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Hello everyone!

I'm at this point very desperate because my doctor can't find any cause for the following symptoms I'm experiencing and I can't function or leave the house:

All started 5 weeks ago when I was at the gym doing eliptic and after 5 minutes I noticed my legs failling, nothing very intense or repetitive but I felt my muscles weaker than normal.

Next week after a meal I felt very debilitated, nauseated and had a burp with a very intense acid reflux, after a hot tea I was better but after that day I now have a very weird feeling in my body.

I now have a very general and weird tiredness, like when you wake up and if you close your hands with all your strenght  seems like you don't have streght because you just woke up, the problem is I feel like that troghout the day.

That sensation is worst in some parts of the day - sometimes it seems I have some kind of "attack" and feel very very weak, coulnd't even pick up the fork to put it my mouth when I was eating, or have the strenght to chew the food.

When this happens I have to lay down and feel very weak and sleepy - a weird sleepy feeling where I'm still awake but feel the need to lay down and close my eyes, can ear everything but can't even talk, or talk just if I really have to, to say my wife I'm ok.

Tiredness is acompanied with a weird feeling in the body, especially in the legs. It's like something is running in my veins. The Feeling is similar to the one when you get out of a hot bath and feel your legs ultra relaxed but it's more intense and it's always there.

Now for the weird sympthoms - I feel my anus most of the time with  that sensation of relief you have after defecating. Normaly that sensation goes away after defecating but I have that feeling almost permanently.

Same goes for my Penis - man can related with that feeling you have when you interrupt ejaculation and have that sensation you need to expel something - my penis doens't burn or hurt but I feel like I just interrupted an ejaculation and my penis is trying to release something.

My throat is weird to - I have a very weird type of vomits, they don't come from the stomach, but my throat gets involuntary spasms, not very intense but it seems like I'm trying to expel something from my body and not necessarly my stomach.

My eyes are affected to - I have that feeling you get before starting to cry, that build up in the eyes, but I don't cry and don't feel the need to, just have the feeling and sometimes I feel my eyes want to roll up.

This is very debilitating and it seems my body is trying to expel something from all the exit points a man has - anus, penis, mouth and lacrimal canals.

Note: Since this all started I have very soft red spots (urticaria?) in both sided of my rib cages and a bit on the thighs. Had in the first 3 days my penis swolen and itchy but went back to normal after those 3 days.

My doctor had me doing blood tests and an electrocardiogram.

ECG came normal and blood tests show high cholesterol levels and thiroid t4 1.2 and TSH 5.21.

He said it could be signs of Hypothyroidism now going to perform more thiroid tests.

I'm doubtfull on that guess because I think thiroid levels are almost in the normal range and the type of feeling I have are very very strange.

I would be eternally grateful if anyone can help me with this because I'm getting paroind not beeing able to leave my house and always staying in bed.

Thank you very much


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    Get your vitamin D levels checked if you haven't already. Deficiency can cause weakness, fatigue and a range of other symptoms. It's a simple blood test. 
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    Hi Maria08286,

    You seem to have a lot of complex symptoms. But the most common thread I notice is fatigue and weakness.  Here are my first thoughts for what they are worth as I am not a doctor, but a very experienced patient for 57 years.

    First, did you check for an STD?

    Did you check for mononucleosis?

    You might consider asking for Blood Titers, not the normal blood work, to be drawn to check for Chronic Epstein Barr Syndrome.  This is 100 times worse than Mononucleosis, but you have to have had Mono at some point in your life in order to graduate to worse.  I have this and when it flares up, it feels as though someone pulls a plug and all my energy drains out of me.  I cannot shower, brush my teeth or ANYTHING and bed rest is the only way to make it better.  I have collapsed in public due to this.

    I have hypothyroidism and often it has taken two blood tests to prove this result.  So do another test.  It is tricky.  About once a year my thryroid changes or my medication becomes less effective and my doctor has to adjust the dosage amount accordingly, then I am fine again.  But it can cause fatigue and weakness.

    No insult intended, but I need to also add that high levels of stress can mimic diseases and cause fatigue and weakness.  It never ceases to amaze me how much stress does to my body and mind.  So do not hesitate to evaluate the possiblility of emotions and seek help in that direction if needed.  Just being sick causes horrid amounts of stress.

    Other than these thoughts, I think you should ask your doctor a lot of questions and push for more tests and possible specialists.  The bad party about the medical system, whether in the USA where I am, or in the UK, is that sometimes it can take 10 months to a year to reach a true diagnosis.  But keep on searching.

    For now, if bed rest helps you, just do it.  I hope you get to the bottom of this and have the best outcome.

    Take care,

    Dawn, USA


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      Thank you very much Dawn.

      STDs came out clean. The only pain I have in my body is in my right shoulder joint probably due to a tendinitis. No headaches or fever to.

      My weakness/tiredness is indeed the most predominant sympthom. My legs feel it the most, its like I do not feel the presence of my legs but at same time I have a sensation something is running inside of them and that is weakening the muscles.

      I live in Portugal, we have free medicare, its not bad at all, today I went to my family doctor with the blood tests she asked 10 days ago and I have new ones in about 12 hours and an ECO for the thyroid.

      The bad thing is the doctor knows me for 20 years and despite I haven't gone there for the last 4 years she always talks about my old predisposition to think I have every decease in the worked.

      And like you she to talked about stress and anxiety. You both could be right and I have suffered with anxiety in the past but never ever felt like this time, its really physical.

      Had a few panic attacks many years ago but I think at this day my anxiety is a bit related to not knowing what's wrong with me and thinking I won't go back to normal and due to the fact I can't leave my house.

      We can't rule anything but this weakness and symptoms came in a moment of my life were I was very happy and with very little stress and anxiety exposure.

      Will wait for the thiroid tests.

      Thank you very much Dawn

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      You are welcome Maria.  Just keep searching.  Sometiimes I have encountered people, even doctors, who think I am making it up or worried over nothing, but the fact is that only we live inside our bodies and we have a right to try to figure out what it wrong.  When I have felt something wrong, I have always been right about it.  It is just that sometimes the search takes longer.  And it is not at all that I want to have something wrong, but I do not want to go untreated if I do have something wrong.  Perfectly valid to be proactive.

      I sure hope you find something out soon!  Remember though, you are a part of your medical team and in fact you are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your medical team and you have the right to ask questions, push for more tests and specialists if you deem it important to do so.  

      Let me know how you are progressing.



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