Vertigo after MRI! 24/7 vertigo pls help!

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Hey everyone!

I need ur help/advise!

Sry for my bad English though.

Im 28 yrs old. I just finished B.A in communications and journalism and want to start my life.

For about 8 months im suffering from vertigo and off balance symptoms. I have also ringing in my ears (both). My body feels like its pulling me to either side and I have difficulty sitting/standing still.

Heres some things I did to check whats wrong:

1. I went to an ENT doctor -She sent me to a hearing test (normal), CT (normal) and an ENG wich said I have:

RT beating nystagmus in darkness. Significant directional changing nystagmus was recorded with positional test.

Oculometric tests are normal.

So I figured theres something wrong, went back to my ENT, after she examined me again, and performed several manuevers (including DIX-HALLPIKE was normal) she said she dosent see some wrong with the inner ear canals, as the caloric test where in the normal range. She said to further investigate my vertigo and nystagmus, I should check with an Ophthalmologist and a Nuerologist.

2. The Ophthalmologist, the eye doctor, saw nothing wrong with my eyes, but saw a mild nystagmus in extreme ductions. Hence he sent me to a Nuero-Ophthalmologist that specialises in eye brain connection. He didnt even see a nystagmus when examening me!

3. The nuerologist did several tests in his office, and sent me to a brain MRI. (He wasnt nice and sort of looks at me like what do u want me to do?).

Anyways, I did the MRI last wendsday.

When entering the MRI machine, I felt a swoorling horrifing vertigo that my heart pounded so hard!! Throughout the test I had vertigo and when I came out for about 15 min.

A vertigo sensation that you feel when doing a caloric test with the water in ur ears!!

That same day I went to sleep normaly (with my regular vertiginous sensations).

The next day, inculding now, 5 days later, I feel much much worst!! Like im lideraly inside the machine again!! Realy being pulled to the side! I can barley stand and walk.

Im suffering for so long, I can barley function and leave the house, my parents and friends are frustraided, Im so anxious and depressed because of these feelings, and now adding a severe vertigo wich is getting stronger since the MRI.

I dont know what to do. Im completly hopeless. My ENT and Ophthalmologist are to no avail, they dont see a prob. The nuerologist sended me to the MRI just to eliminate acoustic neuoroma (he was very dismissive and he is off till May).

My questions guys:

1. Does anyone have any idea if an MRI can do that? Can wrosten these sympotms?

2.Can anyone share if they have the same symptoms?

3. Can I try other things??

What can I do better?

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to help me!!

Im writin this with tears in my eyes.

Any advise/suggestion/help is most welcome.

Thank you!!!!❤

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    Hi I am around your age and have most your symptoms. The MRI didn't make me do that but I got anxiety in it a bit. Maybe you had anxiety and that has set off the vertigo again? Go doctor ask for antidepressants or go CBT therapy. 

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      Yeah that wasnt anxiety, that was lideraly vertigo, and I still have it 24/7...I got antideprasnants about 6 months now, they have nothin to do with my vertigo for these past 8 months.

      Thanx anyways!

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    I had a similar challenge - I went to many doctors - Finally an internal medical specialist requested some blood work  and I felt more relaxed - I suggest ask for another medical opinion
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    Has anyone suggested you do vestibular exercises?  They helped resolve my severe vertigo. You may be able to get physical and or occupational therapy for this. You can do a google search too.  Google the VEDA site.  I still have separate long-term balance issues but for the severe vertigo antibiotics and vestibular exercises worked.
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      Well ive tried most of these manuevers and exrecises by myself. Acctualy my ENT said she cant swnd me to physio cuase she dosent see a sepecific problem (as I mantioned before).

      But ill try searching for some exrecises..

      Thanks a million!

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    Hi smile

    My name is Anna. Sorry for my english but it's not my native language wink How are you feel? Better? I have the same from 2 years - dizziness, vertigo, out off balance. I have done VNG, MRI, blood tests, EEG, I have checked my eyes, heart and ears. Nothing sad But I still feel bad. After MRI I had the same feelings for 2 days.

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      Sorry to hear that...The feelings after the MRI are gone, but the dizziness is still there..its driving me crazy, 24/7 all the time.

      Do you also feel like this 24/7? Its very hard to even get out of the house for me..8 months and it feels like its getting worse..

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      Great to hear that you feel better. Yes, a have dizziness all the time 24/7 so I now how hard it is sad I feel really bad and don't know what to do... I spend most of my time in house but even there I don't feel ok sad

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