Vertical Lines That Follow My Focal Point

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Hey all,

This is my first post but wanted to see if anyone could provide some insight on what I am experiencing...Im a 29 year old in pretty good health, work out 3-4 times a week and could not tell you the last time I ate fast food!

A long story short, ever since December 2016 I have not been feeling well (about 5 months right now). It all started when I returned from a week long hunting trip. Sitting in the airport heading home my left inner bicep felt like I did a massive workout. The next few days my pointer and thumb were numb/tingly. Went to the doc, and he reccomended taking some anti inflamtory which i did; took care of the numbness and chocked it up to a pinched nerve from a busy last day of the hunt.

About 3 days later I fell into a crazy fog and had trouble concentrating on tasks and even driving. That symptom along with the eye concerns never went away. Over the next few months I combated tight forarms, tight calves, headaches, earaches, constant slight dizziness/sinus pressure feeling, upper back and shoulder/neck pains as well as "vision" problems.

I've been tested twice for lymes with the first one coming back posistive for the ELISA but negative for the western blot (only 2 bands 45 and i think 32?) and the second one did not test positive on the ELISA at all so a western blot was never performed. Also, I had an MRI done on my brain about 3 months after the onset of the symptoms, no lesions or concerns for MS at this time. 

The headfuzz and "fog" can seemingly be controlled if i get enough sleep (in bed by 930pm and up for work about 530am) however the eye concerns are not yeilding any improvement. My primairy gripe is i've seen an increase in floaters and most disturbingly these vertical clearish lines that follow my vision's focal point. However, once i focus on something its relatively perfect and I can still read things at a distance without much of a challenge. It also feels like at times i have gunk in my eye, or it becomes easily watery. I have to blink and wipe them before it clears up. Peripherals seem good as I can see things nearly 160*+ left and right.

This concern is most noticeable under florescent lights which is what floods my workplace. Supermarkets, and stores are less noticeable and in the outside natural light I barely notice the floaters or vertical lines. I really have to focus and move my eyes left to right very fast to pick up on the disturbances.

I went to the eye doc and after the exam they offered up a very, very mild prescription with a DVA of 20/15 and an NVA of 20/20. my sphere was -0.25, cylinders were -0.25 and axis was 135 and 45. Not really sure what all of that means, but they said it was mild! smile

Im really wondering what is going on and if anyone can reccomend anything to get looked at.

Thank you all!


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    Those are distance vision and near vision acuity. 

    They look normal . 

    Howerver, floaters, flashes and haloes are changes in your vitreous humor .

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      Thank you for the quick replies. I believe i saw an optemtrist, she was an "OD."

      Reviewing the link you posted Rocky I have sometimes "seen stars" but its often after rubbing my eyes, or standing up quickly after a set at the gym. Although on a few (3 or 4 over the last months) ive sworn i saw a flicker.

      Haloes dont seem to be a problem, looking at lights at night they are not there. Driving in every morning in the dark is not a problem, in fact i enjoy the dark more than the light recently. The only time I see a halo is on this one specific light at work in the parking lot. Its an old, yellowish industrial looking light.

      Should i see someone other than an "OD?"


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    Some back problems with the discs ive read can caus muscle,eye and forms of nueropathy. The upper neck discs are the ones associated with eye issues. Just an idea.
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    Lee, thank you.

    For the first time ever in my life i did go to a chiro yesterday. I was about 1.5" shorter on my left leg causing some issues with gait and such. Some of the fuzz has subsided, but im not sure if its because of my military like sleep schedule now or that. only time will tell...Perhaps it needs some more time to clear up the eye concerns. To not risk anything i'm going to the eye docs tomorrow to let them dialate the pupil and have a look to be double sure.

    I was in a car accident about a year ago where I was rear ended pretty good, ever since then my back/neck have not felt right. The hunting trip mightave done me in with some nerve entrapment...?

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    Had my eyes dialted for the first time ever...that was a trip.

    Good news though, no retinal tears in the works, or a history of anything occuring. No presence of glaucoma, optic nerve looked good and under no pressure. I did have some floaters and a slight, slight scratch on my lens in my right eye. Not sure how it became scratched, but she said maybe it was because of one of the floaters?

    Im starting to wonder if this is some sort of constant migraine? I've heard of these ocular migraines and migraine induced vertigo?

    Thoughts all?

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    ?When you say you went to the eye doc, did they just test your vision or did you see and opthamologist to thouroghly check the back of your eyes and everything? If you have had a proper check of your retinas etc. and nothing was detected then it's probably fine. Otherwise, I would suggest going to see an opthamologist at the hospital just to be on the safe side. All the best x

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      When the doc checked out my eyes she did a full exam, to my knowledge. Started with the normal read this line, hows this look etc as she changed the lenses around.

      From there. she started by getting my eyes dialted them had a series of test in which she asked me to look left, right, up down, etc to see if there were any detachments.

      She stated she saw the floaters i was speaking to in my right eye. Optic nerve looked like there was no abnormal pressure, no evidence of a current, impending, or previous retinal detachment, and no reason to believe there was a change of glaucoma, or any of thise nasty things.

      She did state that there appeared to be a small scratch on my right eye cornea, possible from one of the floaters or previous injury?

      is that what you mean by a full check?

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      Yes, that's what I meant by a full check as opposed to just the sight test (reading letters etc.). It sounds as though you have had a thorough eye exam, so if there was something to he concerned about it would have been detected. With your other physical symptoms, have you considered that you may be suffering from anxiety? Anxiety and stress can also cause vision problems in some people. Just a thought.

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