Very large Hiatal Hernia/class D esophagitis/Barrett's esophagus/GERD

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I've had problems with reflux for many years but it came to a head in 2013. I was severely anemic & received 2 units of blood since I was bleeding somewhat from my esophagus. I received an endoscopy so they could see what was going on. I had severe damage to my esophagus that I wasn't aware of. Diagnosed with class D esophagitis & a very large hiatal hernia that is still sitting in my chest. I did the PPI's and other meds until that didn't work anymore. Fast forward 2 years. In August I started feeling tremendous pressure in my stomach & chest when I eat. It's so bad that if I don't throw up it feels like my chest is going to explode. I have a hard time burping & it doesn't matter what I eat, when I eat or how much (or little I eat in my case) I get the same feeling. I rarely keep anything down. Have lost 36 lbs in the last 3 months. Anyone experienced this or heard of this before? It is making my life miserable. Have another endoscopy scheduled very soon. Interested to know am I the only one??

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    Hi Vickie,

    You have been suffering from severe oesophagitis which caused the bleeding and may ahve caused permanent damage to your oesophagus.

    Have you been diagnosed with Barrett's? If so was there any dysplasia seen? Barrett's can mutate via dysplasia to cancer.

    Your hiatus hernia means your lower oesophageal sphincter cannot close properly thus facilitating reflux. When that reflux is acidic, it erodes your oesophagus = oesophagitis. Grade D (the highest on the Los Angeles scale) means at least three quarters of the circumference of your oesophagus has erosion.

    You do need to reduce the acid and the reflux. PPIs are the most effective way of reducing acid. Which one were you on and at what dose? Your oesophagitis won't heal and will only get worse if it is being continually washed with strong acid.

    Your chest and abdominal pains may be due to signals via the vagus nerve.

    Your inability to belch and pressure in the abdomen may indicate a stricture of some sort; this may be inflammation from your oesophagitis.

    You need to have that endoscopy very soon to check the condition of your oesophagus and discuss possible treatment regimens.

    If you cannot reduce the acid, you need to reduce the reflux that has carried it from your stomach. You may wish to consider reflux reduction surgery. (I had it and it gave me my life back.)

    Read more about oesophagitis, Barrett's and Reflux reduction by going to www DownWithAcid org uk and finding these by scrolling down the contents list (home page).

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      Barretts ,You seem to know so much about Barretts and hiatal hernia.

      You said they come hand in hand... I am getting a scope on Tuesaday. Very nervous about the procedure do I do no sedation or sedation?

      I use to be very nauseous for a long time and lightheaded. I don't get those feelings much anymore. I did develop a chronic cough a year ago that was worse due to the flu but it stays with me. More throat clearing... funny thing is I went away from my home a few weeks ago and I hardly coughed? Then returned home I started to cough again.

      I have been tested for asthma, my lungs, allergies , heart al kinds of tests all coming back normal. So my GI wasn't concerned but I want a scope just a little nervous.

      I do have acid reflux not that bad take 15 mg of lansoprazole every other day if I need it. Use to take higher dose 60 mg for 2 weeks then to 30 mg daily for a month when I had Hpylori. I no longer have this!

      Wondered about the Barretts/ hiatal symptoms?

      Hope you get this before Tuesday to shed some comfort for me smile


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      You are describing the symptoms of extra-oesophageal reflux (also known as LPR) that I've had all my life. And I've had all the heart tests, asthma tests, allergy tests etc, too.

      I have regular scopes - used to be every 2 years now every 3 years. They are not pleasant and most people opt for sedation. Sedation doesn't work for me so I have to have it without. I just have to remain calm, concentrate on breathing and know it'll be all over in a few minutes.

      You may prefer to opt for sedation. It's not anaesthesia so you remain conscious but are unaware of what's happening - and some fall asleep. You will need to have someone to escort you to and from the clinic and cannot operate machinery for 24 hours. (Without sedation, I am able to cycle to and from the hospital.)

      Good luck for tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

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      I would have the sedation if it were me. I have had 3 endoscopies with sedation with no ill side effects. It just made things easier for me. I will be having the full Nissen Fundoplication surgery within the next week and will update you guys along my path of recovery. I wish you the best & let us know how it goes.
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    Hi Vickie, can you let us know what the diagnosis was?

    hoping you managed to have it fixed.

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      I have since seen my surgeon & have found out that my entire stomach has herniated up into my chest to the point that it is interferring with my breathing. I just returned from a motility study this morning & will be having the full Nissen Fundoplication within a week. I am very anxious to have this done & so ready to get my life back. I will keep you posted along the way as to my recovery.
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      All the besy for your operation and a speedy recovery afterwards. For me, fundoplication was the best thing I ever did.
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      Thanks so much!! I just can't wait to put down the Gaviscon. I should have bought stock in the company!! Do you have any advice for me after the surgery? Do's & dont's? I am having the LNF done by one of the best surgeons in my area & feel very forunate that I was able to get in with him.
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      You will probably be in hospital for one night only - perhaps two.

      Following your discharge, you should stay on soft sloppy foods for a few weeks. Although I had laid in lots of soups, I found I was able to manage things like mashed potato and shepherd's pie or fish pie without problem. (Indeed I was given fish pie at the hospital on the day of my discharge, following a very solid porridge for breakfast.)

      You will feel full very quickly. Typically, you'll only manage half sized portions and you'll typically lose about a stone and a half in weight.

      Don't try and lift anything heavy or stretch too much but do try some small progressive amounts of gentle exercise. I worked up to walking round the block (half a mile) then the larger block (1 mile) over a couple of weeks a little bit further each day.

      I have a high pain threshhold and needed nothing more than soluble paracetamol - just feeling a bit bruised, but some people need stronger pain meds for a few days.

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      Thanks so much!  How much is a stone & a half?? I am feeling very encouraged...
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      Sorry, that's how we measure weights in UK. A stone is 14 pounds. A stone and a half is about 20 pounds or 9 Kgs.
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      I will just add it to the 43lbs I have already lost then hopefully i can start to put a little back on. Thanks so much!!
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    Everyone - I have just returned home from having my Full Nissen Fundopication surgery. I can already feel relief even though I am pretty sore!! Five small incisions for the laproscopic surgery that my surgeon glued back together. Some chest & shoulder pain also but well controlled with the pain meds & well worth it so far!!  I'm excited about my prognosis & will keep you updated! Worst part is actually the sore throat from the general anesthesia!!
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      Update on my surgery. Doing well with eating. Still full liquid diet. No pain swallowing. Incisions healing well. Some chest pain from where the Dr said he had to adjust the lining of my lungs!! I have had no nausea & no urge whatsoever to throw up. Jello is my friend ☺️ You were absolutely right about this surgery. I am not even a week in & it has totally changed my life already ☺️ It's like immediate relief & not 1 Gaviscon since the surgery either!!! No heartburn, no reflux & no pressure in my chest to throw up. I am very thankful to have been able to get this surgery & would recommend it 100% if you are having problems similar to mine. You said I would get my life back & so far you were right ☺️ Another update in about a week.

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