Very stressed stomach bloating all day everyday scared

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I'm seriously beginning to think I've got either colon cancer or stomach cancer I am scared for my life I think I am going to die soon I was diagnosed with ibs years ago due to stomach pain and constipation.

I've been severely constipated for many many years I just cannot see to get my digestive system turning I've taken laxatives for relief and they do work but after I use them I feel bad stomach pain and I'm still bloated badly. I cannot shake the bloat it's almost like my intestines are swollen and I'm petrified I do not know whether I should go to the ER or not lord knows I don't want to die I'm only 26 and I'm not ready to die this makes my health anxiety and hypochondria ten times worse. Because I think certainly I've got stomach cancer. Or colon cancer and I do not know what to do they say once u start experiencing symptoms u are in a advanced stage. Any advice yall

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    Maybe you should see a different doctor. Sounds like a quack. You need help to get your ibs under control. Go to the ER. They can probably tell u more and run different tests. I don't think cancer is a concern now. If you had blood tests something would have come back telling doctors you have cancer. Elevated white count is one reason it might be cancer or a very bad infection. Get help you need another opinion. Stop worrying about things you don't know. Until then relax and get help. Good Luck.

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    HI, I think IBS is more like a general expression for a health condition that docs haven't figured out yet. I personally am convinced that is has to do with the brain-gut connection of the nerve cells. A nervous person will have a nervous stomach. And this nervous stomach will just allow food that calms it down and is healthy.. so your body will just accept healthy food choices (food that it can actually turn into nutrients!!) otherwise it backfires with constipation, bloating and stomach ache...and the longer you will eat unhealthy the worse it will get... resulting later on in cancer.. BUT since you are so young I think you shouldn't worry and turn your eating habits around asap!!! Also exercise is key for a healthy lifestyle.. not meaning to stress your body with exercise but de-stress exercise like taking a walk for 30 minutes, yoga etc. 

    This is the only way out and you will see a great difference in just a few weeks. 

    As a rule for healthy eating... just eat everything that this Earth provides you - means vegetables, fruits etc...BUT no processed food, not fatty sauces, no chips, not fried food etc.... JUST everything in its pure form cooked, grilled, boiled... 

     And since your digestive tract sounds pretty upset, add probiotics to your daily routine (start with a very low dose) 

    And for your constipation - when you eat vegetables and drink water (at least 2liters) everyday you will see a biiiig difference. 

    Also aloe vera capsules (10000mg) and enzymes have done the trick for me so far. 

    Btw I am eating gluten, sugar, dairy free - no alcohol and no caffeine.. 

    If you would like to get more info, feel free to contact me. 

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    Hi, may i ask if you have any swelling with your intestines and have you had any weight loss , tiredness, pain etc . Ibs is a horrible one i was diagnosed at 20 , i also then years on got diverticulitis which added to the swollen belly making me look pregnant constantly, couldn't eat without pooping within an hour after and never had solid stools . But my disease went undetected as i didnt get it investigated for years just suffered assuming it was ibs .... scans and cameras can tell us if theres wrong goings on inside . But as your a guy i think its also worth getting your prostate checked , i say this because my dad has been experiencing bloating and constipation weight loss and tiredness and he just scan to find out enlarged prostate is causing the issues .. not cancer .. its treatable so very thankful for that . I would take you doctors myself if i could!! Anxiety is making it all consume you, so dont feel.silly about get it checked out smile

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      I'm just afraid I can't really use the bathroom without straining I very rarely feel the urge

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      I was severely constipated after i had half of my bowel removed and i had specific diet to help soften the poop because like you i was so very scared to strain as i thought it would open up my huge incision and kill me .. end of thats all i ever cried about it consumed me for so long and i felt no.body understood my fear, i was festering in my fear. So please do ask for it to be checked , write a little list for urself of what you want to mention and ask so you dont get flustered amd walk away annoyed that you felt you got nowhere. , im terrible for that ! rolleyes
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    What kind of diet do you have? Are you eating enough vegetables and fibre? Stress is a big factor for bowel movements and it sounds like you are a bit of a worrier. From going from constipation and bloating straight to thinking you have stomach or colon cancer is a bit extreme, especially at your age. Do you have a family history of these cancers? Are you having any other symptoms that would lead you to believe this was the case?
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    Sounds more like an IBS flare up made worse by anxiety.   I had similar health anxieties prior to my IBS diagnosis.  Have you tried a food diary to see what foods may be causing bloating?  Have you tried Low Fodmap?   Try eating lots and lota of fruit.  That helped me.

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