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Hi how long dose it take to get over the virus.

I'm into my third week now

I feel like you did

Heavy headed

Off balance


Un focused

Appitite is so low.

Just want to lay still

I had other symptoms but no longer have them I'm not sure if I need to go to have a blood test or just ride it out . I've been to doctors called emergency doctors and they arnt helping they said my blood pressure temperature is normal I just feel far from normal.

What shall I do ?? Please help anyone

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    healthy people can get knocked for six with a bad virus.. for 2-3 weeks with CFS the immune system is compromised. So you will take longer but you will improve . Echinacea is very good to help boost the immune system . You can get it dissolvable with vit  c. Or as drops , tablets etc .. if your body is saying lay down lay down if your appetite has gone your body is using energy elsewhere to fight the virus and so just have easily digestible food ..soup, etc plenty of fluids , steamed fish and a little rice or mash .. you could get a good vitamin tonic .. until your appetite returns.. try not to stress ..if you have any symptoms of infection ..temperature get the gp out..

    feel very much for you .. as you have CFS and then a virus on top ..really not nice..I don't have cfs but care full time for my hubby who does and I dread him catching anything .. but he always recovers even from sepsis just takes a little longer ..hang in there . 

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      Hi Sally

      Thank you very much . I suffer from anxiety so it's been hard.

      I'm eating more today and feeling I'm very slowly recovering I'm taking more vitamins and supps to help boost immunity. I'm having soups and pasta atm and drinking more water than I ever have done.

      I'm always having honey, tumeric and ginger .

      I just feel totally knocked for 6 like u say I'm not suffering any other symptoms just feel out of it I'm going for a check up at the doctors Monday I just hope I've improved more since then . I'll continue to rest keep warm and eat what I can I just can't wait to feel with it xx

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      Hi Kimberley 

      sounds like your on the mend ..and doing all the right things ,  but it's just so much slower when you have CFS .. and scary.. my hubby has never had anxiety till he got this.  It really affects the nervous system but as you improve your anxiety will settle.. take each day as it comes try not to think ahead too much ... tomorrow will be what it will be and is never as bad as we fear .. xxxx

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      Feel for your husband hope he is OK?!

      Thank you so much for the comment really helps yes your so right I will take every day as it comes I will have to look after myself better too I will stick to a better diet and all my vitamins. I will message you next week to let you know how I am .

      Xx thank you I will do as you have said because it's always what the doctors have said too. I will go for a check up Monday x

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      Hi Sally

      I've got bioglan biotic balance I read it helped a few people I'll see how I get on with it have you heard much about it ?


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      Every morning I wake up I feel weak and heart rate goes up and I shake a bit but because of my anxiety it plays on that once I calm it stops. I sleep with a hot water bottle I am sweating as I sleep I don't have a temp or anything like that I just feel like my body's taking so longer to revover from this xxx it's horrible and it's hard being patient


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      Hi Kimberley 

      i do really believe their is a link between IBS and CFS it seems so many with CFS have both .. so taking probiotics is going to be positive.. 

      its funny my husband and I joke as I am having hot flushes menopause and so does he shows that the endocrine system is definitely compromised..hope u r feeling better 


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      Hi Sally you have been so amazing thank you for writing to me your helping me through !! Awww bless you two lol. Both sound like amazing people 💙

      There are some great people in this world.

      I feel better my Appitite is coming back i just still feel daized but I've been reading on so much about thyroid also and better diets I'm totally changing how I treat my body and diet is going to change I'm sticking to my vits and supps . Just looking forward to feeling more with it if you know what I mean but that probably to do with what you said and my immune system. I've taken my biotec balance can I take my other vitamins like my multi vit has all the b*s and iron all that. And I have an immune one D3 and I do have echinacea can I take them all ? Xxxx

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      Hi Kimberley 

      i always find pharmacists to be the ones to ask .. they are very knowledgable you do have to be careful not to double up vitamins . And echinacea should I believe only be taken for 3 months at a time but a pharmacist would be a good source of info.. 

      my husband has been greatly helped by being referred by his gp to see a specialist in m.e at our local hospital . She diagnosed him and then arranged for an occupational therapist attached to the m.e department to come to our house regularly .. the ot has really helped .. explaining graded exercise, pacing and diet and cognitive behavioural therapy... she has just referred him for hydro therapy.. so if uncan get access to an m.e clinic near you by referral from your gp . I recommend going for it .. 

      hope that helps 


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      Hi Sally

      I'm doing alot better now but I have a sinus infection now . 😔😔😔it's not bad I'm just dealing with pressure here and there it's been a week.

      I'm also getting vibrations back of head /neck back body sometimes arms mainly back of head especially when I lay down. Have read is a symptom of sinus infection and my doctor said it too but I'm not convinced. I've emailed a neurologist to go see .

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    Hi Kimberley,

    The question you asked about how long does the virus last cannot be answered, as there are so many different virus, and you not yet been diagnosed.

    What do you think you have, as you seemed willing to 'ride it out. but have been ill enough to call the emergency doctors, who said you blood pressure is normal, advice would be to get a blood test as you could be deficient in Vitamin B12, which causes pernicious anema , or under active thyroid gland, glandular fever and a lot more other conditions could adccount for the above symptons

    take care and let us know how you geton

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      Thank you so much Betty.

      I will let you know I'm a bit better today Appitite is better today feel more hungry and eating more.

      I'll take each day and I'll go for a check up Monday.

      I was checked over twice by doctors and all was normal x I've improved alot since the main of the virus I guess it's just a waiting game as u have said . Thank you x

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    Kimberly, Just wanted to say that I hope you feel all the way healed from the  virus soon.  When I catch something on top of CFS/ME, it is just so miserable, so I really feel for you.  Hang in there.
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      Hi dawn thank you so much for that all your words are helping me . It's such a horrible thing never been so ill I didn't even know something like this existed.

      I'm in the 3rd week just hoping it won't be much longer 😣

      Thank you so much xxxx

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      Yep, I know what you mean about never even knowing that something like this existed.  At my worst, I truly wanted to leave this life sooner rather than later.  Now that I am usually somewhat better than I was at my worst, I have promised myself that even if I get all the way better, I will still be on this site trying to help those who are still suffering, because it is such a tettible thing to go through, and often lonely because most people cannot understand without having gone through it.

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