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Barrett's Oesophagus

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  • austinkwebb 2

    Stomach Pain (slight)

    Hey there, I am a 27 year old male with newly diagnosed Barrett's Esophagus (USA). I have noticeable pain right under my left ribs. Sometimes it is just there but not too terrible, other times it just kind of gets a bit worse. I am never in enough pain to where I end up really worrying about it.  I...

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  • malcolm47 3

    A natural way of dealing with Barretts esophagus?

    Hello all,quite recently I realised that my treatment for Barretts did not appear to be working very well I am taking 40mg Lansoprazole twice per day for the usual symptoms,reflux,distension,discomfort in throat etc. I was diagnosed last June with Barretts,hiatus hernia and reflux after undergoing an...

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  • ajoy16607 2

    My Followup Endoscopy

    Hello! I have written on here previously after my first endoscopy that was done 10 months ago. The doctor found a salmon colored tongue that he biopsied and it came back negative for Barretts Esophagus. He said I needed no further endoscopies and I just have a irregular z line. However I was very anxious...

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  • dhimi29434 2

    Stretta or lynx

    After a manometry test i have been told i have weak oesophageal muscles and hypotensive upper oesophagus... therefore the surgeon has suggested that best option for me is stretta whereas I would have preferred either lynx or fundoplication for my insurance company (axa) have declined...

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  • RunYogaRead 1

    EDG, ERCP, BRAVO Scheduled, I want to be sure I need them

    I'm having a freakout moment right now, pretty scared with these procedures coming up in two days, and after a handful of procedures that I later learned were not necessary, I thought perhaps the collective wisdom of this group might be able to help. I've had GI issues for about 15 years, many of which...

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  • trutxn1958 1

    Barretts after Toupet

    My husband had a toupet March 2015 after having one ablation.  He had long segment barretts with the whole esophagus fully involved.  Had a large hiaital hernia repaired with the toupet.  He had a total of 4 ablations.  Now, after a year later look, he has multiple lesions at the EJG.  Since he had the...

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  • terry62803 1

    Worried waiting for results

    I had an endoscopy 10 days ago and was told i have barretts. I have regular scopes. Every 2 years due to my hernia so i was not overly concerned as i knew it was more recent development. They took some biopsy and told me to ring my gp in a couple of weeks to check the results. Again not worried. However...

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  • Sunlover 2

    pH Manometry result very high

    Recently had pH Manometry test, result was 63.9 - up from a score of 54 ten years ago, apparently this is a very high DeMeester score. I also recently had endoscopy and Barretts was discovered but no dysphasia, gastritis and duodenitis also diagnosed.  Hiatus hernia diagnosed 10 years ago and have been...

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  • cath05881 1

    Barretts oesophagus

    Just been diagnosed with Barrett's Oesophagus (low grade dyspalasia) and am a little scared.   Can anyone tell me if they have developed cancer from this?

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  • ajoy16607 2

    My Followup Endoscopy xcgb

    Hello! I have written on here previously after my first endoscopy that was done 10 months ago. The doctor found a salmon colored tongue that he biopsied and it came back negative for Barretts Esophagus. He said I needed no further endoscopies and I just have a irregular z line. However I was very anxious...

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  • stephanie66456 2

    Fundoplication and hiatus hernia repair

    Hello there! I was on this site a lot prior to my operation and did promise I would update people on my experience, I have however been extremely busy due to personal circumstances, but finally here goes; I had my operation at the end of October 2015, when I woke from the anesthesia I was in a lot...

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  • Angela2690 1

    Horrible symptoms, worried!

    I'm 26 and for the past 4 years have experienced horrible acid reflux and trouble swallowing. At first it was just meat, pasta and bread but now it's pretty much everything other than liquid. Often the food will get stuck, and it always goes down really slow. I also have constant shortness of breath...

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  • ali60886 1

    Barretts with Hi grade Dysplasia

     Am new to the group.  Have had Barretts for 4 years and was checked every two years.  This lastest endoscopy with biopsy shows Hi Grade Dysplasia.  Biopsy is going on for further analysis..and I am on pins/needles waiting for results: is it just hi grade or possibly undected cancer.  Has any one else...

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  • Mechwd 2

    Question about chest pain...

    So I had a post about a month ago that talked about some chest pain that I was having due to stress/BE ... I am still having those pains mostly after either I over eat, or eat something fatty. Are flair ups normal to last this long,...

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  • shellj 2

    Hernia,Barrets and reflux

    hi... I have been on this site a few times but wondered if anyone has the same doubts, problems etc as me. I am 60 and have a hiatus hernia, silent reflux and as far as I know ( last endoscopy 2015 .... Another due 2018)  small area of  barretts. I have been offered fundoplacation op versus daily lansoprazole...

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  • Lynn181051 2

    Nasty taste and tingly tongue

    I was diagnosed with Barrett's around 3 years ago. I have no problems other than acid reflux. I was prescribed omeprazole. These make me feel sick most days. I also have ranitidine, I go between both. Over the past few weeks I have had a nasty taste in my mouth. Any ideas?? I reallly would like to treat...

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  • alikiely 2


    i have been suffering with reflux last 3 years, I have hiatus hernia and Barrett's oesophagus I take ompresole and ranitidine, I am coping with medication. Don't want operation so far. does anybody get breathless? I can't walk up any hills even small inclines make me very breathless and long walks have...

