Very weird issues with my vision please help !!!!

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I dont even know where to start or how to describe my symptoms properly... here is my best attempt of describing my aymptoms...

1. I sometimes get a weird head ache which comes with little pain, and mild light headedness and i am only listing this as a symptom because i heard migranes have to do with symptoms but i only sonetimes have these head aches and pain killers dont help...

2. My vision is not too blury but almost staticy.. but i dont believe it is snow viaion because it is colord almost as if they are the equivilent of seeing tiny tiny tiny stars but all over your bision looking at abything...

3 . Next is that these stars are sometines moving in different spots in my vision which i cant directly look at in the same way you cant look at eye floaters...

4. I see eye floater.. lol idl how else i can describe it but i sometines see eye floaters as regular ones that you would imagine, as if they are individual or clumps of cells or sometimes one black tiny tiny black circle...

5. Next is things i look at almost morph some times.. almost as if surfaces are breathing, pulsing, twisting, sliding, etc

6. The next one is very weird yet very rarely do i run into this... sonetimes everything looks less 3d if that makes sense.

7. I used to see blodges of random colors or grey blobs but i have not experienced that for the past 2 years i believe.

8. Idk if everyone experiences this or not but if i look at somthing speciphically my phone, everything around ut goes blurry.

9. When i close my eyes i see lots of shapes and colors and stars and things

I believe those are all my symptoms and if i remember or can pick out anymore ill mention them. I should also point of a couple other things... i drink quite a bit more than a 17 year old probably should and i believe that is effecting my nervs because spots in my feet are going numb, and my arms or hands sometimes randomly get tingily but not numb as if they are asleep but i still have full fonction of them if that makes sense so i dont know if that would have to do with anything. I also dont get much sunlight and i am not very active anymore... i have a decent diet, i am vegan but i still eat alot of junk food. I have had severe panic dissorder which has tubed down a bit and is what i would consider a healthy amount or maybe a but too much ancxiety. I spend most of my time stareing at a screen. I dont get a tun of sleep or i get way too much sleep. I have also had between 5-7 concussions, some un diagnosed others were 2 major 1 regular and 2 minor. Lastly i dont kbow if this would have to do with it nit i use to smoke quite a bit of weed until i smoked something laced and tripped and then i started vapeing it for a year and i heard thc is not the greatest for your vision although it can help glaucoma and i have not done any other drugs except for a unhealthy amount of benidrill by mistake when i was younger. I vape cbd now but it is suppose to be verry benificual and i obly vape it for pain and axiety/depresion and it really helps so i am going to buy cbd acctract, pills, wax and bud. Only reason i mentioned that is be ause i have read that thc could cause snow vision and psychadellics could cause vision problems and like i said i smoked sonethibg laced by accident.

I dont kbow what else to say but this is really bugging me and makeing me depressed to a point and has caused what i would like to call de realization... please any info would be apreciated

Im just a 150 pound 5'6" 17 year old dude who just watches netflix and goes out here and there.

(I also have posture which might not be as gould as it ahould be... my back is pushed in a but more than normal in the centre, my neck is a little bit more forwars thab normal and my shoulder blades are pushed back the slightesr slightest bit)

-sorry if alot of this information is useless but im giveing u all the info i can incase if it can help


-sorry if there are spelling mistakesi am useing my phone and it has no spell check

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    I should probably also say my eyes adjust quickly in the dark and i can see very ans weirdly well in the dark compared to my friends which i noticed a while after hanging out with them for a while and my symtom get worse in the dark except for the head ache.
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    I think the migraine and vision issues and tingling/numbness in hands and feet should be looked at more closely. Have you had standard blood tests done including b12?? 
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      I havest had a blood test in a while and my eye doctor said i was fine which made no sense and idk, i consume alot of b12 but i have had check ups and blood tests with the tingleling in my arms in hands but nothing was found i forget why i was getting the tests in the first place though... it goes away after i dont drink for a while but i was just thinking of long term or permanant damage
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    I'm 20 and from Ireland, I went out on the beer one night and woke up for work and half way through work my vision went messed up like I was on drugs or very drunk! It happend 6 months ago and it hasn't went away it's constant 24/7. The room looks like im in a trip every minute of the day! I've done every test under the sun and it all came back positive so im really confused. I've just accepted it that I'll see every thing like in high on drugs for the rest of my life. Depressing enough to be honest

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