Vertigo flares around menstruation

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I had my first episode of vertigo in October which started with eye issues and then full blown room spinning- lasted 2 full weeks... was told it was bppv and took the meclizine and went to dizziness center for epley which the therapist didn't see nystagmus so wasn't sure it was bppv... then in November I had a nasty head cold and had a very mild flare of it during that time.. and now I'm having my 3rd episode- mild compared to first time but still not good.. I just happened to look at my calendar as I chart my periods since my husband and I were trying for a baby- all 3 of these seem to be coming right before as in a week before or a few days before my period.. I'm going to an ENT tomorrow. I am so petrified that it's menierres bc i read that is a common symptom for women.. I never had any hearing loss but this current time I did get ringing in my right ear before and during the week which only lasted a few seconds. My right ear is very itchy today as well. I'm

So depressed, I have a 2 year old and I want to be able to enjoy Christmas with him and I'm afraid this is getting the best of me

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    Best to let us know what ENT will say, and we can take it from there.  Correct diagnosis is the most important.

    Eleftherios S. Papathanasiou, PhD, FEAN

    Clinical Neurophysiologist

    Fellow of the European Academy of Neurology

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      So the ENT doesn't seem to think it's my ear. I have to go for a VNG and audiology test in a month. I have seronegative arthritis and it has been in remission since I had my son. He asked if I had cervical spondylosis which made me nervous bc I have had on and off since the summer neck pain and nerve pain with that on occasion radiation down my arm (like 1-2 seconds of pain with the wrong movement).. in the past my rheumatologist leaned toward spondyloarthropathies bc my flairs were in my spine. I have horrible posture. Now I have to wait a whole month for more answers.. I am not even sure what do treat myself with in the meantime :-(

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      I can tell you symptoms with each episode.. I'll try to summarize them:

      Prior to October I had an occasional spin- never progressed

      October I went on vacation and had an episode on the plane when taking off- I attributed it to my anxiety of flying bc it immediately went away

      2 weeks after that I started to have the inability to focus my eyes - felt like it was difficult to work on the computer (I'm a nurse and work on a computer a lot).. after a few days had the sensation the room was spinning to the right- went to my general doc and she diagnosed me with bppv. This was a friday- she told me to seek PT at the balance center for epley.. over the weekend it was severe- my eyes were shaking all over, I was taking the meclizine and I felt the need to lay down but laying down actually made it worse.. Monday came and ironically it was starting to subside- had an epley maneuver done and within a few days the eye sensation resolved..

      (Never felt 100% normal since this started- my eyes feel jittery sometimes)

      November i caught a headcold from my son and it was before a holiday- had a sore throat so went to clinic to make sure I didn't need antibiotic for strep- strep was negative and they advised me to add the nasacort to hopefully prevent the vertigo from coming back (i had eye sensations starting)

      This episode- today is December 27- this current one started December 14th.. I started with the inability to focus again.. occasionally the quick spins- tinnitis (new symptom) for a few seconds in my right ear initially and then in my left- but very faint and brief.. I saw ENT and he didn't see the nystagmus and wanted to have me do more testing. (Have to wait a month).. I came home very stressed, my menstrual cycle normally clockwork came 4 days late and I had 2 migraines before it came. (Yes then I have migraines only before my period) got my period and have to say most painful cycle I've ever had, I am trying to get pregnant or would go right back on the pill, now since yesterday the symptoms are worse and my eyes are crazy with nystagmus- the nystagmus is only when I turn my head to the left..

      I noticed all of these episodes come before my period about a week before.

      I am going to the balance therapist Thursday to try anything and I made a second opinion apt at an ENT my family uses- I think I can get tests done sooner. I'm just stressed over this now. I have ppl telling me "oh you better get a ct scan for brain tumors or MRI for Ms".. I'm like a bottle of emotions waiting to explode. I just want to feel normal again- I video recorded my eyes so the doc can't tell me I don't have nystagmus. I am scared something is majorly wrong but statistically I am praying I am in the common group. Ugh sorry for the long explanation

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      Also-- not sure if it's relevant or not. The symptoms are worse upon awakening- better at night. My eye muscles feel strained by the end of the day after work though bc the constant attempt to read the computer all day makes them ache

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    Update: went to vestibular therapy today and the woman said "this is not bppv and I don't believe this is from your ear."

    I am at a loss. The vertigo is very seldom- but the nystagmus is there. She didn't believe I had it and thank god I recorded it. I showed her it. I have horizontal nystagmus- when I look left or right. My ears feel slight pressure as well. I am getting so stressed out over this- it takes WEEKS to see a doctor, no one can give answers bc no one knows. I have absolutely no weakness, my vision is normal minus the nystagmus. I still have tinnitis on occasion and the new is the slight pressure in my ear or behind my ear sensation. She mentioned TMJ.

    TMJ- I have had random jaw pain, as well as jaw nerve pain when I drink wine or something. My jaw does pop when I eat food that requires a good chew- but can this cause this nystagmus and ear pressure? I am wondering if I should go to my rheumatologist and get my labs checked out.. my arthritis has been in remission for 2 years.. maybe it's coming out again? I am just paranoid I have a brain tumor or multiple sclerosis

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    Curious to know too. And yes you can have nystsgmus and not be bppv. Could be cervicogenic dizziness.. Why the question about SA was asked.
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