Venlafaxine making me an emotional mess

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Hi, I started taking Venlafaxine 37.5 mg twice a day 3 weeks ago and they are making me an emotional wreck. Im male, 38 and take them for anxiety reasons. I am not depressed but feel so on this medication.

I start the day feeling ok, then I go through and exctiable phase, then fed up and bored phase and then in the evenings I feel totally miserable and angry...I am never angry!

I'm wondering if this is normal while the drug plays with my brain chemistry to find the right levels or should I speak to my doctor and get off this stuff. 

I really am not enjoying this feeling at all. I feel better than this drug free with just strong anxiety.

I lived and dealt with anxiety for years, about 7 before deciding late last year it would be nice to just feel normal for a little while and be able to go on holiday on my own and do normal things on my own with out it being such a big drama.

I was on sertraline before these which just totally reversed my personality. I'm very fun loving and like to mess about with collegues at work, very positive...sert made me the complete opposite.

I was on citalopram for that and they were decent but because I wasn't depressed they made me feel happier but didn't help with the anxiety at all. They were pretty awesome really apart from not helping me for the reasons i took it.

well mini rant over, wondering if I should get off this stuff now or if this is actually normal and soon I will be feeling fantastic.

I would really love to go on holiday this summer on my own, I was hoping these were going to be as good as they are supposed to be, at the moment I feel terrible!

Thanks for your time and allowing me to vent.

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    They do usually reckon on 6 weeks before venlafaxine has full effect, so I think if you asked the doc, he/she would say to give it another 3 weeks trial. Also the nature of mental illness is that you have ups and downs, so it really comes down to how much you can tolerate while you wait to find out how much the venlafaxine is going to help you. If you were to change to something else now, you'd only have to go through that initial few week's wait, and possibly withdrawal symptoms from the venlafaxine as well.
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      Thanks for your reply pixie.

      So do you think these extreme emotions are normal and just the meds trying to find the right balance as I am never like this. I'm not an agressive or moody person and I certainly don't flip through emotions like this.

      Its crazy and embarrassing to write this but sometimes these thing smake me feel like the smallest thing could make me cry. it's nuts!

      Thanks again for replying.

      P.s I just booked a holiday, alone for 2 weeks in turkey. I just did it and tried not to think about it. Feeling nervous now as I know this will be a massive test of my anxiety. Especially being alone and feeling very self concious of's hoping these meds kick in and do wonders soon for me smile

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    Your body takes time to get used to a new anti depressant, and usually you will feel worse before you feel better.  But you have been on anti depressants before, so I expect you have felt this before.  I found Venlafaxine got ride of my anxiety and I felt little emotions whilst on it.  It also dealt with my depression

    I have been on a drug for gastritis thast gave me terrible agitstion and anxiety, so it is not just anti depressants that can do this.  Again different anti depressants suit different people.  What helps one person may not help another.  Matter of finding the one that relieves our symptoms.  Perhaps Venlafaxine is a medication that is not right for you.

    Well done on booking a holiday alone.  You are braver than I.  I loved Turkey.

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      Thanks for your message Anne.

      On setraline and citalopram I felt nothing negative like this. I'm hoping it's a sign that these are sorting things out so I feel less anxious.

      I always try to see the positive in everything lol

      Trust me, i'm already over thinking about being alone on holiday, thinking I won't enjoy it :P

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      Perhaps the Venlafaxine is just not the right medication for you.  It did not do anything like that to me whereas other anti depressants gave me side effectsd.  One made me aggressive, another gave me muscles spasms, another was so bad I became extremely agitated and suicidal.  Like I said, some suit us, and others do not. 

      Has the doctor suggested medication just for anxiety?  Wonderful that you always try to see the positive, as that is not easy when we have anxiety/depression. 

      You are thinking negative about the holiday however.  It is something you want to do, so think to yourself you are going to have a great time.  Don't worry about it, or you won't enjoy the holiday. 

      Hope you feel less anxious soon.

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