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  • g04199 2

    Symptoms of Barrett's Oesophagus

    Hello can someone help me here as I have to wait 3 weeks for scopes and keep googling and its freaking me out. I have been diagnosed with mild Gerd around 15 months ago, since coming off antidepressants I had a bad stomach cramps attack and now have trouble swallowing food, a feeling of fullness in my...

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  • dhimi29434 2

    Confused n scared what manometry will predict

    been diagnosed with gerd and metaplacia at gastroiesophagus junction about 6 years ago am on lanzaprazole n gaviscon.although its better i suffer tremendously with regurgitation daily after anything i eat......i have done all possible lifestyle changes but its becoming unbearable.... it has really put...

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  • dhimi29434 2

    Alternative to fundoplication?

    I need advice please.... waiting to have manometry gastroscopy has revealed that i have a very lax or weak cardia.... should manometry suggest that i have impared oesophagus or motility..... can i still request a nissen fundoplication...or what are effective alternatives? Please advice......

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  • Artysarah232324 2

    24hr reflux results and manometry.... now confused

    Right I was diognosed back in June with Barrets c5m3 after years of issues I'm a 34 yr old female on 80mg per day of omeprazole I recently got sent for the manometry and reflux tests to determine if I was going to be sent for funduplaction surgery, today I went for my results this was the outcome , Had...

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  • matthew76698 2
  • brinal30613 3

    Exercise - post Nissan fundoplication

    just wondering if it's safe to excercise - post surgery. It's been over a year now since I had the NF. I heard that doing sit-ups is not recommended once you've had the NF. I used to do Pilates. And Yoga. Most of these types of excercise involve the stretching and mini sit-ups. Curling up etc. just wondering...

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  • ajoy16607 2

    How do concerned should I be?

    Hello! I have written on here a few times and it has been a great help!! Back in July of 2016 I had a endoscopy due to regurgitation issues. The GI doc took biopsies for susipicion of Barretts because of a salmon colored tongue that was a maximum of 1cm. The biopsy results came back as negative for specialized...

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  • john34996 2

    Reflux advise

    Hi i was diagnosed last year with Barretts, hiatus hernia and oesophagitis/reflux i had been having heart burn for a number of years and  the doctor gave me ppi tablets, it was only after speaking to other people that i asked the doctor for a gastroscopy  i had to really push for it, thats when they...

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  • Mechwd 2

    Getting a little worried...

    I was diagnosed with Barrett's about a year ago. In the last couple weeks I have been under a lot of stress and I have developed a pain in my chest just on the left inside chest area. Sometimes my stomach area will hurt as well. I also have a small cough developing. i went to the doctor and he didn't...

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  • nancy88124 2

    Bravo Pellet Test

    Just wondered has anyone else has the BRAVO test done. I got it done end of January and feel my GERD symptoms are worse. Can t take PPI s due to side effects having Fundoplication done end of next month. Diagnosed 3 weeks ago as probable Barrett's consultant did nt have all the results back from biopsy....

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  • Robert Emmet 2


    There is lots of information regarding dysplasia... Low to high, high to OAC, likelihood of progression. However there is little known, it seems, about the changes from no dysplasia to low or high. What are the chances? It seems low but I've read NDBE can progress to OAC without the intervening...

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  • mark69472 2

    esophageal cancer

    was hoping people could assist i have been spitting up blood for the last six months and have had terrible heart burn i have had a ct scan which came back normal and i am due to have an endoscopy in a fortnight . I am worried becuase i think it could be esophageal cancer , another thing is when i drink...

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  • sedy 1

    Need advice for treating GERD(stress caused) effected gut naturally

    I have been diagnosed with GERD and Barrot's eosophagus (no dysplasia).My endoscopy showed lot of stomach acid (so its not due to less acid as many online health blogs might say). reason for that has been stress and anxiety for 6-8 years  and painkiller use before that . Anyways, I am on ranitdine 150...

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  • elizabeth08687 2

    Why is my mum needing another endoscopy

    My mum is 67 roughly 6stone has Barrets oesophagus was diagnosed bout 5 years ago with endoscopy she has hitus hernia ulcers and coeliac disease since birth. She was 7-7 xmas losing weight chocking on food she's now in hospital at respiratory ward with breathing problems on oxygen she got her endoscopy...

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  • matthew76698 2

    Newly diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus.Am really scared.

    Hi,have just had a gastroscopy,after the exam a nurse brought in a card with details on,that I looked at when I sat down.It said Barrett's epithelium so I questioned it as I heard it was a pre cancerous condition.It also looked to me like the a part of n/a on the cancer referral section was ringed.I...

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  • Artysarah232324 2

    Barrett's oesophagus cause

    Hi I have recently had my manometry test and 24 hour reflux test and will get the results when I return to hospital in march. I was wondering are there any other causes for Barrett's other than gerd?

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  • deborah24051 2

    Hoping for a Cure

    Hi. I am a 52 year old female who was diagnosed with Barretts approximately 7 years ago.  After staying on Nexium (40mg per day) for 1 year and omitting the food and drinks (alcohol, chocolate and coffee) that probably aggravated the condition, my doctor said I have the condition under control. I have...

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