Venting about Arrhythmias

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Hello everyone,

I've had PACs and VPCs and I think even Atrial tachy for 7 years now...

Not even a thought about them, Even when an SVT came, it went away after a few minutes and I waited it out usually without second thought mostly because I had so few of them.

a month ago my heart felt like I am too happy and content with my life and went into an 11 hours long flutter of 160... forced trip to the hospital, ablation... and I am not the same person. I had another serious episode since then, one where I felt my heart stops after a 2 hours of fast heartbeat. I lost feeling in arms and legs and it felt like I am dying. I was home alone and it was scary. I remembered to cough hard and I don't know if that did it but just before blacking out my heart returned to beat. I came to and went to the hospital which bore nothing since I was in sinus when the medics arrived.

The most scary thing is that I don't trust the doctors. These events came after long time complaining about pains in the chest and the pancreas area. Pains I am still with today with no treatment. I have tons of stories of people who were wrongly diagnosed or suffered for years only to have their problems solved by some holy doctor or alternative method. The "what if" is killing my mind.

This second episode made me weaker, more anxious, with many more sensations about my heart including waking up in the middle of the night scared of the next flutter or irregularity. Tons of skipped beats which I didn't feel before the procedure. I'm fatigued, have pressure in my head, pain in the armpits and lightheadness.

I went a long way from suffering from anxiety into being a calm person. I face things without second thought which would make me break down years ago. Even the ablation I did with a smile and no fear (beside the needle... I hate needles XD ).

But my heart decided to give me a freaking huge test to my resolve. I am trying to stay calm and mostly I know my situation is not dangerous and I won't die of it. But it is disturbing me. it is very unpleasant. and as a strong person I could have lived with all of this if I only knew I could trust the doctors to make it go away.

But I can't. I feel I have to diagnose myself and find treatments by myself.

And that is what frustrates me most of all...

Thanks for listening.

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    Try and get a Holter monitor from ur dr it might catch something and hopefully get the treatment u need blood work to see if anything is picked up there as well
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      Thanks for the reply. I've done many tests but they all focused around the structure of the heart and the rhythm.  Since Palps can come from so many sources which are not originated in the heart, I guess is why I am whining. The doctors don't seem to search in all possible places.

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    Tzali, you have been through some stuff! I give you a Bravo for being so calm now. I am an anxious person. I dont know what to say really about your post. Only, you are right, it is scary to trust the drs. I always worry they may have missed something. But we have to trust someone. I trust my higher power, who is Jesus in my case. My dr works through him I feel. Maybe you feel helpless which I understand. But, I would go talk to another Dr if you are not happy with your treatment. I think you should since you had the passing out episode. Something may have changed. I don't know your diagnosis you never said. So,  I really cant help very much, but just listen. Take car and keep in touch!  A prayer and a hug coming you way,

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      Thanks Mabel, I have been tested and diagnosed with Atrial Tachycardia, PACs and VPCs.

      Last Holter I head 8 AT, 400 PACs and 30 VPCs which is much better than I've had 7 years ago when I first discovered I have rhythm issues.  What changed is the pain, the flutter and the sensations.

      I know I need to trust the doctors but when you see how fast they pass their diagnosis which leads to no results you have to wonder "where is the doctor that will dig deeper and walk with me until we solve the problem?". It is not that our situation is unsolvable. Many people resolved their palps after being correctly diagnosed for the cause and not only given treatment for symptoms.

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    I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. Two years and they couldn't detect what developed into Ventricular Tachycardia, it was only when I bought myself a wonderful little handheld ECG machine that I could catch the ectopics whilst they were happening. Of course they now like to brand me a hypochondriac because they don't like it when you are better at their job than they are. 

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      Yes true having your own maybe a better choice indeed it's frustrating how they can't find things sometimes. Especially when all we want is answers.

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      Hi Peter,

      This sounds terrible.  I hate it when they do that.  Going "mental" seems to be a default for doctors these days for many complaints.  And you have to live with your body...

      I don't remember this happening some 15-20 years ago.

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    I'm with you on the doctors being of little or no help in diagnosing, much less treating, these things.  I've now worn a holter or event monitor three times, with doctors who just shrug and smirk and lie to me, "nothing to worry about".  Well, they're not entirely wrong because I'm still here and it never has turned into a serious event, but I've stayed up plenty of nights and not known if I was going to wake up plenty of others.  But, well, I did.  

    ?I've also thought of getting my own ECG meter, but not sure what's available in the US, or what one does with it once you have it, much less $$$.

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      GP said about my early graph, "just harmless benign ectopics, nothing to worry about", friend worked for a cardiologist and showed her, cardiologist is on the phone next day, "every time you get this, ring an ambulance". The ECG I got was a Prince 180B, easy to use, and the graphs matched the graphs in the ambulance.

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      Hi jx, I would actually suggest that you refrain from using a personal ECG.

      Though I have no doubt your symptoms are real, from my experience of anxiety, you would very much like to fight the urge to "take control" and monitoring yourself like that.  It will give rise to stress.  needlessly.

      Instead, try to approach the subject on timely basis. Allow yourself, say an hour a day tops to think, manage, handle, test or whatever in regard to your heart. When that hour ends, put it all aside and live.

      This balance is important and I found it to reduce stress, over-thinking and it is much more productive in solving the problem without "having to live with it".

      Hope you will be OK, physically and more important - mentally.

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      Tzali, appreciate the advice, but when the heart starts to "misbehave" it's not something easily ignored, no matter what the doctor says.

      ?Actually the only serious arrhythmias I've had in the last month were in the doctor's office!  Twice!  We finally caught a little of it, "extra beat" the nurse said, doctor just shrugged - as usual.  Easy for him to say.

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    I had a similar challenge . I started to call my friends on the phone every day . I started to drink more water every day. I started to follow my exercise prescription - walking 5 minutes a day after eating every day I hope this helps

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