafaxine tunnel and all of us want to try to help in some way.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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      hi simon thanks for replying.

      did you take venalafaxine then at a low dose at the same time as taiking sertraline?

      my anxiety just felt so bad today whilst at work i thought god il never be able to stop these tablets sad i get a bad throat and swollen uvula and that alls my anxiety is about and im constantly stuck with this physical discomfort and my anxiety gets worse and cant deal with it as much when im coming off my meds. i feel so trapped right now not knowing what to do for the best but the churning in my stomach and depressed state are saying stick with your medication sad but the meds cause me painful cystic acne on my face which in turn ruins my self esteem. sorry for waffling, im actually quite a bouncy happt person, just the withdrawel i suppose.

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      Hi again DaisyLove, the answer to your question is yes I started taking Sertraline when I was on 37.5mg for about 4 weeks before I stopped venlafaxine just 50mg sertraline for that time, then when I stopped venlafaxine my sertraline doseage was increased to 100mg and the next week 150mg.  It still took time for the sertraline to kick in and to help with the anxiety was given 2 weeks dose of diazepam at 10mg for when I felt really bad.  I can't say it was easy but if you keep to it, possibly have someone you trust around you until the sertraline starts to take effect (bear in mind that sertraline may not work for all, it is a hit and miss game to find the most effective alternative to vf).  To help and encourage yourself keep in mind that any side effects you have now will dissapear in the future, and that brain fog vf gives you will go away, also try to keep busy and occupy your mind with tasks will help.  I hope you find my answer helpful, as befor my prayers are with you.
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    I withdrew from Venlafaxine after being on it for 9 years, and anti depressants for over 20 years.  I have been on Sertraline too.  I withdrew over 10 months from Venlafaxine and got no withdrawals at all.  I had done it once before cold turkey so I know how awful withdrawals can be.  If you withdraw really, really slowly, like I did you will not get withdrawals.

    I am an old lady and not strong, but I did manage well.  Most people withdraw too quickly.  It is 17 months now since I came off the Venlafaxine and I am coping well.  I take lots of supplements.  A few ups and downs but so much better than Ihave been for a very long time.  I just want to give you hope that you can withdraw from Venlafaxine without experiencing withdrawals. 

    Dont stop taking when you get to 37.5mg as you will get withdrawals.  I went onto tablets and cut them into smaller and smaller doses.  I tapered really slowly a little at a time over a long period.  Honestly I did it, and I reckon if this little old dear can do it, then it really is possible!! 

    I tried St Johns Wort and 5HTP.  They did not work for me, but definitely worth trying as other people say it has helped them.  Anything is worth trying isn't it? 

    I find that tablets with valerian, passion flower and hops help me with anxiety.  They are cheap and all chemists hace their own brand.  But again what works for me may not work for others.

    I think you are doing really well holding down a job whilst you do this.  Well done.  You are getting there.  Yes side effects of anti depressants can make you feel worse, but then again they can make you feel better.  If you find one that suits you, then that is great news. 

    Actually Venlafaxine was the best I took and Prozac definitely the worse I took.  I did OK on Sertraline too. 

    Let us know how you get on

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      hi anne thankyou for your reply.

      so did your meds ever over lap taking venlafaxine and setraline?

      i definatley need to reduce more slowly. im getting impatient because the venlafaxine cause cystic acne on my face which is painfu and ruining myself esteem.

      can you take st john worth or 5 htp whilst taking venlafaxine?  thought it caused serious side effects?

      can you take valarien, passion flower with venlafaxine?

      its abit of a pain cause sometimes it causes me more anxety taking all these tablets cause my heart always speeds up a nd slows down and makes funny beats so il think that any further medication might damage me then i get more anxiety but id really love to have some herbal remidies to rely on rather than anti depressants.

      i go to see an acupuncturist on monday im hoping she can help. my anxiety is all because of my throat and stupid uvula feeling so irritated i want to cut it out. ive had it 5 ears now. ive read some people have cut it out before in forums when dealing with the same problems as me.

      thanks so much fir your kind words and encouragement.

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      No I never took two at same time.  It was never suggested that I did that by doctor.  Always stopped one before starting another.  Never take St John's Wort whilst on anti depressants as they interact badly.  Don't know about 5HTP.  Yes the herbal tablets are fine with anti depressants. The funny heartbeats are anxiety and usual. 

      Hope the acupuncture helps. 

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